At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we've created this "Happy Tails" page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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Trixie (Charlotte) in her new home

My name is Trixie Cook and I am the spoiled child of Dave and Pat Cook of Racine, WI. I came to live with mom and dad through Heather and Jeff Castagna of Peoria, IL. Auntie Heather as she is known found me on the street in downtown Chicago. Yikes, what a scary place. I'm just glad Auntie Heather found me or I'm sure that I wouldn't be here today to write this.

I have been with Dave and Pat since June 6th of 2009. It hasn't always been the smoothest transition as I can be a little stinker. I still will occasionally potty in the house, but dad and mom are committed to me and just deal with it. I will wait on the back of the couch facing the front door for dad to come home from work starting about 5:00 pm. Dad doesn't get home until about 6:40, so it is a long wait, but I consider it worth it. I enjoy being in a one pet family with no children, that way I get all of the attention. I have slept with dad since my first night, even though he snores. I didn't do too well in the car at first, but slowly I have gotten better. It gets cold here in the winter so I don't go on too many car rides right now (other than to the vet), but next summer I look forward to long car rides.

I really enjoy meal time and have learned to sit and wait patiently until dad tells me it is okay to eat. I have many toys and don't like to share them with dad when he plays with me. I growl at him but he knows that it is just in fun. Dad even has given me his chair to sleep in during the evening. He sits on the couch which isn't quite as comfortable, but he doesn't seem to mind.

Auntie Heather and Uncle Jeff have baby sat for me twice when mom and dad went on trips. Auntie Heather said that they couldn't believe that I was the same dog that they had fostered as I was on my best behavior at their house. I tend to be rather bossy with the other dogs.

All I can say in closing is THANK GOD for Auntie Heather that day in Chicago. My life now is so good.

Trixie Cook

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Jenna and new family


Intial Bio 10-2009: Hi everyone, this is Holly. You may remember me as Jenna. I've been in my forever home for over 4 months now and I am very happy here. My family loves me and spent a lot of time with me over the summer while I got adjusted. I like to play outside with my new friends Bailey and Lily. Bailey and I chase each other all over the yard and we wrestle. She's about 3 times my size but she rolls over on her back and lets me attack her. I learned a few tricks this summer including sit, stay, lay and paw. Mom's teaching me how to roll over and says I've almost got that one. Dad wants to teach me how to put my toys away since I bring them out every day. Little does he know that I'm just not going to do it. I'm pretty much potty trained now. I still have little accidents sometimes when Dad comes home from work. I'm so excited to see him, I just can't help it. My family is trying to get me interested in sports. My sister Amy dresses me up and puts a little Chicago Cubs jersey on me. And Dad likes when I lay on his lap and watch sports with him on Sunday afternoons. I think we were made for each other as we both usually fall asleep. Thank you UYR and thank you to my former foster mom and dad, Jeff and Heather, for finding me such a wonderful home and family.

Love, Holly

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Philly's new forever dad, mom ,and family

Philly is a 5 y/o 12# yorkie who found himself homeless; thank goodness UYR was there on the spot to rescue him. What a sweet and playful little boy he is......he has been adopted into a wonderful second home where he has a playful little yorkie brother, and a 14 y/o sister that will lavish him with attention, not to mention his loving mom and dad. Have a happy life, little man!

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Ellie and Parker


This is Parker here. Do you remember me? It has been about 5 months since I've been in my Furever home and I love it here. Mom & Dad walk me twice a day, we play with toys every evening, and my Sister barks at me all the time. Sometimes we go swimming in the pool, but I'm a little afraid of the pool. I like to go out in the yard though and chase the lizards and squirrels. Dad & Mom tell me to make sure I don't catch them. I cuddle with Dad & Mom every chance I get and when we have company I cuddle with them too! I wag my tail all the time and I love to give kisses.

Here's a picture of me and my Sister Ellie. We were wondering if we could be put on the Happy Tails page. Sometimes Mom and I look at it and wish we could see my happy story there. My parents tell me everyday how happy they are I came to live with them. Thank you UYR for making that happen.

Parker Rossignol

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Coby and the Boys

See Coby swimming in his new family's pool! It's too cool.

04-04-09: Hiya everyone - this is Coby. I have been in my new forever home for about a week now, and I am loving it! My new mommy took me to meet my doctor and she even took me to the doggy spa. I must say, I am a very handsome little guy, don't ya think? I also have two new furry brothers, Colin and Maddox, and we are all getting along very well, as you can see from our picture. We are learning to share our toys, and to eat next to each other without stealing the other guy's food. My mommy and daddy take us all on walks a couple of times a day. We call it the Puppy Parade! Yay! I am such a happy guy in my forever home, but I also want to make sure that I say thank you again to my foster mommy Jenn and everyone at United Yorkie Rescue for taking such good care of me and for getting my leg fixed up. I know I would not be here today without their help, so - love ya! Well, it is time for me to go and play some more fetch, so - bye!

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Minnie and her new family

Minnie is a 5 year old 5.75 lb little princess who was rescued from a shelter when her owner turned her in stating that she didn't have the time for her anymore. When UYR brought Minnie home, she was still producing milk for her puppies from whom she was obviously snatched away too soon. At least now we know why the owner didn't have time for her. We spayed her, cleaned her teeth, and found her a most special FURever home where she will finally be treated like the Princess she is. Have a nice life, Minnie!

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Gigi & new parents

Dear Dianne,

We all had a wonderful week-end. GiGi came into the house and sniffed around each room, checking out the entire house. She has been using her wee-wee pads, but we have been able to have her go outside twice now. She doesn't seem to like the grass very much, but we are working on that now. She has enjoyed people who have come to visit and greets each person. She has barked a few times, so we know that she can bark, but very little and quite quietly. She has been sleeping in our bed and stays in one spot all night. She has slept through the night and doesn't wake up until about 8:00 am. She is playing with the toys that we bought her, but really loves to be chased and runs around the table, chairs and sofa. She has really be a princess, a perfect little angel. She has eaten her meals and doesn't really act as though she wants more, although she loved having a fresh carrot added to her bowl.

Thank you for all your help and for saving GiGi. We certainly love her. I am sure that we wil l spoil her a little more, but hopefully a good spoil.

Jenn called last night to check on her and we were able to assure her that she was doing well. Jenn is a special young lady to be able to do all that she does. UYR is fortunate to have her as a Foster Mom. Dianne, your care, knowledge, understaning of Yorkies, as well as your love for them is a blessing that the yorkies receive through you. Thank heaven for people like you.

Hopefully we will be able to take a walk at the Square with GiGi son and run into to you.

Until then, we will work with GiGi so that you will be very proud..

Enjoying GiGi greatly,

Joyce Silber

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Emmi and new dad

Little Emmi was considered "unadoptable" by the shelter where she was brought in as a stray. Her only hope at survival was rescue, and UYR was happy to save her life. Full of mats and dirt, Emmi needed an extreme makeover - Yorkie style! To see her now, you wouldn't even know it was the same little doggie. Now Emmi is in her FURever home with an adoring family. Congratulations, Emmi! You found yourself a wonderful home with a family who will love you FURever. Emmi had a few words to share:

Emmi here! I just wanted to tell everyone how happy I am in my new home! (that's me in the picture hanging out in my favorite spot!). I'm sitting on the lounge chair, by the pool, on my first family vacation, but my FAVORITE spot is in my daddy's arms. Thank you, UYR, for helping my new mommy and daddy and fur-brother find me. I'm finally loving life!

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Hi every one, my name is Lexxie, I am 12 years old and this is my Forever Mom (Darlene). We've been together for two months now and I couldn't be happier. We are writing this to let everyone know that "Senior Citizen" dogs, are as much fun and loving as any puppy.

My other family had to give me up. I spent a few days in a cage (shudder) at the Humane Society, and then they decided to put me on the "E" list. Thankfully, they called my Foster Mom (Rene) and asked her if she could take me, although she had quite a few other Fosters, she said "of course"..

She then put my picture and bio on the United Yorkie web site, where Mom saw me and fell in love with me. She contacted Rene and hence, here I am today. I now live with Mom, Aunt Judy, and my two cousins Emi & Toby, who are also Yorke's.

Boy, how I have changed. I have learned "dogie door", to use "Puppy Pads" when Mom's not home, how to play with a ball and other toys, I know how to "sit" on command, and am getting along very nicely with my cousins.

I go to the Groomer every other week (so I always feel like a "LADY"), I sleep with Mom on her bed (I also have my own lovely Pink and White bed, covered with a Pink baby blanket). I have gone visiting with Mom and she takes me for walks. My favorite pastimes are, eating, sleeping and having my Mom hold and pet me, and in return, I put my head under her chin and sigh. Personally, I think that she enjoys it as much as I do.

Well, it's "nap" time, so guess I'll say good bye for now. Please don't forget, "Senior Cizizen" dogs of any kind, are as loving as any other age group.


Lexxie & Darlene

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Hi, Everyone. Lena here. Just wanted to thank my foster mom Jenn and the United Yorkie Rescue Group for saving my life and finding me my forever home. I've been here exactly a week and I must say I just love it. My Daddy was the one to pick me up from Jenn my foster mom, we were spending the day at the park doing pugs and pooches to make everyone aware of the rescue groups and the dogs that are available for adoption. We had about a four hour ride when we arrived in St Petersburg Florida my new forever home. Boy my new Mommy was so excited she ran out to greet Daddy and I and she just thought I was adorable. She said the minute she saw me on the United Yorkie website for adoption that I was the little girl for her and I'm so glad that she got me. She introduced me to my fur brothers LT and Buddy and my fur sister Nikita and showed me around my new forever home. I was so excited I have a nice big fenced back yard to play in with my fur brothers and sister . Mommy and Daddy bought me all kinds of new toys and I got a pupkin bed that I sleep in beside their bed, she had to buy another pupkin bed for my fur brother LT because he liked mine so much. I also have dresses to wear and things for my hair. As you can tell by my photo of me in my Valentines dress. My Mommy tried to get a picture of me and my brother but he really doesn't like the camera like I do. Hopefully all the other little yorkie's will get a nice forever home like I did. Love and kisses Lena

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Wilson and his new family

A very Happy New Year

Hello everypuppy! It's me, Wilson!

I am L-O-V-I-N-G it here in my new home! I just love my new family. They treat me like a Prince. I have two skin brothers, a fur brother, and my very own Mommy and Daddy. I sleep in bed with my skin brother. We're best buds. Thanks, UYR, for helping my new family find me and give me the bestest Christmas present ever, a new life!

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04/05/09: I met Louis (originally spelled Lewy) in October 2008. He was being fostered by my friend, Jenn, in Miami. He had been shaved down to the skin by the people who had found him as a stray because he was covered in fleas and ticks. Now, I had met more than a dozen of Jenn's fosters who had come and gone through her home in the past year and a half. All of them were special in their own way, but this time something was different. I experienced an instant connection with Louis and I felt like I was the one who could give him the best forever home.

Louis and I have become inseparable since the adoption, and we've relocated to Texas for my work. He's a great little guy, and I can't remember what it was like not to have him in my life. Now that his fur has grown in so well, I feel like it's important to share his story and let people know that if you give a shelter dog a chance, you will likely find a "diamond in the rough". Thank you, UYR!

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CC and Caprina

I adopted CC 7 months ago and he has adjusted very well especially considering he lived his entire life (7 yrs in a cage). He follows me everywhere and looks at me as if to say, "What's that, and what are you doing now"? He loves going on car rides, to the store, out dining, (yep, some outdoor restaurants in my town allow your special 4 legged friend). He is a great little travel companion. He never says "when are we going to get there", in fact he loves the ride and the time we spend together. He had never been on a leash, but you would never know it now. He runs when He see the harness and leash in my hand and comes running over, stops and stays real still so I can put on the hardness. He has turned out to be such a smart little boy. Little CC is the sweetest dog; he gets along with all animals, cats too. I love this little guy, I think I needed him as much as he needed me. I'm so grateful to UYR for rescuing him so I could have this bundle of joy in my life.

Caprina Overton

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Coki & new family

Coki was a 2-3 y/o gorgeous yorkie mix who weighed only 5#; he was pulled from a high-kill shelter by UYR on his last day there. Coki's Foster Mom said that he will probably always be a puppy at heart and that he acts more like a 6 month old puppy. He loves to play, and then play some more and more.......he's a little character!

From Coki's new Forever Parents:

We are so excited about our new baby. We have a beautiful older dog that we love dearly; we wanted to adopt a small dog 8 years ago and came home with a chow akita mix who has been the sweetest dog. When we started looking on-line for a small dog, we found United Yorkie Rescue through a google search. We saw Coki online and applied to adopt him; it's important to be patient during the adoption process, since it takes time to get to know each other, and have the home visit. When we finally got Coki home, we both played with him as if we were children. We can't believe he is such a loveable little guy. He walked US last night! He slept through the first night just fine in his new bed. We had our first morning wake-up kiss ever......Coki is the first small dog we've ever had! He rolls over and bats at you to play. He also has a toy he loves to play tug-of-war with. We have to mention the wonderful people we have worked with at UYR...Dianne, Lee and Jill (Foster Mom) are truly gifted, loving people. Thanks for making it possible for us to adopt little Coki.

Katrinka and Steve

Happy new forever parents

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Bella and new family

We adopted Bella just about one month ago and she has been a wonderful addition to the family! We enjoy her company and her spunky personality or "yorkitude" (as those of you who are familiar with yorkies like to say). She loves her walks and her trips to Petco to the treat bar! We love her greetings at the front door when we get home and we call her our "licking alarm clock" as she wakes us all up bright and early with lots of kisses. Our Bellie Bean has acquired quite the wardrobe with lots of matching bows-my 12 year old daughter has enjoyed grooming and dressing her and Bella seems to enjoy it and has grown quite attached to my daughter. We get compliments on how cute she is just about everywhere we take her. So thank you Jack and Mary for entrusting precious Bella to my families care. We have made a lifelong friend and we will enjoy every day we have with her!!!

Mary and the yorkie herd

@the Yorkie Ranch, Bakersfield, CA

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Nellie is as happy as can be!

Nellie has a new home!

Nellie was an 18 mo old, 12# yorkie girlie that was so very sweet. She was starved for love and affection, probably because she never received it in her short little lifetime. She loved to lie on your lap and snuggles up to you so that you will pet her.

Here's what Nellie had to say about her new forever home.............

Although my Foster Mom was great, I'm so happy to be in my brand new home with my Forever Mom. She took me to the Vet on Friday and I am in good health, except for a little cold and I should be over that very soon. I have made myself at home and picked out my favorite spots to lay. I now have a fenced-in back yard and I love to run around chasing lizards and bugs. ( I even brought a bug into the house with me last night. Mom took it away though.) My Mom loves to walk me, play fetch, teach me tricks and love on me; and I love to give her kisses. My brand new Vet told me..."Nellie girl, you landed in the clover"; she is right.

Thank you UYR for rescuing me from that stinky shelter, getting me all cleaned up and teaching me to trust again..........

Love, Nellie

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Halee when she was rescued

Halee now. See her slideshow

View the "NEW" slideshow of Happy Tails "Halee"

Hi mommy Shannon! I am sorry I have taken so long to write but mommy Kathy has been so bz she has not turned the computer on for me to send you a msg. I am so happy here with my big brother Chewie we go outside and play chase and I am so much better at it than he is but I don't think he likes that part too much. We went to see the dr a couple of weeks ago and mommy Kathy could not believe when the nurse told her that I weight 7lbs I am very healthy and my hair has gotten longer but mommy Kathy wants to let it grow even longer. Oh! xmas was a blast Chewie and I got the best treats CHICKEN!! my favorite and peanut butter ice cream I ate it so fast mommy Kathy said I should have gotten a brain freeze?!! I don't know what that is but the ice cream was yummy! Well mommy Shannon I wanted to let you know how I am doing and I am sending you some pics: you cant see it very good but I was a little lady bug for halloween and Chewie was a litlle devil (which suits him well since he took one of my pump pump), me and chewie cozy in bed ready for lights out, me on the couch looking misterious, in our xmas outfits by the tree and me in my sexy new years outfit dont I look great? ok mommy Shannon my huge paws are tired from typing I hope you had a nice Christmas and hope you have the very best year! I'll write again soon.



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Archie and Toby
Illinois Toby

Toby is doing great. He has gained almost an entire pound, so he has filled in and looks healthy. He and Archie are great buddies. Toby has become a "monkey see, monkey do" dog when Archie does something out of the ordinary. Sometimes Toby does not know why he is running and barking, but he does it because Archie does it! It's very cute. He rely's on Archie to be there for him. The two of them have a daily play date where they wrestle and chase each other. They both look so happy when they play. I think that both of them are thrilled to have each other. Toby and Archie snuggle together a lot but Toby usually still sleeps (at night) in his bed that you brought with him. I think it is comforting to him. Toby is slowly becoming a lap dog. He sits with me when I watch a movie (sometimes); he usually keeps track of my whereabouts during the day but he does not always want to be on my lap. But I can say for certain that he does not like it when I leave the house. He speaks out loud about that!

We traveled to Florida via automobile last month. The drive was no problem for Toby. He absolutely loved the life in Florida. He lounged outside or in the sunshine as much as he could. When I walked him into the shopping circle he had many admirers. He sits very tall and proud when we stop to talk to friends. And he was like the eveready battery bunny when he walked. He never wanted to stop. When in Florida, on our walks, we passed by several other dogs. All of which Toby seemed to want to avoid at all cost. He would go as far away from the dog as possible. He seems to be afraid of the dogs, but he does nothing more than run the other direction.

10/16/09 is our 1 year anniversary with Toby. It's been a great year with the little cutie.

Thank you, Carrie Collins

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Velcro/Tilly with Amy and Patrick

Amy and Velcro

HI! Velcro here (read about my unusual name below!) and you can see in my pictures that my new forever mom, Amy, is wild about me! You can also see in the seond picture that I have had playmates since the time I arrived in my new home. My new sister is the beautiful blonde in the middle of the family and I am with my dad, Patrick.

My Happy Tails story took me on a long trip from Illinois to Florida. My Foster mom Heather found me in a filthy shelter in Illinois. I had been twice rejected by potential owners, was dirty , and full of fleas and bad memories. All of this at only 9 months old! It took my FM 2 tries before she could get them to release me. Foster Mom took me home and got me clean, healthy and groomed. She named me "Toby." I felt great but what really was cool was NO CAGE and I had a whole bunch of other former escapees from the shelters to play with.

While all this was going on, way down south in Florida my mom and dad felt ready to get another pup after their 17 year old, Schooner, went to the Rainbow Bridge. They also felt that it would be good for Precious, their 8 year old cocker-poo, to have another furbaby for companionship. Mom found the UYR site and started looking for a furever pup. Well, Florida had lots of adoptees, but after mom and dad got through the adoption process (they applied for three FL pups) but (lucky for me!) they found furever homes already. Well, mom and dad started looking at all the pups online and both of them focused on, you guessed it, ME! In October last year, Dad flew to St. Louis to meet FM and bring me home as a birthday present for mom. Mom was so excited she couldn't wait and met us at the Atlanta airport for the last leg home. The plane was fun but I wasn't going to stay under the seat in the carrier. Mom let me out and hid me under a blanket and the three of us bonded.

I love mom and dad so much and they are crazy about me! Precious and I are inseparable and real fursisters. Mom and dad named me "Velcro" because that's how I stick to my new family. In fact, mom and dad like me and UYR so much, they became foster parents last year and right now two lucky pups are living with us waiting for their furever homes. I not only have a Happy Tail story, I won the doggie lottery!

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Willie, a.k.a. Ernie

Little Willie's Little Saga:

Little Willie was a rough diamond when I bought him home. I knew he was special but did'nt really know why.,as the rough layers have been cut a away, he's sparkling.One day about 9 mos. ago my mother said;. look at his tail.!! ( his tail had been cut too short we noticed the day we picked him up.) What we didn't realize, because it was, cut so short. was,...he was tucking it. What a journey this tough little macho 8lb dog had been on., He now carries his tail high and proud for all the world to see. Willie has become a beautiful brilliant cut diamond. He is cherised, kept safe, and shown off. What a differance a year can make. He feels like a gift from god. Thank you UYR for making it possible.

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