At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we've created this "Happy Tails" page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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I am sooooo HAPPY!

Matcha is adopted!

Matcha came to United Yorkie Rescue underweight and not well cared for. He now has a wonderful family complete with a big, little fur sister and a little boy of his own! Happy Tails Matcha.

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I love my new family!

Sofie was adopted 5/25/23! We are so excited to finally announce that Sofie has found her forever home. She came to UYR and her foster parents took it really slow with her and worked with her until she was ready to be adopted. The foster family even spent weeks preparing the new adoptive family by working with them and ensuring that they were equipped to understand Sofie and all of her needs. We are all happy that she is doing well and is very happy. Happy Tails Sofie!

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Scarlett and new mom

05/14/2023: Happy Mother's Day to the new mommy of Scarlett. Today she found her perfect forever home!

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I am in love!

Suzie was adopted today 5/7/23!

Suzie came to UYR as an owner surrender and was adopted today. She is going to be so happy in her new forever home. Suzie gets to be an only dog with two adult brothers. She gets all the walks and toys she wants. Happy Tails Suzie!

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Noel (AKA Agnes)

5/6/23: Today Noel and her best friend Holly have been adopted together into the same wonderful home. Congratulations to you sweet girls!

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Holly (AKA Lucille)

5/6/23: Today Holly and her best friend Noel are adopted together into the same wonderful home. Happy Tails to these sweet girls!

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Yoshi and new dad
Yoshi (aka Tiny)

5/5/23: Woo Hoo its Cinco de Mayo Day and I feel like doing a Mexican Hat Dance BECAUSE I found my furfect furever home and family. I have a cool Dad, an adoring Grandma and a miniature poodle sister that is just a little older than me. I sure hope she doesnt want to boss me around cuz I like being da boss. As soon as I saw my Dad today I ran right to him cuz I just had to smother him with kisses, then I had to kiss Grandma and then I went and said hello to my brand new sister. Dad was hooked as soon as I stopped kissing him and smiled at him and then started kissing him again.

Big shoutout to Theresa with Wrapped in Love:artisans with a mission for the handsome blanket handcrafted just for me. I look so cute with me wrapped in it in my new Dads arms. I know I just hit the lottery jackpot with my new family.

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I am finally home!

Cody was adopted today 5/3/23!

Cody found his forever home today and he is so excited. He is going to be so loved and given all the attention he deserves. He gets to go on long hikes and taken everywhere with is family. Cody is a Happy Boy! Happy Tails Cody!

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4/30/23: Today Vinnie found his perfect forever home!

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I am sooo happy!

Coco was adopted 4/30/23.

Coco has been adopted! He is so looking forward to the companionship of his new little sister, a terrier mix who is also a rescue, lots of long walks and road trips in the camper! Coco had a bumpy start after his Mommy had to go into assisted living and couldn't bring Coco with her. She thought her only option was to euthanize him. "No way" said the vet. He came to United Yorkie Rescue and proved himself to be such a good boy and, after his vetting, was adopted quickly. Happy Tails sweet Coco and enjoy many wonderful adventures in your Furever Home!

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Anderson and new family

4/24/23: Happy Tails for Anderson. Anderson was UYRs first rescue in 2023 from a breeder in Texas. He's found his perfect furever hoomans and 2 sibling brothers, Huey and Cash. Cash was adopted from UYR in 2019. We love our repeat adopters with UYR. It makes fostering so rewarding. Way to go Anderson.

Left to right, Anderson, Cash and Huey

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Wally (nee Oozie)

4/23/23: Today Wally found his perfect Forever Home! Congratulations sweet boy :-).

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Gus has a new home

4/13/23: Today Gus decided on his perfect forever home...with his foster mom. Congrats Gus!

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I am sooooo HAPPY!

Moses was adopted today. Sweet Moses went to his forever home today. He has such a big family to give him all the love and kisses that he wants. He was so excited to to home and couldn't even stop long enough to smile at the camera. Happy Tails Moses!

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Toby TX

4/10/23: Today Toby found his perfect forever home. Congratulations Toby!!!

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4/10/23: Today Teddy (aka Cash) found his happy forever home. Congrats sweet little boy!

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Jacks (aka Jackson)

3/25/23: Today Jacks found his happy Forever Home :-).

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3/20/23: Today Sprocket found his perfect forever family. Congratulations Sprocket.

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I am in love!

3/13/2023: Tammy has been adopted. Tammy's dreams have been fulfilled. She came from a shelter and now has been adopted by the best family ever. She is going to have all the walks and rides she wants while giving her new family all the love she can. Happy Tails Tammy!

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3/9/23 Today Sully found his happy forever home! Congratulations sweet boy :-).

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