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United Yorkie Rescue is comprised of many amazing members across the country who open their hearts and homes to yorkies in need. Members not only provide loving homes for our pups but participate in other activities as well, including fund raising. Most of our foster parents are Yorkie lovers long before they come to us, often having one or more yorkies to call their own. Two such members are foster Mom Leslie Heimback and her husband Doug of Tennessee. Not only do the Heimbacks answer the call when a Yorkie in their area needs help, they also do an amazing job at fund-raising. Each year, Leslie and Doug host a holiday gathering to celebrate the birthdays of their two, beautiful yorkies; Zoie and Allie. They invite friends and neighbors and plan an afternoon full of games, fun, laughter, food, fellowship and before the evening is over guests are invited to give a donation to support rescue efforts for a worthy animal rescue organization.

This year was no different, as Leslie and Doug worked diligently to make preparations for their girls’ annual Birthday Party. The invitations were printed, the food, decorations and activities were planned with Leslie’s usual meticulous attention to detail. Then, only a few weeks before the party, a terrible tragedy occurred. During a routine medical procedure, 10 year old Allie had complications and her heart suddenly stopped. Every effort was made to save her, but sadly sweet Allie could not be revived. Leslie, Doug and all of us at UYR were devastated by this unexpected loss. Allie was an incredibly special little girl. She was a model for Doggie Design canine fashions where her photos grace their website as she appears in adorable outfits and accessories. Allie was also a huge fan of Chick-fil-A and knew all the employees at the Clarksville locations. When Leslie would say “Allie, want to go to Chic Fil A?” she would run excitedly to the door then hop into the car and be ready for her usual Allie treat at the drive through window. Allie was a smart, beautiful and precious soul and was beloved by many in her community. The news of her passing hit her human parents extremely hard; along with many others who knew and loved her.

Leslie’s first inclination was to forego this year’s party. The grief was nearly unbearable and proceeding with a celebration seemed unthinkable. But with the encouragement of all those who love Allie, Zoie, Leslie, and her husband, a decision to turn sorrow into hope and help for the future was made. The birthday celebration would proceed as planned on December 2, 2017, but this year it would be in honor of precious Allie, a celebration of her life and the love she gave to so many. Amazing, right? Want to know something even MORE amazing? A staggering $8,425 was donated in a single afternoon to honor Allie’s memory. This year, Leslie and Doug have decided to gift the entire amount to United Yorkie Rescue. All of us at UYR are simply blown away by this tremendous gift. We are on track for another record projecting number of rescued yorkies which will reach 250. This incredible gift will go such a long way to help many medically needy yorkies find the health, happiness, and forever homes they so richly deserve. We are blessed beyond words to have generous, committed members like Leslie and Doug who in the midst of the deepest loss found the inner strength to turn it into something good.

Our deepest thanks to the Heimback’s, their amazing friends, family, neighbors and all who gave in honor of Allie. We pledge to keep her memory alive and through this amazing gift help as many needy pups as we possibly can. Allie would have it no other way! Rest in Peace sweet Allie, you are loved by so many and will forever be in our hearts.


Phil and Laura Harpel, Bill and Suzanne Harpel, Willi Frank, Mike and Meliss Mullins, Kim and Bart Lynn, Dan and Jodi Hanley, Mike and Penny Wise, Tracey and Randy Merrick, Bobbie and Paulo Yen, Gayle and Judy Kilcoyne, Becki and Jerry Welch, Patty Hicks, Jeanette Howell, Charlsie Hand, Michelle Murphy, Peggy and Randy Worcester, Penny and Mike Dambacher, Vicki Wyatt, Phil and Leah Adams, Mike and Melanie Borske, Charlie and Adam Trinkle, Chuck and Rene Gant, Paula Paxton, Ed and Marilyn Phillips, David and Mary Mills, Angel Griffin, Allison Young, Andy and Liz Rudd


United Yorkie Rescue is pleased to share that a wonderful organization, Wrapped in Love (WIL), will be featuring us on the WIL Facebook page and website on Sunday, May 21, 2017 and will be providing UYR with adoption blankets, belly bands, diapers, bandanas, and tug toys. Wrapped in Love is a group of artisans who recognize that everyone can do something in the rescue world and this is "their something". Each item is carefully handcrafted with Love and sent directly from the WIL members' homes to the featured rescue(s). If you would like to learn more and join this amazing and supportive group, visit their Facebook page at and the website, where all the pledging is done, at In under 3 years Wrapped in Love has pledged over 11,000 blankets plus thousands of other items. This mission will continue until all rescue and shelter dogs find loving forever homes! UYR is proud to have been selected as a recipient of their support.

Can you imagine forcing your pet dog to live his or her entire life in a small wire cage with no human companionship, toys, or comfort, and little hope of ever becoming part of a family? That is what life is like for a puppy mill breeding dog. Help us stop this cycle of cruelty that contributes to pet overpopulation and the suffering of countless dogs by adopting your next pet. There are many places you can adopt your next pet, such as an animal shelter, humane society, or a rescue organization. Click on our Looking for Love link and check out all the beautiful Yorkies in our foster program. If you don't see what you are looking for, we recommend visiting You might be surprised to see all the pets available in your area. Remember: Adopt, Don't Shop!


Check out our adoptable pups on Looking for Love to find your perfect companion. If you are interested in adopting a dog not located in your state, please note that we do not ship dogs via air cargo. Out of state transport guidelines are explained on our online adoption request form.

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UYR is in need of foster homes. We have many more requests for surrender than we can handle. If you would like to become a UYR foster person, please, fill out a "Volunteer Application."


UYR could not continue to rescue Yorkies in need without the help of our donors. To date we have rescued: 2,905 Yorkies and Yorkie mixes. Our vetting costs to date are: $1,632,000!!

Any donation amount is truly needed and appreciated. UYR fully vets all its foster dogs, updating vaccinations, spaying and neutering, addressing much needed dentals which cause serious health issues down the road for any dog. We are also one of the few rescue groups that can take on serious conditions like Liver Shunt, orthopedic injuries and tumor surgery. Won't you please consider joining the list of donors on our page to help us continue to save our beloved breed?

If you would like to make a donation to our organization, please use the following PayPal button! Or, send a check to our treasurer at the address below the Paypal button. We are an approved 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax-deductible. IRS rules for Donors

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If you need to surrender your Yorkie or mix, please, use this link "Request To Surrender Form" to contact to contact a UYR representative. Please complete this form in its entirety, including a photo if possible. A representative will be in contact with you as soon as possible to make arrangements or refer you to another rescue if we do not have members in your area.

Read about Ozzie, our first liver shunt pup, on the Yorkie Tales page. See a happy ending to a serious medical condition. Your donation can make a BIG difference.

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News Updates
FOREVER OURS - 09/01/2011
As of December 30, 2017, UYR has 16 Yorkies in the Forever Ours Program. These pups will remain with UYR for the rest of their lives. They receive vetting care as needed and this care is provided by UYR and your donations.

We are always looking for people who would be interested in being a 'Sponsor' to one or more of our Forever Ours Yorkies! As a sponsor you will become a cherished person in this dog's life. You would receive communications about your sponsored pup and your name would appear in their story on the Forever Ours page.

If you are interested please contact Sandra Wendt at

Please, visit our Forever Ours page!!!
In Lieu Donation - 08/11/2007
We have had many requests for a way to make a donation to UYR in lieu of gifts for family and friends on birthdays and other special occasions. We listened and have designed a special card that we'll send to your loved one. Please, be sure to include to whom and what you're designating the donation.
To make this thoughtful gift, contact:
To make any donation, use the Paypal button below, or mail a check to:
United Yorkie Rescue: In Lieu
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We appreciate the overwhelming generosity of our donors! The members and Yorkies of UYR say THANK YOU!!!