Welcome to “Looking for Love.” These are UYR’s rescue and surrender pups. They come in all ages and sizes, but they have one thing in common; They are looking for love. If you have a place in your heart and your home for one of these Yorkies, please, use the provided link to fill out an “Adoption Application.”

Your adoption application will be processed as quickly as possible. It is UYR’s mission to get the perfect home for our beloved Yorkshire Terriers.

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Meet Gracie, a small sweet 10 year old little girl. She weighs about 4 pounds and is being fostered in Mobile, Alabama


Jan Clasen, Mathew Gann, Holly Stavis, Marie Jackson, Evelyn Doptis

Updated Bio 5/6/2015: Gracie is a 10 year old 5 lb Yorkie being fostered in Mobile, AL.

Gracie is truly one of the sweetest senior dogs you will ever meet. Today was spa day and now she looks out of this world! She is anxiously waiting for her forever home. If you want a sweet, super quiet, loving little lap dog, Gracie fits the bill. This little lady loves to snuggle and be very close to her human all the time. The vet has her on a strict soft food diet since she no longer has any teeth. When really relaxed, her tongue will hang out of the left side of her mouth which makes her super CUTE! Her perfect forever home would be one that has a stay at home mom or dad. Gracie is not crate-trained and does not like to be left alone. Her foster mom takes her everywhere in a soft sided carrier that looks like a purse. She would much rather be on the go than stuck at home alone. At night she sleeps in her foster parents' bed with her head on a pillow. Occasionally she will have an accident if her foster mom isn't paying close enough attention to her when she needs to go outside. She is not a barker so she dances when she needs to use the potty. It is really very creative of her. If you want a loving little lap dog to spoil, GRACIE it the perfect dog for you!

Update 4/3/2015

Gracie is a 10 year old, 5.6 lbs Yorkie female being fostered in Mobile, AL

Gracie is a very loving and sweet senior. If you are looking for a loyal little lap dog, she would be the one to pick! Her demeanor is excellent and she doesn't have an aggressive bone in her body. Though she did run toward some birds under the bushes in the yard this week. With no teeth the vet has her on a soft food diet. Her perfect forever home would be one that has a stay at home mom or dad. Gracie is not crate trained and does not like to be left alone. Potty training is almost over she still has accidents occasionally. She is very quiet and will only bark if left on the sofa alone. This little lady loves human contact and wants to be with her human all the time. She shadows her foster mom from room to room. Car rides aren't a problem. She goes everywhere with her foster mom in a soft side carrier that looks like a purse. She sleeps in her foster parents' bed with her head on a pillow. So if you are in search of a loyal, super sweet loving lap dog to spoil, GRACIE would be the one!

Update 03/05/15: Gracie is a 10 year old, 5 lbs Yorkie female being fostered in Mobile, AL

Gracie is a super sweet and loving little lady. She loves attention and is very eager to please. Since she has no teeth there is a strict soft food diet. The only time she will bark is if she gets left sitting on the sofa and wants to get down. So she is very quiet by nature. Her perfect forever home would have either a stay at home mom or dad because she does not like to be left alone. Car rides are a breeze and she loves to be on the go. Her foster mom takes her everywhere in a soft side carrier that looks like a purse. Potty training is almost over. At night she sleeps in the bed with her head on the pillow next to her foster parents. If you are looking for a total snuggle bunny that will shadow you from room to room and sleep next to you at night.......GRACIE is the ONE for you!

Update 02/09/15: Gracie has been in the comfort of a home setting with her foster family for a month now. Her biopsy results came back with great news. The growth was benign with instructions to watch for future gowths. Her potty training is going really well. She still doesn't care for being In a crate. So she doesn't need to be left alone for more than an hour or two at the most. If you are looking for a total snuggle bunny and serious lap dog that will follow you from room to room, she is the one for you!

Update 01-25-15: Gracie is a 10 year old, 4 lbs Yorkie female being fostered in Mobile, AL.

Gracie had a vet visit yesterday and came home today. She is now microchipped, spayed, and completely tooth free! Eating will be a breeze with soft food. The vet removed a mammary growth and we are waiting to hear the results of that. Fingers crossed it won't be any big deal. Now that she has had two weeks to settle in her personality is really showing. She is a fast learner and has adjusted well to home life with her foster family. It took 3 days for her to show her voice and finally bark so yes, she is a quiet little girl. Gracie is blind in her left eye and has a cataract in the right eye limiting her vision but her hearing is excellent. She will walk on a leash with a harness if she can lead. Potty training is going very well. She does not like being put in a crate though she is learning a carrier isn’t a bad thing when going on a car ride. Foster mom also has a soft side carrier that really looks like a purse that Gracie prefers to go places in. Gracie is a little snuggle bunny and loves to sleep in the bed with her head on the pillow next to her foster mom. Though she is a senior she still likes to play and has no problem with cats. The perfect home for Gracie would be a quiet one with NO CHILDREN under 14 in the home due to her age and small size.She is only 5 lbs. Gracie also needs a stay at home mom or dad as she does not like to be left alone and will follow you from room to room. Could this be you?

Initial Bio 1/8/15: Gracie was just rescued out of a high kill shelter today. She is spending her first night in the warmth and comfort of her new foster home, rather than in a cage in the shelter. She will be taken to the vet as soon as possible. She needs all her vaccinations, a dental, and possibly a spay. We hope the vet gives us a good report on this adorable little girl.

Watch for pictures and more information after her vet visit and as her foster parents get to know her better.

To date we've spent $625.58 on Gracie's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $204.00 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: iluvyorkies69@yahoo.com.

To fill out the adoption application for Gracie click here.
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Astro is a 3 year old Yorkie weighing a healthy 12 pounds who is being fostered in Fremont, CA. He needs a quiet, single owner home with no children and no other dogs.


Adrienne Talbert, Aaron Ko and Jenny Kuang

Update 02/21/15: Astro is doing great! he has come a long way. He is more outgoing, and not as afraid of visitors. He enjoys being with the rest of the pack more, but still likes his alone time in my bedroom. He is a cute little guy, and can be quite comical at times. He would make someone a wonderful companion.

Update 11/16/14: Astro has been with me now since April. He mostly hangs out in my bedroom, not with the rest of the pack. He will play with my little one, Peanut, but mostly ignores my two older, bigger Yorkies. He would do great in a quiet home, being the only dog, with one owner, no children. He can be quite comical at times. He loves and needs his daily walks. He is a great walker. He needs a strong leader who is able to correct his behaviors, as sometimes when seeing another dog, he acts up. He is very shy with strangers.

Update 07/29/14: Update: Astro has had his teeth cleaned, and did not have to have any pulled. Astro would do best in a home as an only dog, with his person. He is still uncertain when meeting new people. It takes him time to get to know someone. However, he has bonded with me, and he did this quickly. So I know he will quickly bond to a new owner. He has great potty habits, using the doggie door. He is a bigger yorkie, but still very cute. They come in all sizes, as we all know! He is a great walker, and will run, also. But foster mom does not run, so he has to slow down for me! But if his new owner was a runner, this would be a perfect match!

Update 04/13/14: Update: Astro is a healthy boy, at 12.2 lbs. He will need a dental. He has adjusted well in his foster home, his potty habits are perfect. He has already learned how to use the doggie door, he is one smart boy! Unfortunately, he is very fearful of strangers. We are working on this, and I do see some improvements already! He is a great little walker. The perfect home for him would be a quiet one, where he is the only dog. No kids as the excitement would be too much for him.

Initial Bio: Meet Astro! He is 3 1/2 years old, 10 1/2 lbs. and all Yorkshire Terrier. He is an owner surrender. So far he gets along with the other dogs here. He is house trained and will be learning how to use a doggie door. He is being fostered in the Bay Area. More updates to come as I learn more about him.

To date we've spent $616.69 on Astro's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $465.00 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: carolnelson8716@att.net.

To fill out the adoption application for Astro click here.
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Presley is a 7 yr old yorkie mix who weighs 8 pounds. He is housetrained and needs to be an only dog with no cats and not children. He is being fostered in Long Beach CA. Presley's adoption fee is $300.


Holly Stavis, Cynthia Duranti, Holly Stavis Patricia Acosta, Amina Masic

and Ross, Chico, Tyson and Medo, Fabian Arellano

Update 03/24/15: 3/24/15- Hi everyone. It has been about a year since I was rescued from the shelter. My foster mom has had some ups and downs trying to train me and realized that she might need a little more help. So I will be going to a behaviorist to see if I can kick some habits that might not be the best in my new forever home. Hopefully after the training I can go up for adoption again. My foster mom says not to worry that she is going to try very hard to do do everything she can so that I can go up for adoption again. So until the sessions are done I won't be able to be adopted. This is a very critical time for us so wish me good luck. Presley out.

Update 09/19/14- Hi everyone, Presley here. It has been 6 months and I am still with my foster momma and sister. I love it here but would love to find my forever home. I had a few people interested in adopting me but they weren't quite the right match. I am hoping that before Christmas I can have my forever home and spend my first holidays with them. I am hopeful and keeping my paws crossed.

Update 04/23/14: I have been with my foster momma for about a month now. I am doing great with my foster sister and haven't had anymore accidents. I am completely vetted and just had a dental cleaning. I am crate trained and sleep in my bed but would be a great bed cuddler if permitted. I am so full of energy and love to be petted and play fetch. There are times when I am trying to hide under a bed or couch and do not like to be bothered for this it would be best to not be in a home with children. Other then that I am very happy little boy and can't wait to find my forever home.

Initial Bio 3/20/14: My name is Presley. I had my first vet visit this week and am just waiting on my results. My foster mom says that I am a sweetheart and that I am a good listener. I do what I am told. I have had a couple of accidents but for the most part I go outside and do my business. I can't wait to find my forever home.

To date we've spent $840.64 on Presley's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $122.00 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: nicole.acos@gmail.com.

To fill out the adoption application for Presley click here.
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Olga Stecker, Karry Rogers, Allison Murray, Thomas Kassler, Cindy Danley, Judith Church

Initial Bio 05/29/15: Coco is a sweet 8 year old 12 lb female who was surrendered to a high kill shelter by her owners in NYC.

Coco was in desperate need of a dental, a spay and had multiple mammary tumors that needed to be removed. UYR had the surgery done to spay her and remove her mammary tumors (9 tumors in total were removed) and she's been recovering well since then. We got the pathology back on the tumors and lymph nodes that they removed and 6 were benign, 2 were pre-cancerous and 1 was grade 1 cancer. The vet said that no further treatment would be recommended for the 1 grade 1 tumor as there was no lymph involvement and the removal of the tumor would be considered to be the treatment. So that's all good news.

Coco has been suffering with some Colitis since she's been with us, but I think that's to be expected given all the changes in her environment, her diet, her surgery, her meds, etc. We're currently treating with Flagyl and Science Diet w/d food and it's resolving nicely. I'll be able to update on this more as she continues to stabilize in my home. At worst, she might need to be on w/d (or some prescription) food for the rest of her life.

Coco walks beautifully on leash, and has a very calm demeanor. She doesn't get fussed by other dogs, or cats. She has liked all the people she's met as well. She will use a wee wee pad in the house if she has to, but think once she's healed up and walking regularly again, she'll potty outside all the time.

Coco loves squeaky toys and has picked a few that have become her favorites in the short time she's been with us. She loves to be on or near her person, but doesn't mind sharing with the other pups in the home too. She's really a delightful little dog.

Coco doesn't have a fenced in yard in her foster home, but if you had one, it would be a plus. We're working on her behavior riding in cars as she seems to be accustomed to riding on the lap of the driver, which is too dangerous, so she's learning that her seat in the back is where she belongs.

Coco will have her stitches/staples removed on 6/6 and then will need a dental. She won't be available to go to her new home till she's recovered from her dental.

If you think Coco would make a good addition to your family, please complete an application to adopt her. If you can donate to her care, Coco and all of us at UYR would sure appreciate it! Thanks, and stay tuned for more on Coco as we continue to learn more about this little sweetie!

To date we've spent $3958.82 on Coco's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $270.00 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: lfrecker@gmail.com.

To fill out the adoption application for Coco click here.
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05/17/2015: Bailey is a 10 year old, 10 lb. Yorkie male being fostered in Ft. Myers FL.

Bailey is a very sweet boy. He was surrendered by his former owners who had work schedule changes requiring them to leave Bailey alone for long periods of time. They reached out to UYR for help in finding Bailey a home where he could have more attention, and owners who could have more time to spend with him. Bailey is a little confused about why he is suddenly is a new home, but so far is doing well with the other dogs in his foster home. Although Bailey is 10 years old, he is still very active and acts like a much younger dog.

Bailey just arrived in his foster home. Stay tuned as we get to know him better!

To date we've spent $0 on Bailey's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $0 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: nancyfarley007@yahoo.com.

To fill out the adoption application for Bailey click here.
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Bubba is our newest Yorkie boy. He is approximately 6 years old, weighs 7.8 pounds and is being fostered in Clearwater, FL.


Wendy Erichsen, Amara Waterman, Heather Ozuna, Jane St. John, Cheryl Scrupski, Cindy Hsueh, Sandy Pagnotta, Craig Seal, Kelsey Leslie, Holly Kline, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Michele Lofgren, Traci Vanover, Amy Chernault, Kathleen Fisher, Joanne Vogel, Carol Gostomski, Leslie Diaz,Katalin Nagy-Takio, Missy Wilcher, DeAnn Deutsch, Malena Cueva, Rita Harris, Gale Young, Shelly Ford, Phanphatsorn Disaphanurat, Shawndel Underwood, Betty Carter, Thomas Tighue, Barbara Carvalho, Anne Faasse, Eliana Tardio, Irene and Peter Havas, Sheila Landis, Sonia Laboy, K Dionne

Updated Bio 4/21/15: Bubba is a 6-7 year old, 8 pound Yorkie from the shelter who almost lost his fight against a life-threatening infection throughout his body. In addition to this infection, he also had seizures, which we think were probably never treated for perhaps his entire life. So sad. Bubba is doing much better now and is being fostered in Dunedin, FL.

Bubba’s recovery may be at its optimum now, but there is a chance he could improve with more time. Due to his complex and neglectful past, he will never recover from the brain damage noted in more detail below.

On the bright side, this little sweetheart has no lingering infection and has not had a seizure since starting anti-seizure medication, which he will need for the rest of his life. Bubba's neurological deficits do not distract from his sweetness one bit! He loves to follow you around as closely as possible (sometimes a bit too close, watch out!) and he loves to snuggle. There are times, without warning, Bubba will wake up from what seems like a deep sleep and impulsively leap from your lap without looking around to determine his safety. The combination of his lack of clear vision in one eye, being situationally unaware, his impulsiveness can be startling at first. His silly quirks could potentially cause him injury if you're not paying very close attention. Bubba still wobbles when walking, often listing to one side or another, but he can now run around pretty fast ~ Go Bubba!

It is likely that Bubba will never re-learn or understand the tricks of house-training. He likes to potty outside, and this behavior will probably not change as he doesn’t seem to distinguish that it is inappropriate to potty inside. He also doesn’t have the ability to give cues to his human that he needs to go out. So his perfect home would be one which had at least one stay-at-home parent that could take him out often.

With all of his special qualities and needs, this little miracle boy needs to find his HERO to give him the safe and loving forever home he deserves. Bubba loves his FM & FD equally, and even gets along with the cats. He likes to play with his toys and entertain himself. At night he snuggles into his crate where he feels secure and safe, while avoiding the risks of accidentally walking off the bed and hurting himself.

Bubba cannot be adopted into a home with children under 15 years old and he would adjust best in a calm and quiet environment. He needs a loving and very patient mom and/or dad to keep him company, while also keeping a watchful eye on him. He will need to be given his anti-seizure medication twice a day for the rest of his life, and in return will give you kisses a million times a day to show his complete love and devotion ~ and thanks ~ to you for loving him. Bubba will be having his dental 04/24 (say prayers, please, as the vet warned that the anesthesia may induce seizure activity) and will be ready to go to his forever home!

Could YOU be the HERO that Bubba has been waiting for and so desperately wants? Please don’t turn away from Bubba due to his special needs ~ consider turning towards him and letting him know that he will always be safe in your loving arms.

Be On The Lookout! Bubba will be groomed next week, so check back for new pictures and a video of this sweet boy!

Update 03-18-15 Bubba (FL) started to PLAY!

If you remember, Bubba is the 6 year old, 7.8 pound guy fostered in Clearwater, FL that UYR picked up from the shelter. He had seizures and was fighting a terrible infection. We didn't know if he would survive the first couple of days. Look at him now! He is feeling much better after his antibiotics and he has had 3 full seizure-free days since starting his medication last week. Bubba is not "normal" and may never act completely appropriate. He tries very hard to keep up and follow everyone around, but that is hard when he's falling over every few steps. Sometimes he gets a good momentum going, but then his legs can't keep up and he plows face first into the grass outside. He usually seems to hear and see just fine, but as you can see in the video, his brain doesn't always seem to connect. Due to this special quality, Bubba cannot be adopted into a home where he'd be around any children. He has accidentally chomped his teeth down on his FM and FD's fingers while they were giving him his medication OR playing with a toy. Although he gets a "squeak" out of either victim, he fully intends to chew on the cotton filled toy with the occasional finger being a total mistake. Bubba will get his dental cleaning next week and would love to find his safe forever home. He will need his seizure medication twice a day for the rest of his life and a whole lot of love. He would love someone to keep him company and a watchful eye, but if you had to leave the house, he is happy taking long naps in a safe room where he cannot find a way to get hurt. Bubba is as sweet as he looks! If he sounds like he'd fit perfectly into your home, please fill out an adoption application on our website www.UnitedYorkieRescue.org.

Updated Bio 3/11/15 Bubba (FL) started having seizures on Tuesday night. They were each only a minute long but terribly scary. On Wednesday, Bubba was getting ready to return to the vet for some blood tests and had his most severe seizure lasting multiple minutes of kicking and "screaming". His lab results have shown that his kidney and liver markers are normal. The only extremely high level is his white blood cell count, which we expected, from his body fighting off this infection. At least we know that we are on the right track for treatment and we can provide all of the loving support he needs as his body tries to work with the medicine and heal. Bubba will also start on a medication for his seizures, so let's all hope he doesn't have to suffer through those terrifying episodes for much longer.

Here is the good news... Bubba was enthusiastic about eating today! FM didn't have to use a spoon or syringe to get the meal started, Bubba just jumped face first right into the breakfast bowl. A few hours later, Bubba stood up and started trying to walk around! He is very wobbly and is still falling over often, but this is the first time in days he has even attempted to move around. By this evening, Bubba explored right over to the other dog's food dish and decided he wanted to eat that food too. We were all SO EXCITED! Well, maybe not the other dog so much, but he let it slide, just this once. Let's all hope that Bubba has turned the corner and will continue to show improvement each day. We are not out of the woods yet, but he's looking a tiny bit stronger in between his long hours of napping. Hopefully by the end of next week, we will be able to update Bubba's story again with continued progress. Thank you all so much for the support!

Initial Bio 03/10/15: A local shelter contacted UYR over the weekend to help Bubba after he was surrendered by his owners for having seizures. He was infested with fleas and had multiple teeth pulled by the shelter veterinarian during his neuter. Although no seizures have been seen by the shelter or UYR (yet), Bubba is very sick. When his temporary foster mom picked him up he had green goo in his eyes and he would only lay still and shiver.

Here is a video of Bubba on his ride away from the shelter:

Buba Rescue Ride

Here is a video of the only time Bubba tried to walk that first day:


The second day he developed a very high fever and wouldn't try to walk, eat or drink. His teeth are in very poor condition and have likely caused a significant infection taking over his tiny body. An urgent trip to the vet yesterday ended up with injected fluids and antibiotics to get a quick start on fighting his high temperature. He couldn't lift his head and with every breath, Bubba moaned a faint and desperate cry. Late last night sweet Bubba stopped his sad whimpering when snuggled into FM's chest, where he slept all night with an ice pack as his blanket. Today, he is still very unsteady on the one occasion he tried to take a couple of steps. This morning, Bubba only drank the water given to him by a syringe but this evening he has had a few laps from a bowl and even ate a spoonful of food.

Here is a video of Bubba today: Buba 1

We are all hoping he is strong enough to fight through this first battle so we can look further into his possible neurological condition.

To date we've spent $759.48 on Bubba's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $1067.00 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: iloveyorkiestoo@yahoo.com.

To fill out the adoption application for Bubba click here.
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Sandy Pagnotta, John Sauser, Holly Stavis, Lois Forrester, Renae and Jerry Sutley, Sheila Landis, Holly Stavis, Sue McBride, Cynthia Duranti, Sheila Landis, The Kotebe Project, Jan Freeman

Updated bio 5/20/15 Gibbs is a sweet 7 1/2 year old 6 pound little boy. He is being fostered in Mount Pleasant, SC.

Gibbs has been with his foster parents for a while and he has been a veterinary challenge. He will be evaluated by a new specialist soon. We expect to have a more detailed plan for this special needs guy. ​

Gibbs​​ really ​needs your help with his vet expenses, and hopes you will consider helping him so we can find a solution to his problems.

As soon as he has a plan for his care, he will be ready to find his furever home.

Updated Bio 03-26-15 Hello My name is Gibbs. I am about 7 1/2 years old. I live in Mount Pleasant, SC and tip the scales at a perfect 6.2 pounds.

I recently had some tests on my recurrent urinary tract infections; the results showed a totally new infection that the vets say can be fixed. I started new meds today and I hope this fixes the problem. The other meds I am taking seem to have corrected the bladder stone problem. Then finally my diarrhea problem can also be cured as soon as I am free of all infections. Hopefully we get some good news in the next two weeks. Now that you have updated on my medical issues, let’s move on to happier things.

Last week after a whole lot of rain I was in the back yard just trolling for something to chase when I stepped into this mud puddle. It was so cool playing in this gooey black mud. Rolling around and trying to get to a ball that was in the middle of the puddle. Then I spotted a squirrel on the other side of the yard and went after it. This took me across the deck and it seems I left a trail of mud all over it. Foster mom was not happy. She got out the hose and washed me off mumbling something to the tune of "typical boy". The water was cold, not like the nice warm baths I normally get. She sure was upset. But just a little while later, I was all snuggled up on her lap. She still loves me.

On a final note....... for some reason the medical expenses trying to get me all fixed up and ready for adoption far outweigh the donations. I thought y’all loved me. (you know it’s hard not to) . Please please please help by hitting the donate button at the bottom of the page. Some people commented that at this rate I am valued at $725 a pound. Wow!

Note from Foster Mom: Wouldn't you want a little guy that is so valuable and special in your life? Please fill out an adoption application. And don't forget to donate to Gibbs' care. He has had a hard road with a lot of expense, but with your help, UYR can continue to work to make him a very healthy pup.

Update 12-13-14: Hello My name is Gibbs I live in God’s country. (Charleston SC) I have lost a little weight from running and playing, I am down to 6.2 Lbs. We are still fighting my urinary tract infection (UTI). I started some new meds today so let’s see what happens. I will go 2 weeks on these pills and get tested again, Oh joy.

Y’all know you can fill out an application for the most handsome Yorkie alive and my Foster mom will keep it on file so when I am all fixed up you will be able to be graced with my presence as your forever Yorkie. You will be so lucky to have me. I love to just sit on your lap and be loved.

You know what just happened in our house the other day. This tree just sprouted up overnight in our living room. It so pretty all decorated up with lights and everything. You don’t suppose they planted that tree for me to relieve myself on do you. I don’t think I will try as the consequences could put a pain on my behind area. Just a thought. I hope everybody has a nice and healthy Christmas and maybe next year I could be checking out your Christmas tree.

Sir Gibbs

UPDATE: 10-26-2014 Hi, my name is Gibbs. I am approximately 7 years old and currently weigh 6.5 lbs. I am being fostered in Mount Pleasant SC (Charleston).

As you can see by my increased weight, I am feeling pretty good. I have filled out those bony ribs I had and can chase squirrels with the best of them. I still have some urinary tract infection (UTI) problems that seem to be stumping the vets. They have done some additional testing and I will be getting another shot that they hope will work on my UTI. I also will get a new diet then ~ I hope it is good. They have figured out what is causing the occasional diarrhea, but said they can’t treat it until my UTI is cleared up.

None of this stuff is slowing me down. I love to run and play with the other dogs in the house, bark at the neighbors’ dogs and, best of all, chase squirrels. The other day a squirrel was sitting on the top of the fence just out of my reach. I barked and barked, but he just sat there and smiled at me ~ I thought that was mean…….

We have some lab dogs on each side of our back yard. They pick on me all the time. One will bark like he wants to play and I run to that fence. Just when I get there, the other one starts to bark and I run over there. Then they do it again. After they do this a couple of times I get tired and give up. It’s just not fair. Sorry it’s been so long since I checked in ~ I promise I will update everyone more often.

Sir Gibbs

Update 07/14/14: Well it has been a couple of busy weeks. If they would have told me what a “Endoscopy/Colonoscopy Combo” was I would have hightailed it back to the Big Easy. I can tell you that wasn’t any fun, especially the prep. You don’t need the details. I guess they took biopsies at several places trying to find out what is causing all my problems. They also brought in an oral surgeon during the surgery to look at my teeth. They took some special type of X-ray or something that revealed where the abbesses were located. They found two serious problems that needed to be corrected.

Well last Friday I was back (like a bad penny) again. They went in and pulled the two bad teeth, and while they were in there they saw where the same problem was developing on the other side. You guessed it they took those out to prevent problems in the future. I am not sure I will ever get back in the car with foster Dad.

Well to sum this all up, the sore on my nose is almost gone, they found something in those biopsies and gave me some special medicine to stop the diarrhea, they found the right combination of antibiotics to fix the two different types of urinary infections and the rash on my back is gone. Boy did I have some bugs or what. I am not ready for a home quite yet but I am getting close. In about 3 weeks Dr. Perry and Dr. Henri should give me a green lite.

One sad note, they determined I am about seven years old not five. It’s a good thing I am not a girl because that would have upset me. Since I am a male that just means I have gone from a boy to a man.

I feel so much better and can’t wait to get to my new home. Please help, UYR has spent so much money to help me feel good. Donate:

6-26-14 Hello my name is Gibbs. I weigh 5.3 lbs. and live in Mount Pleasant SC (Charleston )

Well folks things did not go as planned. Dr. Perry has yet to determine what bug is causing all my problems. My diarrhea and the infection on my nose have not gotten any better. Next Tuesday (7/1/14) they plan to do a “Endoscopy/Colonoscopy Combo” whatever that is, I guess I will find out Tuesday. Poor United Yorkie Rescue, I bet they would think twice about bringing me under their wing if they had to do it over again. I guess all these test I have had and this one coming next Tuesday are breaking the bank. This is where you come in. Please help by going to this link above and donating so they don’t take all these tests back. I am so miserable and so want to run and play and just feel good.

Update 04/14/14: 4-11-14 Hello my name is Gibbs. I weigh 5.3 lbs. and live in Mount Pleasant SC (Charleston)

I was walking the streets of the Big Easy, enjoying the festivities of Fat Tuesday. Boy they sure know how to party in New Orleans. All of a sudden this really nice man picked me up and took me to a real nice place they call the New Orleans SPCA. I spent a long time there, it was OK. They poked and prodded me giving me shots and all kinds of stuff. I had this really bad abscessed tooth that was causing me to have big sore on my nose. They also said something about a galloping heart beat (whatever that is) I was feeling quite bad. Then I heard a rumor that they were going to euthanize me because no one wanted me because of my medical problems. I don’t know what euthanize means but it didn’t sound good.

The next day my new foster mom and dad from United Yorkie Rescue showed up and we went for a long car ride back to Charleston, better known as God’s Country. Now is when all the thing started to happen to me. I got a full body x-ray, something called an echo cardiogram, more shots, meds for a urinary tract infection, a cold which gave me a raspy voice, teeth cleaned and the bad tooth that caused all the problems was pulled. What a week. So now I am getting all the meds I need to get back to my healthy, handsome self.

Any way I am feeling much better and my infections should be cleared up soon. Dr. Perry says my heart is fine. One of my valves has a very minor leak but nothing to worry about. I would love to have a new home now that I am all tuned up and ready to go. My little brain is stressed from all this talking, time for a nap. Sir Gibbs the Great

INITIAL BIO 03/04/2014: MEET GIBBS! He is a 3-5 year old, 5.50 lb yorkshire terrier; he is being fostered in Mount Pleasant, SC. Gibbs will be seen by the vet tomorrow for his intake exam so please stay tuned for more info on him.

To date we've spent $4993.87 on Gibbs's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $241.50 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: yorkierescuemom@live.com.

To fill out the adoption application for Gibbs click here.
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Ivy is a very tiny, 1.8-pound, 2 month old, tiny girl. She is being fostered in West Palm Beach, FL


Sandy Pagnotta, Evan Martin

New Updated bio. News Flash 5/26/15 Due to Ivy's fragile condition and body weight when she came into UYR, we are carefully monitoring her weight and other vitals to ensure that she will be a healthy puppy when adopted. Foster Mom is diligent in hand-feeding and hand-syringing liquids into her, which is very time-consuming, and we are hopeful that Ivy will soon begin to have an appetite and start gaining weight.

Due to Ivy’s medical condition and low weight status, we have decided to hold her adoption applications in a folder since she will not be ready to be adopted for several months. We have a process in place wherein our Adoption Application Processing Team will file away in a folder any submitted applications until that time we feel Ivy is healthy enough and ready to find her forever home. Please understand that could be several months. Once we know she is healthy enough to be adopted we will notify, by email, all applicants that are still interested in a possible adoption of Ivy.

Ivy will need to be adopted within a 4 to 5 hour drive of her foster homes so no out of state applications will be considered. She also cannot go to a home with children under the age of 14 due to her small size and very young age.

Ivy will need to be under veterinary supervision as she continues to regain her health. Unfortunately this medical care comes at a cost. Please help us continue to help Ivy become a very healthy and happy puppy who will live a long life. Every dollar will help us to help Ivy ready that goal. Your donations will be greatly appreciated by Ivy and United Yorkie Rescue.

Pup Dates on Ivy will be posted on her Looking for Love bio. Look for those updates on her progress as United Yorkie Rescue and her foster parents work to make Ivy a healthy little puppy sweetheart.

UPDATED BIO 5/26/15: Meet Ivy! Ivy is an adorable, approximately 8 week old Yorkie puppy that was surrendered to a local high kill shelter. Ivy is being fostered in West Palm Beach, Fl. When we got Ivy last week, she was extremely malnourished and we could feel every rib bone and her entire spine. Her abdomen was also filled with fluid, and she has parasites. Her blood work showed a number of abnormalities, which we are not sure what the cause is. Since we have had her, we are feeding her every 2 to 3 hours and she is being treated for her parasites. She is a very fussy eater and is not eating as much as we would like, however we have just discovered she really likes organic ground beef, and is more willing to eat that than the puppy food and baby food she was previously being fed.

She has made improvements in the past 5 days in her behavior. She is more alert and is becoming playful. She likes to chew on a little nylabone, chase balls and plays with the other dog toys. She does need to be completely healthy before we will adopt her out and until then, which may be 4 weeks or longer, we will not be accepting adoption applications for her. We are also looking for homes with children over the age of 13, no large dogs and within a 5 or 6 hour driving distance from West Palm Beach.

INITIAL BIO 5/22/15: Meet Ivy! She is a tiny 1.8 lb. 8 week old purebred Yorkie that was surrendered to a local shelter, and is being fostered in West Palm Beach. Ivy is very sweet, but she is also very sick at the moment. She is emaciated, has worms and coccidia, and her blood test showed many abnormalities. She won't be available for adoption until she is stronger and eating regularly, which won't be for at least 4 to 8 weeks, maybe longer. She is currently not housetrained and we have no idea at this point how large she will be as an adult

Due to her small size, we will not consider families with children under the age of 13, no exceptions. No large dogs please. We also are looking for a home within 5 or 6 hours driving distance from West Palm Beach.We are expecting many inquiries about this precious baby, so please be patient.

To date we've spent $0 on Ivy's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $45.00 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: yorkielove24@gmail.com.

To fill out the adoption application for Ivy click here.
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Jack Jack - before grooming

Jack Jack - after grooming ~ so cute!
Jack Jack

Jack Jack is an adorable, 10 month old male Yorkie puppy, being fostered in West Palm Beach FL


Karry Rogers, Linda Davis, Barbara Carvalho, Connie Pfeiffer, Jan Freeman, Christine Schneiderman, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, David Scharfenberg, Mary Cronin, Kathy Benson, Ann Mothershed, Joanne Vogel, Gloria Stahly, Jodi Pistler, John Sukroo, Michael Baker, Daniela Vrillaud, Tracie Wiesman

Updated Bio 5/26/15: Jack Jack is an approximately 11 month old male puppy that is being fostered in West Palm Beach. Jack was completely matted and very underweight when we got him, but worst of all was that his leg had been broken and never set properly, which causes him to limp on it. Jack went to see the orthopedic surgeon on the 19th, and he said he felt he could fix the leg with surgery. We feel that since Jack is still a young and exuberant dog he deserves the chance at having 4 legs he can fully use. We are trying to raise the money so he can have his surgery. Won't you consider donating to him? Many yorkie kisses. Jack Jack’s You Caring

Updated Bio 4-26-15 Jack Jack is a 10 month old, 11 pound little boy. He is being fostered in West Palm Beach, FL.

Jack Jack was picked up as a stray, and clearly has not always had the kindest life. Not only was his fur matted to the skin but his front right leg had been previously broken and never set. Because of this, he favors it, and sometimes just not use it at all. He has an appointment to see the orthopedic vet on May 19th, and we have all paws crossed his leg will be able to be fixed.

Jack has been in his foster home for a week and we have learned a bit more about him. He was initially at animal control for about 5 days, and then he was at the vets office for about 5 days. When he got here, he was clearly traumatized and fearful. He did not want to come out of his crate initially. He quickly learned he was in a safe place, however. Since Jack is a young dog, he is insecure about himself, and a bit fearful of things he is not familiar with. He was initially frightened of the cats, but now plays with them. He was also letting one of his foster brothers bully him, but as he has grown more secure, he is sticking up for himself. He does have some separation anxiety, but that has diminished somewhat in the 7 days he has been here. We are hoping as he continues to feel more secure and build his confidence, he will become a bit more independent than he currently is.

Jack is a goofy, happy dog, who seems to literally bounce where ever he goes. He is very playful and active, and loves to play with his squeaky toys. He loves interacting with his people as well, and is having fun playing with the cats. His fur brothers don't play so much with other dogs, so while he likes them a lot, they don't all play together. Like all dogs, he enjoys his walks. He seems to be house trained to a certain extent, but we are beginning to think he previously did not have a yard he went out in, he doesn't seem to know what he is always supposed to do when he goes out. Sometimes he goes to the bathroom, sometimes he just stands there. He has had some accidents in the house, so we are taking him out for little walks, and trying to teach him the "go pee" command. He does not mark, and he does not urinate often, so we are hoping we can teach him to only go outside.

Jack Jack's perfect furever home would be with another fur brother or sister close to his size, and someone who was home at least part of the day. We don't feel at this point he would do well if his people were away at work all day. We also don't think he would do well being crated. Respectful children over 12 would are OK. Do you think your home could be his furever home?

Initial Bio 4-18-15 Jack Jack the puppy is double the cuteness so we are calling him Jack Jack. He just came to us today. Jack Jack is 10 months old and weighs 11 pounds. He is being fostered in West Palm Beach, FL.

Jack Jack has already gone through so much in his very short life. He has a fracture near his front elbow that appears to be too old to fix. He does seem to limp on it sometimes. We are not sure if there is any pain connected to this injury.

Jack Jack was such a tangled mess when he was in the shelter that he had to have a complete shave down. He will need a bath and a trip to the vet very soon.

There will be so much more on Jack Jack coming soon. Keep watching for it.

To date we've spent $490.75 on Jack Jack's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $710.00 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: kjuul@comcast.net.

To fill out the adoption application for Jack Jack click here.
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JoJo is the cutest little malti-poo. He is 8 years old and weighs just 6.5 pounds. He is being fostered in Leesburg, FL


DeAnn Deutsch, Karry Rogers, Rachael Gagliardi, Carol Mills, Debra Roby, Sharon Traficante, Brenda Bargers, Bonnie Vaupel, Jan Freeman, Traci Vanover, Gale Young, Maureen Biggane, Marjorie Paymani, Jodi Pistler, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Gale Young, Karry Rogers

Updated bio. 5/23/15. JoJo is an adorable, most likely 7 year-old, 7 pound little guy. He is a poodle mix. We think maybe a Malti-Poo. He is being fostered in Leesburg, FL.

There is good news and bad news about this precious little guy.

The good news---- The bladder stones have been removed and he is almost totally recovered and doing well. The awful orange/rust stains on his beautiful coat have been shaved off and he knows it's gone. He feels like a new dog. A bad memory gone.

JoJo eats great, sleeps great, on his foster mom and dad's bed, and no longer feels the urge to urinate all the time. He appears to understand that he needs to go out to do his business. There have been very few accidents in the house. He gets along great with his foster sister, though he does like to possess whatever toy he is currently carrying around in his mouth. He likes to bark sometimes, but will quiet down after being corrected.

Here is the not so good news---- JoJo is not yet ready to be adopted. His foster mom and dad have discovered, not so pleasantly a few times, that when JoJo does not like something he will become aggressive. He will show his teeth, growl, and has bitten a few times. Sadly JoJo has learned that he can't trust his humans. I guess being locked in a crate for such a long time, sitting in his own urine and being neglected and, we suspect, being hit too often, has caused him to distrust people. He is slowly learning to trust his foster parents and the incidences of aggression have been reduce dramatically, but he is not ready to be anyone's forever dog just yet. We do not want him to go to a new home, bite someone and either get turned back in to us, or worse put in a shelter and possibly put down for aggression. Therefore he will stay in his foster home until he has learned that people can be trusted and he doesn't have to be so fearful that he has to attack them. We know he was muzzled and we know he was mistreated. Now he has to unlearn what he learned to do to protect himself while understanding he is safe and loved and will never be hurt again.

JoJo and his foster parents would like to thank everyone who donated to his surgery. We almost collected the amount it cost. We are just a few dollars short, so if you can find it in your heart to give a little more we can pay for the whole surgery.

Please watch for updates on JoJo's Looking For Love page. There will be a time when he is ready for his forever home and we will joyfully post it here. Until then JoJo will stay in his foster home and learn that love and kindness and caring can be his and he never has to be scared again.

Updated bio 5/12/15 JoJo is a 6.7 pound little Malti-poo. He is 8 years old and being fostered in Leesburg, FL

JoJo is back home after his life-saving bladder surgery. He is recuperating under the care and love of his foster mom and dad. JoJo is still not feeling the best, but he is on the way to a full recovery. A very large stone and three smaller ones were removed from his urethra and bladder. It was very close to a full blockage and would have only been a matter of days until the stone fully blocked his ability to urinate and he would have died. The vet said the stone was so big for his little bladder that is was pressing on his colon causing him even further distress.

See the orange/rust colored fur, that is from urine stains. All we can figure is that he sat in a crate in his own urine for a long time with staining that bad. How sad that much have been for him.

Once JoJo is feeling better we will know much more about his personality. He seems to get along fine with the other dogs. We know he rides great in the car, and he likes to cuddle and give kisses. We do not know if he is house trained. Because of his small size JoJo cannot go to a home with children under 14 years old

JoJo was left by his family at the shelter. He will never have to worry about that again. He is safe and loved. Please help United Yorkie Rescue continue to help JoJo and so many others who need our care. Help us pay for JoJo's life saving surgery. Remember every dollar you give goes 100% to our pups. JoJo thanks you very much.

JoJo will not be ready for adoption for a while as he recovers and we get to know the real JoJo. However adoption applications will be happily accepted for consideration.

Initial Bio 5/8/15JoJo was rescued today out of the shelter as an emergency rescue. He has a large bladder stone, and possibly other smaller stones, blocking his ability to releave himself properly, and without surgery as soon as possible he will die. He is being watched very carefully this weekend for any signs that the blockage becomes total. If that happens he will be rushed to the emergency vet for immediate surgery. If that doesn't happen then surgery is scheduled for first thing Monday morning. JoJo is very uncomfortable and because of the pressure on both his bladder and colon he feels the urge to try to potty all the time. Once he has surgery he will be like a new boy. He can't control the urine that is dripping out, but as long as urine is present we know he is okay.

JoJo has only been in his foster home a few hours, but we can already tell he is such a sweet boy. He has made himself at home in the doggie bed and has already given his new foster parents lots of kisses. He is so happy to be out of the shelter and home with a family again.

We know JoJo is not a Yorkie, but when United Yorkie Rescue found out that this was a life and death situation and no other rescue had stepped up, we did. It was more important to save a life than anything else.

JoJo's life saving surgery will be expensive for United Yorkie Rescue, but saving his life is priceless. If you can reach into your hearts and pockets and help us with Jojo's surgery expenses it will be greatly appreciated. Please donate what you can by clicking the donation button under his bio. JoJo and United Yorkie Rescue thank you very much.

Because of JoJo's small size he cannot go to a home with children under the age of 12.

New updates and pictures coming soon after JoJo's surgery.

To date we've spent $536.55 on JoJo's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $530.00 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: yorkielove24@gmail.com.

To fill out the adoption application for JoJo click here.
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Nina is approximately 10 or 11 years old and weighs 4.13 pounds. She is being fostered in Jacksonville, FL


Brenda Bargers

Updated BIO 5/24/2015

Nina is a tiny 4 lb. 10 year old Yorkie girl being fostered in Jacksonville FL.

Nina had a BIG day on Friday; she underwent a spay and had some pretty major dental work. Little Nina was so sedated afterwards she needed to be syringe fed water and hand fed soft food for almost two days! But she eventually perked up and is now back to her old self. Her dental condition was worse than we had hoped…..Prolonged infection and lack of dental care over time took their toll and resulted in some bone loss in her jaw. When this happens, the teeth become to lose to save and that was the case for Nina. She lost a total of 13 teeth. On a positive note we were able to save 4 of her upper front teeth and with these and a diet of soft food and treats going forward she should manage just fine and she has begun eating and drinking on her own.

Nina is a fighter and she is in the process of regaining her health and strength. We feel like based on everything she has gone through recently it will likely be mid-June before she is ready to go to her forever home. However, we are already accepting applications for her so if you think this sweetheart would be a good addition to your home and have no small children under age 14 then please go ahead and apply for her. We would also appreciate it greatly if you would consider donating towards her medical care; Nina would really appreciate any help and sends tons of puppy kisses.

Updated bio 5/18/15 Nina ia a 4.13 pound little girl. She is approximately 10 years old and being fostered in Jacksonville, FL.

Nina is slowly adjusting to her new digs in Jacksonville, FL. She is doing a lot of pacing and looking for a safe place. We discovered she is food aggressive. I am sure that being a small dog that will almost fit in your pocket she had to fight the big guys for food and other things. Especially since we know she did spend time on the streets alone before being picked up and taken to the shelter.

She is most comfortable in a dark crate where she feels secure. She will need her dental and spay in the next 10-14 days. She is having difficulty with her trachea and we will have it evaluated when she has her surgery. Please watch for updates as she adjust to her new foster home. If you are interested in little Nina she would prefer to be the only animal with no children under 16 years of age. She will give you lots of kisses if you become her person.

Updated Bio. 5/15/15 Nina is the sweetest little 4.13 pound, approximately 10 or 11 year old darling girl. She is being fostered in Jacksonville, FL.

Nina had her vet visit yesterday. She is now all up to date on her vaccinations. She is Heartworm and Fecal Negative. The vet said she listened to her heart and lungs and she is a very healthy dog for 10 or 11 years old. She is very active and alert.

Nina is now being treated for mild eye conjunctivitis and ears infections. She also has a cough and is on antibiotics for that. The vet is not sure if she picked up kennel cough at the shelter or from her serious periodontal disease. After a week on the antibiotics she will be reevaluated and hopefully at that time get her teeth taken care of, which she desperately needs, and also get her spay.

She is such a good girl, it is hard to believe all that she has gone through. She was found wondering the streets as a stray and taken into the shelter as a matted mess. She was so bad they couldn't see her eyes or ears to examine her. They shaved her down and discovered this tiny yorkie under all that hair.

While she has only been in her foster home for two days we have learned that she is most likely house trained. She is quiet and so well behaved. She loves to be outside and will run all over the fenced backyard, sniffing everything she can. We have not yet heard her bark. She is a good eater and did great in the car on her way to her foster home. She is in a puppy pen now. Because of her cough, she needs to be away from the other dogs, but she never complains.

Don't let Nina's age scare you. There is plenty of life yet in this adorable little girl. Once her eyes, ears, and cough are cleared up and she has had her dental (she will probably lose some teeth) and spay she will be ready to go.

If you want a little baby who will sit on your lap and love you and who is small enough to take where ever you go, this is the girl for you. Because of her age and size, Nina cannot go to a home with children under 14 years of age.

Give Nina her second chance to live out the rest of her life with love and kindness and care.

Initial Bio 5/13/15: Nina just came into rescue from a kill shelter, saved at the last moment because the adopter backed out. She is very sweet, but has bilateral eye infections and was so matted that she had to be shaved down. Please stay tuned for more info on this little girl.

To date we've spent $520.46 on Nina's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $30.00 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: yorkierescuemom@live.com.

To fill out the adoption application for Nina click here.
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UPDATED BIO 5/4/2015: Perla is a 5 year old (estimated 4-6) 4.5 pound Yorkie Girl being fostered in Delray Beach FL.

Well Hello there EVERY PAWDY! It’s ME Perla here with an update on what’s happening these last 3 weeks. Things are definitely looking UP for me! You may remember that my last owner had to give me up because she got Alzheimer's and couldn’t take care of me anymore. She loved me a lot but because of her illness, I was unintentionally neglected. I didn't get my thyroid medicine and had terrible fleas that got me very sick.

When foster mom got me I was not potty trained at all. Now after only 5 weeks, I am flea-free, back on my medicine and BEST OF ALL I am doing SO GOOD using potty pads! If there is a potty pad in a room I am in, I will use it 90% of the time to pee pee and once in a great while to poo! Is that just TOTALLY PAWSOME or WHAT???? I am doing MUCH better with my behavior too. When I came here I was SO VERY AFRAID because I was in a strange place with new people and I had been through so many changes I didn’t know WHAT to EXPECT. I was SO SCARED I would sometimes nip at my foster mom if she wanted to pick me up……She was just trying to HELP ME…….I didn’t understand……..And I feel bad because now I JUST LOVE HER to PIECES and I would rather be in her lap than just about ANYWHERE! I have turned from a scared little waif to the sweetest little lap dog around town!

Let’s see….what ELSE have I done? Oh yes, I am also working on my LEASH WALKING. This was something I never did before coming to live with Foster Mom. I am doing so good with house training and being NICE that my Foster Mom says I can learn to walk on a leash now and I’m doing better every day. Pretty soon I will be an expert leash walker!

Did I mention that I LOVE TO BE WITH MY HUMAN? My favorite thing to do is be with my PERSON; doesn’t matter WHERE that is…..it can be in the car, curled up in a lap or snuggled up inside my person’s arms. I missed out on loving like this and I am ready to make up for LOST TIME!

I need medication every day for my calcium/thyroid condition. It costs about $52 per month. I have some dandruff which the vet says is because I didn't get my meds every day. A drop or two of omega 3 on my food will is helping with that too.

Are you ready for the best news? My Foster Mom thought it would be a LONG TIME til I was ready to be adopted because of my fear issues. BUT………I have done SO WELL with that……SHE NOW THINKS I AM READY FOR THE WORLD! I am OVER THE MOON excited to think that maybe soon I will be going to my FOREVER HOME soon!

For me, my perfect forever home is probably one where I can be the only dog. I liked the dogs I saw at grooming today but when foster mom's dog gets in the same room as my food I'm not nice to him. I'm getting better at that too. I have made so much progress……Foster Mom says I am a “PEARL of a GIRL!” Oh yes, and I am also bilingual! I can bark and woof in both English AND Spanish! I came from a Spanish speaking home but my English is coming along and I just learned how to make a toy squeak!! I just bite and bite and bite and the toys squeak and squeak. Who KNEW? If you are ready to have a Pearl of a Girl for your very own, then apply to ADOPT ME!

UPDATED BIO 4/14/2015: Hi, my name is Perla. I am being fostered in Delray Beach, Florida. I am between 6 and 7 years old and weigh 4.7 pounds, but foster mom thinks another pound will make me the perfect size.

I have lived all my life with a nice lady who got too old and sick to take care of me. She did not potty train me at all, but my foster mom says I am learning quickly where to do my business. I am learning English slowly, but foster mom talks to me mostly in Spanish, especially about going to wee wee pad to potty!

Because I was not outside much, I am scared of just about everything. My foster mom is teaching me a lot.

I need to be an only dog to someone who will continue to show me how to not be afraid. Other dogs scare me, and I am not too nice to them!

I will be having a dental soon. I am already spayed. Foster mom will update you on my progress. She calls me Pearl because she knows I will come out of my shell nice and shiny! Wouldn't you like to love a Pearl like me?

Initial Bio 3/29/15 Perla is a very sweet, small little girl, She is between 6 1/2 and 7 years old. She is a little too thin right now at not quite 7 pounds. She is being fostered in Delray Beach, FL.

Little Perla was sadly surrendered by her owner who has becoIme too elderly and ill to care for her. She is a very loving, friendly dog. Perla has a calcium imbalance that is well controlled by medication. She may need the medication for her life, but with it she is able to have a long, healthy life. Her former owner said the medication costs about $52 a month. She will be taken to the vet soon and we will have more information on her condition.

Peril's owner didn't house train her, so her foster mom will be working hard on that. In fact she followed her foster brother out to the yard to potty. She is already learning. She is a little too thin right now. Her foster mom will get her on a diet to increase her weight to one that is right for her.

Please check back soon for more information on Perla as her foster mom gets to know her better.

For more information, contact my foster parents at: bubbe.schwartz@gmail.com.

To fill out the adoption application for Perla click here.
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Reese is an adorable Yorkie boy who is 7 years old and weighs 7.5 lbs. Reese is being fostered in Bunnell, FL.


Nancy Stanley

UPDATED BIO 04/20/2015; Hi! My name is Reese; I am a 7-year-old absolutely adorable little Yorkie boy. I weigh 7.5 lbs. I am being fostered in Bunnell, FL

When I first came to my Foster Mom's house, I was pretty scared and not sure what to do or what was expected of me. I was just really scared and didn't know how to tell her stuff. Come to find out I learned that she figured me out. She just kept giving me hugs and lots of love and realized that when I bark sometimes it meant I was telling her I wanted her to pet me or pick me up.

Foster Mom has other dogs here. I don't mind them, but I would rather sit on her lap all day long now that I'm not so scared. I even get to sleep with my foster mommy and a couple of my yorkie sisters, but I don't mind at all.

When I "talk", it sometimes sounds like a growl, but Foster Mom understands that’s how I talk and then she talks to me and I'm fine. I just am trying to get her attention. I just love lots of attention, lots of lap time, and loads of love. I really like it best when she picks me up and only gives me attention. Before I came to my foster home, I didn’t get very much attention and was alone a lot. I guess I am making up for lost time.

I am a good eater and like my kibble a lot. I eat in my own space since I like to steal the other dogs' food. I'm not so good with sharing toys either. When I get one I don't like to give it back. I might growl, but I never bite. My foster mom is working on that and I am learning it is good to share and there is plenty for everyone. I don't like crates at all. It is too scary and lonely in there. It reminds me of when I was in the shelter and I was so afraid and alone. I also don’t like men in hats. That scares me too. I think someone like that once hurt me.

My perfect home would be one with maybe a person like my foster mom who is home a lot. Foster Mom thinks that would be best so they could be consistent like with my training, like reminding me not to growl or bark when I want attention and teaching me to wait before eating. I am learning proper puppy manners, which I apparently missed in my former home.

I am really very smart and catch onto new things pretty fast. I would really prefer to be the only doggie in the house. Foster Mom said I need someone who can be strong enough so that I don't wrap them around my paws. She said that she thinks that is what happened in my former home, and that's not a good thing. I am happiest when I know exactly what my human expects from me and I really want to be well mannered. So...if you have a lot of love and attention and time to give to me, I'll be your best friend!

Updated Bio 03/02/15:Reese is a sweetheart. At this time his Foster Mom feels like he is not quite ready for adoption. He is still food and toy aggressive. It appears that currently out of nowhere, he will growl and potentially nip. FM is able to calm him down in time, but she feels he may possibly bite if provoked or scared.

Reese does get along with the other dogs. He sleeps with FM and the 4 others and is quite a lap dog. He does not like men in hats. He loves to jump up and loves attention. He does understand "no, get down and stop". He is also house trained ~ yeah! FM will continue working with him on a daily basis. At this point it is unsure what length of time it will take her to correct these bad behaviors. Reese most likely needs a home with an strong alpha role in his life, so he won't revert back to these inappropriate behaviors.

Updated BIO 02/01/2015: Reese is an adorable, Yorkie who is 7 years old, and weighs 7.5 lbs. Reese is being fostered in Bunnell, FL. Sadly, Reese landed in a shelter when his former owner surrendered him because they could not afford to give him the care and life he deserves. The shelter reached out to United Yorkie Rescue for help in finding Reese a new home that will be a perfect as he is adorable.

So far, Reese doesn’t like men wearing hats and being inside a crate. He also has some food aggression issues we are working on but currently he is being fed apart from his foster siblings. He likes having things on “his terms” but this could be a fear response from being in a shelter environment. HIs foster mom is working very hard with Reese to resolve these issues.

He loves his person and is very much a “lap dog.” Despite some of his behavioral “issues” he is sweet and very easy to love. He loves belly rubs and is getting lots of one on one time to make sure he knows he is safe and loved.

Initial Bio 01/31/15: Reese arrived here tonite..he's happy to be out of the shelter, he's quite the chick magnet to my 4 little girls, they love him. Poor Lil guy he is sound asleep and wanted to say goodnight. A big thanks to Lee Filer for getting him to me. More updates to follow after he settles in. He will be a great lil guy for any family..he is looking for love.

To date we've spent $182.25 on Reese's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $27.25 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: leerobin05@gmail.com.

To fill out the adoption application for Reese click here.
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Toby is our 4 month old pup without the proper use of his back legs, being fostered in Clearwater, FL. Here is his newest video showing how he walks:



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Update 03/28/15: On April Fools Day, Toby will be 7 months old! He now weighs 7 pounds and is still being fostered in Clearwater, FL.

As you may know, Toby is the pup who was born with severly deformed back legs. So far, he has had 2 surgeries on his right leg to give him the chance to walk. The surgeon has been wanting to keep a very close eye on his masterpiece-in-progress, so Toby has been staying half of each week with the vet and the other half in his foster home. Toby has been cheerfully tolerating our joint custody arrangement & is progressing like a champ! He has had his hard splint off for 2 weeks now and is balancing on his right back leg really well. He doesn't usually try to put any real weight on it while he's walking yet, but we know he's still learning. Plus, he has no muscle to speak of in his tiny little butt and back half. Since his legs never worked correctly, his muscles wasted away where they weren't being used. We are super proud of him for simply putting his foot on the ground & trying with each step. Slowly, as Toby is allowed more activity by the surgeon, we know he will build those muscles and run like the wind. FM was so excited to have the splint off, she rushed to buy a life jacket and get him started on some swimming therapy. Toby isn't too sure he likes the water, but he loves his FM and the treats she brought in the pool! We just got the news that Toby is doing so well he gets to stay home for the next few weeks. We are also starting to plan for the first surgery on his left rear leg sometime in May. For now, his crooked left leg sort of dangles and drags. Toby thanks all of you for the incredible support! He already looks pretty proud of himself & we're only halfway there. It will be exciting to see him using all four legs in a few more months. Stay tuned!

Update 2/23/2015 Toby is going to make an appearance at the "Get Rescued in Gulfport" event on Saturday, Feb. 28th in Gulfport, FL. If you want to say "Hi" to this darling boy, he will be at the UYR tent for the first 2 hours (before lunch).

Toby is 5.5 months old now and is our pup that was born with deformed rear legs. He had his second surgery on his right rear leg last week. The surgeon put in a second plate that overlaps and extends past the first plate fusing his knee in the correct position. This second plate will help stabilize his leg where it fractured after his first procedure due to his tiny and fragile bones and the screws needed to help give him a chance to walk in the future. Toby is feeling SO good now! He cannot wait for the doctor to give him permission to try out this "walking" thing he sees all the other pups doing. Until then, Toby is confined to his foster mom and dad's laps while they attempt to find toys to entertain him and keep him still. If you've ever met a puppy, you know that's a tricky task, but also so rewarding, fun, and full of kisses. Don't you want to foster too? Not all foster pups are as needy as Toby. Most of our dogs only need a warm bed and loving hand while they wait for their forever homes. Thinking it over but have questions? Ask. It never hurts to give it a try.

Update 02/09/15: Poor Toby found the first bump in his road to recovery today. The vet removed his bandaged splint to assess his movement and found that his leg has broken below the plate and lowest screw. They used the smallest possible hardware for his knee fusion, but Toby's bones are so small and fragile and started from such an extremely distorted position that his tiny bone fractured. The surgeon may have to perform a second surgery to elongate the fused section with a second plate to stabilize his fractured leg. We will not know the official plan until next week as they continue to watch him closely and formulate the best course of action. We knew from the beginning that Toby's case was very complicated and may require multiple procedures, let's just hope this is his only setback and his repair is still possible. Please be patient as we wait for more information. We will update you with his progress as soon as we know more. We could not be more thankful to all of you for the incredibly generous support in donations and well wishes. We (Toby & UYR) could not do this without you.

Update 02/07/2015: TOBY (Florida) had his first surgery on Wednesday! The surgeon was able to get his right rear leg straight by fusing his knee joint in a fixed position. He says we're off to a great start in Toby's long process towards standing up on his own. We feel very lucky that he let Toby come home with his foster parents for a weekend of intense snuggle therapy while on strict bed rest orders. Toby will return on Monday and stay the entire week again for them to watch his movements and begin his rehab. Toby has no idea how to move with a straight leg and a foot that now points towards the ground. Poor little guy either falls over and whimpers in confusion or takes a few steps while doing a handstand as his bandaged leg and other rear leg hover above the ground. He has a lot of learning and practice to do as he heals. We appreciate all of the strength you are sending his way!

02/03/2015: Toby (Florida) checked into the vet on Monday morning for his first surgery. He's only 5 months old and hoping that after a couple of surgeries, he may be able to stand up with the use of his back legs for the first time in his life! Unfortunately, due to an emergency with another dog, the surgeon called that afternoon to let us know he had to postpone Toby's procedure. He hoped to fit him in sometime today (Tuesday), but again, today was too busy. We were planning to pick him up and take him home for the weekend until we could reschedule. Then... somebody had to cancel their appointment for surgery tomorrow (Wednesday) so Toby's surgery is back on the books! YAY! Everyone wish him luck and let's keep our fingers crossed that everything goes well and he isn't too scared. The surgeon plans on keeping a close eye on him in the office for a few days after surgery, so we will send another update when he gets to come back to his foster home & let everyone know how this first step in his long journey is coming along.

TOBY update 1/18/2015: Good news & bad news. He just had his first visit to the specialist and we're in a tough spot. Toby's legs are so extremely rotated, the doctor says he only sees 1-2 cases/year this severe, and each one is very different. The surgeon says, although it will be a "significant challenge", he thinks he may be able to fix Toby's legs!! Hooray! There is no guarantee, and it may take more than one surgery per leg, BUT how great would it be if Toby could stand up and/or walk on his own for the rest of his life?!

The bad news... this could be even more expensive than we thought. Best case scenario, with everything going perfectly, his surgeries will be $4,000. It could possibly reach as much as $6-7,000! We have had so much support, and donations (big and small) have been coming in to help little Toby. Every little bit helps a great deal and you are ALL amazing & appreciated.

Some people may recommend a "wheelie cart" instead of surgery. Understandable. If you were a young kid and your legs could be fixed, would you rather have the limits of wheels your whole life?

Some may also point out how happy he is now...

Here are a few things Toby cannot do:

1. Cross a threshold. Toby's back legs get hooked on door frames and it can hurt and be really scary. He'd really like to just run inside like the other pup, but he has to stand and wait for someone to lift him over every bump and step.

2. Go potty without struggling to do a handstand. Toby tries SO hard to keep his legs clean. When he has to potty, he balances all of his weight on his 2 front legs while his back legs quiver and dangle, hovering as much as he can manage (about an inch off the ground). That's hard work!

3. Scratch his own ears. Poor Toby rubs his ears with his front legs as much as he can, but it doesn't do the trick. When his ears itch, he has to ask for help from Foster Mom or Foster Dad.

These may seem small, but Toby is such a young puppy, has so much life ahead of him, and he wants to be independent & free to explore. Wouldn't it be great if we could at least TRY to give him the gift of walking? If anyone has ideas to help raise money, please share. Pass Toby's story along to your friends and family too.

Initial Bio 1-6-15: Toby was born without the proper use of his hind legs. He has been mostly dragging his back legs his whole life, though he does try very hard to make them work.

We have an appointment next week with our surgical specialist to see what we can do to help little Toby. Hopefully, surgery can fix the problem. If surgery is not an option, we will still work towards any recommended plan of action to make sure Toby can move around without risk of further injury or pain. The doctor needs more x-rays to look closely at the deformity of his legs/knees before deciding the best next step.

We can do it! UYR has the most amazing supporters (more and more each day) and Toby has that strong Yorkie spirit to get him through ANYTHING! Now, he needs your help to get him all fixed up. Please support in any way you can by donating a few dollars towards his surgery and anticipated therapies OR simply by sharing his story.

Toby was initially afraid and distrusting of a petting hand. His fluffy puppy hair was already in matted clumps all over his body. It took both myself (Foster Mom) and Foster Dad working together for 2 hours to clip his hair as he was very jumpy around scissors and clippers. We gave him many breaks to rest and recover as to not make his first day too stressful. Once we could better see how his legs were moving under that hair, both of us couldn't help the tears welling up in our eyes. Toby felt AMAZING after his fresh haircut and bath and started quickly giving kisses and playing with the permanent dog of the house. He has never known any other life, so his way of moving around isn't sad for him at all. What a tough little pup! The only time Toby seems frustrated, is when he sees the other dog easily go up a stair or over a threshold that he needs help tackling. He is eager to explore the yard, but the smallest ruffle of a leaf sends him scooting away as fast as he can. The world seems brand new to him and it's a little bit exciting, but sometimes pretty scary. Sweet Toby is getting a crash course in socializing and learning about everything so quickly.

Toby is not yet available for adoption. Let's figure out what he needs first and make sure he gets it. I promise to keep the updates coming and please keep watching for a video of him wiggling about soon.

To date we've spent $2576.94 on Toby's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $5917.00 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: uyr.kelly@gmail.com.

To fill out the adoption application for Toby click here.
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Updated Bio 5-26-15 Tommy is and 8-year-old terrier mix being fostered in North Port, FL

Tommy is steadily gaining weight. He is now weighing 9 lbs. though a healthier weight for him would be 10 or 11 lbs. His fur is growing very nicely and Foster Mom is continuing to bathe him twice a week.

Tommy enjoys running in the backyard and playing with fuzzy toys. He ignores his foster buddies. Foster Mom thinks an ideal forever home would be one where he would be the only pup.

Tommy, of course, craves and needs lots of attention and love. He is food aggressive owing to his horrific past and Foster Mom doesn't know if he will ever get over that.

If you feel you have lots of time and tons of love to give please fill out an adoption application. Tommy is most deserving!!

Updated bio 5-9-15 Tommy boy is an 8-year-old little terrier mix. He is still underweight at 6 pounds. Tommy is being fostered in North Port, FL.

Guess what?? Tommy got a great vet report! His blood work was great. All levels are normal. No thyroid issues and no heart murmur either. His hair loss may be due to flea infestation, but it is growing back. Foster Mom is continuing to bathe him on a daily basis. Tommy’s vet said it’s okay to continue giving him liquid Benadryl.

Tommy is still underweight. He needs to have his weight at at least 8 lbs. But he has gained ½ pound so that is the good news. He is getting his three meals a day and enjoying every one of them. His house training is continuing and he is making progress.

Tommy had his teeth and gums cleaned. What a difference. No more stinky breath. He had 4 teeth removed. Tommy is currently on Amoxicillin for the severe gum disease and also on Hydroxyzine for the skin itching. It seems to be helping since he is itching much less and there are signs of fur growth.

Until Tommy reaches 8 pounds he will not be ready to be adopted, but we are taking application for him. This is one very special little boy, who more than anything deserves a forever home and a very happy forever life. He has been through so much and still loves everyone. Hopefully the right person or family is out there to give Tommy that happily ever after he so deserves.

Update 05/04/15: FM now working on potty training.

Of course Tommy still has to gain about 3 lbs but that shouldn't take too long as he just loves to eat.He is a sweet little man that needs a lot of TLC and gives tons in return.

Will keep you updated on his progress..

Initial Bio 4-30-15 This very sad little boy is Tommy. Tommy was just rescued today. Tommy is a too skinny 5.5 pounds. He is possibly 8 years old. He is being forested in North Port, FL.

Tommy's first stop tomorrow morning is the vet for a complete medical check up. We do know that he is severely underweight and should weight closer to 7 or 8 pounds. He has a heart murmur, periodontal disease, and severe hair loss, which could be from a possible thyroid or endocrine dysfunction or possibly flea dermatitis. We will know so much more tomorrow.

His foster mom said despite everything he is very sweet and loving, though pretty weak right now. Tommy did not deserve what has happened to him. So much neglect and sadness in his life. Tommy is safe now. He will never be looking out from behind bars again.

After Tommy's vet visit tomorrow we will know more. Please continue to check on Tommy's progress and pictures as he is loved and cared for by his foster parents and United Yorkie Rescue.

To date we've spent $0 on Tommy's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $0 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: yorkieluv681@gmail.com.

To fill out the adoption application for Tommy click here.
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UPDATED BIO 05/06/2015: Tsula is a 4 1/2 year old 5.5 lb female being fostered in Suwanee, GA.

Tsula (called TsuTsu by her Foster Parent), had her dental and spay yesterday. She is recuperating as expected; however, during her dental, as several teeth were being extracted, the vet discovered that TsuTsu had debris (a stick, she thinks) that was wedged between her teeth on the roof of her mouth - ouchie! After removing this stick, a hole was seen in the hard palate that allows communication between the oral cavity and nasal cavity. This is called an oronasal fistula. The vet tried to repair the hole, but was unsuccessful in closing it completely due to the lack of available tissue. It is possible that Tsula may need to see a specialist (dental or surgeon) for a surgical repair. If the oronasal fistula is not repaired, she may have problems with food or water getting into her nasal cavity.

This finding explains why she has been sneezing so much. TsuTsu will go back in 10 days to see if the repair done during her dental will be sufficient to close the hole left by the stick. Poor little girlie must have been in so much pain, and this is why she is a bit underweight ~ it probably hurt her a lot to eat. It appeared that the stick had been there for a long period of time........so sad.

INITIAL BIO 05/04/2015 MEET TSULA! Tsula (sounds like Zula or Chula) is a 4 ½ year old 5.5 lb female being fostered in Suwanee, GA.

Tsula (or as she is being called more commonly, TsuTsu) is a lovely calm little girl who was picked up as a stray and surrendered to UYR by a good Samaritan. TsuTsu has not had constant care of any sort. She is a tiny bit underweight, and it appears that she may lose all of her teeth which were neglected by the prior owner so that no infection from the bad teeth will cause further problems.

TsuTsu came into rescue with an upper respiratory tract infection which gives her a cold in her nose and makes her sneeze and sneeze. TsuTsu is very quiet and reserved indoors so far, but outside she's a hunter and loves to explore the backyard. She gets along very well with her foster brothers and sister except for the whole puppy thing from Foster Dog Mila. TsuTsu thinks the puppy energy is very over- rated and she's not afraid to scold her younger foster sister Mila to make her go away and leave her alone. TsuTsu is scheduled back at the vet in just a couple days to have her dental and long overdue spay. As soon as she can, she will update everyone on her situation. but right now she's all stopped up and can't stop sneezing. Bless her heart. Could your home be the right one for TsuTsu?

Please note: Because of TsuTsu's small size, she cannot be placed in a home with children under the age of 14 y/o.

ALSO NOTE: TsuTsu's dental will be expensive, so donations are being accepted to help with the of removing her severely neglected teeth. :( Puppy Kisses from TsuTsu as she will feel sooo much better when her mouth doesn't hurt as much.

To date we've spent $435.64 on Tsula's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $0 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: yorkiepalgal@gmail.com.

To fill out the adoption application for Tsula click here.
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05/17/15: Meet Charlie! He turns 2 years old in July and weighs 9 lbs. He is a very sweet little boy who is friendly and loving. He gets along well with children and other dogs. Charlie is almost completely housetrained, so he will need an owner who can help him get to the finish line! A fenced-in backyard is required! He is healthy and has been neutered, but needs to gets updated on vaccinations. We see the vet tomorrow. Charlie is located in Deerfield and a local adoption is preferred. He would love to get adopted with his friend Max, although this is not a requirement. For more info, email Charlie's foster mom at Yorkierescue1@gmail.com or complete an adoption app on our website www.uyr.us

To date we've spent $96.45 on Charlie's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $0 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: yorkierescue1@gmail.com.

To fill out the adoption application for Charlie click here.
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Chloe is a 3 pound, 4 year old Yorkie female being fostered in Canton, IL


Jan Freeman, Wendy D'Uva, Christine Dwyer, Rachael Gagliardi

Initial Bio 03/20/15: My name is Chloe, I'm 4.5 years old and 3lb. born Nov. 24th 2010. My foster momma sometimes calls me Peanut or Angel, which she says is because I'm such a little thing and sweet as can be. I'm really glad I was rescued by United Yorkie Rescue, see I was left at a shelter by my family when they couldn't care for me anymore. I don't know what happened way back in Oct. 2014, I don't remember anymore, but one day I just couldn't walk, my back legs didn't work and I couldn't feel my toes. I couldn't hold my bladder or my bowels either all of a sudden, and the Dr's didn't know why. They gave me some medicine but it didn't help. I'm a pretty spunky girl and wasn't going to be kept down, so I kept trying and slowing I was able to start walking a little bit again, but it seems there are other things wrong with me which was making it hard, I have luxating patellas in both my back legs. My left knee is really bad so I usually tuck it up under me and kind of hop around, but after awhile my other leg gets tired and I need to rest. Both of my legs have atrophied because of this. Sometimes I can get my knees to lock, which allows me to walk and run almost normal! I'm pretty fast when I want to be! But, they say I need surgery to fix my legs, so I can walk and run and not have pain as I age. At some point I may not be able to walk anymore and I love running in the yard, following my foster momma around the house and playing. She says I'm like her little shadow. I get along well with my foster brother and sisters, I like to stay with them and sometimes play too. I like to play with your hand by gently mouthing, and then smiling to show you how happy I am. I don't know if I like big dogs because they would be SO much bigger than me and I haven't been around them, and I'm not sure about kids because they could hurt me since I'm so small. I haven't been around cats, but I'm such a happy go lucky girl they'd probably be ok with me. Please don't think I'm picky, I just need to be in a safe environment where I won't get hurt because of my size, or because I like to run outside.

I try hard to go potty outside like I know I should, I go when we all go outside for potty breaks, but I just can't hold it because of whatever happened to my spine, so foster momma puts these little things on me she calls my doggy panties, and I wear them all the time since I can't control my bladder anymore. She changes my little pad inside every few hours, I stand still so good for her while she puts it on me. Sometimes I have poo accidents though when she isn't watching, because I can't control things and they just come out. She hasn't gotten mad or frustrated at all with me, which I'm so glad of because sometimes it happens when I'm on the couch or sitting on her rug, and then she has to clean up after me. I want to make it stop, I start spinning in circles and look at her worried afraid she may yell at me, but she never does, she calms me down and cleans me up.

I'm a good eater, I love my breakfast and dinner and if you wanna give me treats I would love that too! My foster momma when she first got me gave me a grain free high quality food that was really tiny for my size and helped me transition, then she slowly started giving me whole food with my kibble, which I love! Momma says it's cooked ground turkey and hamburger with cooked sweet potato, squash, and green beans. Sometimes she adds fruits like strawberries or blueberries, and she even adds a little yogurt smoothie to it so it helps keep my system working good since I have my bowel issues. It seems to really help!

I really want to find my forever home and be loved again by my own patient and understanding family who won't get mad at me for making messes sometimes, or needing baths more often than what they call a 'normal', whatever that is. I love snuggling, and giving kisses, and sleeping in the same room with you in my kennel. Hopefully someone who's maybe home all day, with time for my extra care, will come along soon and make me their forever angel. I promise to give a lifetime of kisses and love and joy to you in return! Are you my forever family?

To date we've spent $958.92 on Chloe's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $255.00 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: dianecarter555@yahoo.com.

To fill out the adoption application for Chloe click here.
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Cleo is an 8 pound, 12 year old girl who is being fostered in Shiloh, IL


Nancy Stanley, Nancy Monfre

Update 05/26/15: Hi everyone, it's me, Cleo reporting from Shiloh, Illinois. I'm sorry I haven't written in so long. We've had lots going on here. I've had a couple different tests since last time; one to see if I had something besides kidney disease, but that came back negative. I also got more kidney level labs & they were elevated. We will have to get them again soon & keep a close eye on them. I'm still on my prescription food & doing better with eating since I've been getting fluids. You'd never know I was having kidney problems by looking at me, because I'm so happy & sweet. I love to snuggle, lay in laps, sleep in bed, & follow everyone everywhere. I'm also housetrained, despite my condition. I will need a very special home that will have the ability to care for me as my condition progresses, keep me on a strict diet, & who has a quiet loving home. If that's you, please email my foster mom or fill out an application to adopt me on our website.

Update 04/02/15: 4/1/15: Cleo came to UYR with her sister Honey Bee when her owner had to give them up due to a changing family circumstance. When Cleo went in for her dental, her bloodwork showed elevated kidney levels. Since we do not know how long this condition had been going on, she has been put on a restricted diet and we will repeat her labs in a month to get a better idea of where she stands as far as her kidney failure. If she is to be adopted after her follow up labs, she must have a stay at home parent, remain on her vigilant diet, and she would like a quiet home with no kids and no young dogs to bother her. Cleo loves to lay in your lap, sleep on pillows and in her doggy bed on the bed. She is just looking for a very loving, quiet home where she can sleep most of the day away. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Cleo's foster mom.

To date we've spent $438.17 on Cleo's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $140.54 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: resqdogs2@yahoo.com.

To fill out the adoption application for Cleo click here.
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Little Debbie
Little Debbie

Initial Bio 04/29/15: Little Debbie is an adorable, spayed and microchipped, 6-year old 6 pound female Yorkie who came to UYR on April 25th as a breeder release. She lives with her foster parents in Beach Park, IL and three other Yorkies. She is a sweet and loving little girl who demands attention for herself when you try to love the other babies in the household. Although she gets along well with other dogs she wants to be the center of the loving. Although she isn’t a “lap dog” I think she very well could be. I think she just hasn’t been in an environment where she was held and cuddled a lot. I think I could probably fix that if she stayed with me very long, but as adorable and sweet as this little lady is, I know I won’t get to keep her long before she is adopted.

Little Debbie is very active so she does need a home with a fenced yard and no gaps or holes in the fence because she is tiny and could slip through to danger. I would highly recommend that she be adopted by someone with no small children in the home. An adult home or home with older children would be best for her and depending on the personality of any other pets in the home, they may or may not tolerate her aggression to be the center of attention.

Eating has not been an issue for Little Debbie. She gobbles up her food and tries to eat everyone else’s around her.

She and her foster sister, Phoebe are mastering the stairs and doing a great job I might add. They follow me all over the house now.

Little Debbie is looking for a home with lots of love and attention and of course yummy kibbles.

I've Been Adopted!

To date we've spent $220.00 on Little Debbie's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $0 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: Donna_leggett118@yahoo.com.

To fill out the adoption application for Little Debbie click here.
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Initial Bio 05/18/15: MAX (ILLINOIS) Meet Max! He is 3 years old and weighs 8 lbs. He is a very sweet little boy who is friendly and loving. He gets along well with children and other dogs. Max is completely housetrained! A fenced-in backyard is required! Max is healthy, but he needs to gets neutered and updated on vaccinations. We see the vet tomorrow. Max is located in Deerfield and a local adoption is preferred. He would love to be adopted with his friend, Charlie, although this is not a requirement. For more info, email foster mom at Yorkierescue1@gmail.com for or complete an adoption app on our website www.uyr.us

To date we've spent $318.55 on Max's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $0 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: yorkierescue1@gmail.com.

To fill out the adoption application for Max click here.
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Initial Bio 04/29/15: Phoebe is a little delightful, spayed and microchipped, 6-year old 6 1/2 pound female Yorkie who came to UYR on April 25th as a breeder release. She lives with her foster parents in Beach Park, IL and three other Yorkies.

She gets along well with other dogs but she has not been in an environment with cats so I’m not sure if she would get along with them or not. I would highly recommend that she go to an adult home or a home with older children. Because she likes to be outdoors in the fresh air, a fenced back yard would be preferred with no gaps or holes that she could sneak through to any danger.

Phoebe loves attention but isn’t really a lap dog or cuddler probably because of the previous environment she was in. I believe she could be quite the little love bug given time.

She and her foster sister, Little Debbie are learning to master the stairs to the upper level as they love to follow me all over the house. They are doing quite well with the stairs in the short time I’ve had them.

Phoebe loves to eat but because her foster sister is a little piglet and eats her food so quickly, she tries to eat Phoebe’s food as well and I have to monitor meal times because Phoebe will just move over and let her foster sister have it all.

Phoebe is just a delightful little lady and cute as a button. She is looking for her furever home with lots of love and TLC.

I've Been Adopted!

To date we've spent $220.00 on Phoebe's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $0 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: Donna_leggett118@yahoo.com.

To fill out the adoption application for Phoebe click here.
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King Louie
King Louie


Barbara Carvalho, Donna Derrick, Holly Kline, Karry Rogers, Johnell Costa, Gina Hart, Jane St. John, Patricia Bain, David Burger, Terry Rich, Jan Clasen, Connie Peters, Pamela Young, Julie Logsdon, Angela Smith, DeAnn Deutsch, Wendy D'Uva, LeNora Armbruster, Sandy Pagnotta, Irene and Peter Havas, John Ensminger, Nancy Stanley, Hilda Bacardi

Initial Bio 04/13/15: King Louie is a 4 year old, 10 lb. male Yorkie who was sadly left at a shelter by his owners who no longer wanted him because he does not have use of his back legs. UYR stepped in and rescued this guy. Our hope is to raise enough money to get him a mobility cart so he can get around with ease. King Louie is in loving hands now and UYR plans to take great care of him and find him a wonderful forever home!

To date we've spent $562.41 on King Louie's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $1840.00 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: krpsbh01@yahoo.com.

To fill out the adoption application for King Louie click here.
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Update 05/22/15: Maxwell is doing very well with his behavior training in Urbandale, Iowa I am continuing to try to desensitize the triggers that caused him to get scared and bite in the past, and he's coming along nicely. If anybody in the Des Moines Iowa Area please feel free to send me an email Max is a wonderful loving little guy that just came from a very scary place. In a trusting environment he is an amazing little guy and of course I will continue to work with him with and help whoever adopts him.

Initial Bio 05/03/15: Hello this handsome fella is Max. He turned four on April 10th 2015. He was taken to the shelter because he bit the owners uncle for trying to take his bone. It is natural for a dog to protect a bone, however I have helped Max overcome his need to bite when I touch his food. He knows he can TRUST me, that was his main issues when he became aggressive, not trusting the humans around him. It was very clear that Max was smacked in the face a lot, he flinched whenever I went to touch him, now he moves towards my hand because I am touching him in a loving way. Max is a very fast learner.

Max has been having seizures and takes medication 2 times a day to keep them under control. Max would make a wonderful addition in a kind and loving family, he loves children, kind children. Max also gets along well with other dogs.

Because he has had aggressive issues, due to poor human behavior I can say without reservations, he needs to stay in the Des Moines Iowa are so I can help his new family with any adjustments Max will need help with joining.

To date we've spent $0 on Maxwell's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $0 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: page_benson@yahoo.com.

To fill out the adoption application for Maxwell click here.
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Benji is a sweet 9 pound, 12 year old Yorkie boy being fostered in N. Dartmouth, MA.


Todd Loccisano, Todd Loccisano, Cynthia Duranti, Eric Tucker

Update 3/13/15: Hi everyone! Just want to let everyone know that I'm still on the adoption block. I was adopted just before Thanksgiving but it didn't work out for me. They were a great family but I was very nervous and they felt it would be better for me to return to FM and FD's home. It's been a long winter here in NewEngland and I for one have Cabin fever. Looking forward to long walks, going to the beach and catching those sun beams, oh how I've missed them. Did you know I went to the Dogter for a booster shot and the dreaded thermometer, now that was embarrassing. They weighed me and I am up to 9LBS! The Dogter said that was a good weight for me. I had some blood work done to make sure my seizure medication was doing it's job. So if your looking for an older Gentleman who loves walks, car rides and sun beams put your application in so we can meet. One more thing FM and FD say my Barkday is just around the corner, you know what that means, party hats, presents and CAKE! I'm going to be 12 yrs. old but don't let that fool you cause I can keep up with my fursiblings and they are 8 and 6 yrs. old.

Initial Bio 01/01/14: Benji is a Hurricane Katrina survivor who lost his owner and was taken into rescue. He was found to have heartworm disease and successfully underwent treatment. Benji has a seizure disorder that is easily treated with an inexpensive medication. He does require a limited diet of Prescription dog food Hill's I/D and a spacer ball to be placed in his food bowl to slow his eating. Eating too much and too quickly can bring on a seizure.

Benji will need a securely fenced yard because he is a little escape artist. He enjoys basking in the sun and perching on lawn furniture. He loves to be with people and will cuddle up next to them. He loves other dogs, but care must be taken to ensure he doesn't help himself to dog food that other dogs are consuming. He is fearful of loud noises, thunder and lightening and is very fearful of fireworks. Benji enjoys rope toys that are designed to help clean teeth, and he loves playing with a tennis ball. He loves to have his hair brushed with a very soft brush and to be cuddled and patted. He is a very , very good dog and he loves to be loved. He prefers covered cat beds to the traditional dog bed (it helps him feel more secure, particularly during rain storms). He is a little boy who due to his size would be better in a home with no small children.

To date we've spent $2721.24 on Benji's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $131.00 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: wshenry42@verizon.net.

To fill out the adoption application for Benji click here.
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New York

Update 05/14/15: Mikey is a sweet male Yorkie mix who was just rescued from a shelter in New York. He is estimated to be at least 10 years old and is crate trained and housetrained. He is a talkative, playful little guy who walks well on a leash and loves the outdoors. Mikey needs to be neutered and have a dental before he can be adopted out. When off leash with other dogs Mikey greets politely and will approach other dogs to sniff but spends most of his time exploring his surroundings. He is a sweet and gentle dog who would be a wonderful companion.

Initial Bio 5/10/15 Mikey was a stray taken into Animal Control in New York. Watch for more info on him.

To date we've spent $292.00 on Mikey's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $0 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: placquaviva@windstream.net.

To fill out the adoption application for Mikey click here.
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Laddie (FKA Happy)

Meet Laddie, a 4 month old Yorkie male who is being fostered in Cleveland, OH


Sidney Porter, Susan Kornatowski, Kimberly Bandusky, Gale Young, Christine Miller, Barbara Carvalho, Jane St. John, Barry Groff, Jan Clasen, Jeanette Clague, Kelly Jones, Sarah Davies, Todd Loccisano, Mary Cronin, Malena Cueva, Sarah Plesich, Lisa Anderson, Kathleen Walsh, Susan Cassady, Judith Crawford, Irene and Peter Havas, Paul Sherman, DeAnn Deutsch, Linda Naylor, Christine Hasenfus, Cindy Sutton, Mary Hurley, Sandy Pagnotta, Shuree Sklow, Irene and Peter Havas

Update 05/28/15: Hello my name is Laddie. Back in January I jumped off a balcony and broke my leg at 6 months old, my parents could not afford to have it fixed so United Yorke Rescue took me in. My foster mom took me to a special vet and they were able to repair my leg with a plate. I can run and jump just fine :). I do have a slight limp but it does not hold me back. I love to play and run. I am working now with commands like sit, lie down and come ( I hate this one) because I love to always be on the move. I like to be with my foster mom and dad but am not a velcro dog. I am crate trained and sleep in my crate in the bedroom. I love other dogs big or small. I think I would do better if I was not the only dog. As for cats well they are fun to chase but eventually I get bored and leave them alone. Ok now my foster mom wants to talk. Laddie is working on his potty training and is doing real good. He will definitely need some obedience classes. He has trust issues which we are working on but hates to come to you. He will need a fully fenced in yard.

To date we've spent $3388.20 on Laddie (FKA Happy)'s vet bills, but with your support we've collected $841.50 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: yorkiesnjacks@yahoo.com.

To fill out the adoption application for Laddie (FKA Happy) click here.
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Gigi Mae

Gigi Mae on the go
Gigi Mae

Gigi Mae is a 9.5 pound, 5 year old Yorkie girl who is being fostered in Beechgrove, TN.


Hilda Bacardi, Dianne Schultz, Jan Freeman, Colleen Thompson, Barbara Carvalho, Susan Cassady, Sara Hickel, Karry Rogers, Sara Davies, Diane Carter

Updated Bio 5/12/2015 GiGi Mae had ear surgery last week and is dong GREAT! Her tumors are gone and her ears are healing. She will need another 2 weeks or so to recover before she can go to her new forever home but she is very excited about the prospect! GiGi Mae is super sweet and mellow. She loves to give kisses and play with her fur foster siblings. She rides great in the car and now that she can hear again she is learning what words mean like "Good Girl" and "No." She is house trained and very well behaved. She is a bit of a picky eater; she prefers wet food to dry kibble but her FM is trying to mix the two and encourage more dry food. GiGi Mae is currently taking antibiotics for a small post op infection that is not serious. She may need to take low dose steroid medications to keep her allergies from acting up and causing more ear problems but we won't know for sure until her next vet visit. Stay tuned as GiGi Mae continues to recover and discover life as a hearing dog!

Bio 4/27/2015 Gigi Mae is a real darling of a pup. Her personality is OVER THE MOON sweet! She came from a home where she had several small dog siblings so she is used to having other dogs around and loves to play. Her owner became too ill to take care of her and her siblings so they all wound up in a shelter. Her siblings were quickly adopted, but because Gigi Mae has a medical issue needing care, the shelter reached out to United Yorkie Rescue for help in getting this baby well and finding her a PAWSOME new forever home.

So what is "wrong" with this little bundle of cuteness? You can't see it from her pictures, but Gigi Mae has lots of "tumor like" overgrowths in her ears that are caused by a combination of allergies and lack of proper ear care. Hers are pretty extreme....to the point that her ear canals are COMPLETELY blocked. Needless to say, her hearing is affected by this, though at this point the Vet doesn't think she will be permanently deaf. As of this time she is on a regimen of oral antibiotics and ear-instilled antibiotic drops and steroids, and we hope that this will produce dramatic results in terms of opening her ear canals. She will return to the Vet in 10 days to assess her progress and then make a decision about what comes next. It is likely that she will need some surgical de-bulking at that point in addition to her current treatment. While we won’t know for sure until next visit WE ARE VERY HOPEFUL that Gigi Mae's condition will be able to be managed with proper ongoing ear hygiene and twice weekly lowdose steroid pills.

More about Gigi Mae…… She JUST LANDED in her foster home 4/26/16 so there is much to learn about her but ONE THING WE KNOW FOR CERTAIN ALREADY is that this pup is OVER THE MOON SWEET! She LOVES playing with her Yorkie foster siblings (though they aren't as excited about this as she is quite yet!). She stole one of their squeaky bunnies and loves to fetch it. Whenever you hold out your hand to her she will IMMEDIATELY roll onto her back as if to say "Belly rub PLEASE" and she gives kisses GALORE! She acts much like a puppy in that she will play hard, then nap, then play hard, then nap. So far, no "mistakes" in the house and she has gone outside to potty every time. She has a BEAUTIFUL silky coat that is a combination of blond, reddish/honey and grey. Her teeth are BEAUTIFUL pearly white and the Vet says she has the prettiest teeth in a 5 year old Yorkie he has ever seen!

We are just fully getting to know her but this girlie is a bundle of PURE LOVE and she will be a FANTASTIC addition to the right forever home. Whoever adopts her must be someone that will take the time to have her professionally groomed, keep constant eye on her ear health with daily checks, and be willing to perform cleaning as well as administer steroid medications to keep things in "check." This girl is SO WORTH IT! Paws crossed that that is YOU! If you think it might be, then head on over and apply to adopt Gigi Mae.

If you would like to help with Gigi Mae’s care you can do so by clicking here

Help Gigi Mae Hear

I've Been Adopted!

To date we've spent $314.41 on Gigi Mae's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $785.00 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: tnyorkiemama@yahoo.com.

To fill out the adoption application for Gigi Mae click here.
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Kingsley is a 4 year old Yorkie male weighing 4 1/2 pounds. He is being fostered in Ashland City, TN


Ilene Rand, Dianne Schultz, Jane St. John, Jan Freeman, Kay Graves, Heather Ozuna, Dalia Ashman, Christine Miller, Gale Young, Karry Rogers, Elizabeth Guyer, Jo-Ellen Gasior, Jan Clasen, Julie MacNeil, John Sauser, Christina Baker, Carol von Cannon, Nancy Alonzo, Tammy Brown, Diane Carter, Kerri Rodriguez, Kevin Kidd, Diane Edwards, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Janice Montgomery, Joye Arbuckle, Karen Ward, James Christ, DeAnn Deutsch, Dianne Schultz, Carol Kathrein, Tony Lanza, John Sauser, Karen Ward, Karry Rogers, Deborah Henderson, Erin Greene, Erik Ebert, Emilie Hammon

Updated BIO 4/12/2015

Kingsley here with a Pupdate!

I have had a very busy week! I am in a brand new foster home in Ashland City TN. I am a traveling man and I have adapted to my new "digs" very well. The best thing is that there is a tiny little Yorkie girl in my new home and she and I are becoming bestest friends! My new home is all on one level to so that helps me get around easier. Speaking of getting around, I have made SO MUCH PROGRESS since my surgery. That big contraption called an external fixator on my tiny leg doesn't hold me back.....no Sir! I am so used to it now I barely even know it is there. I did GREAT at my first post-op visit and don't have to go back for recheck and xrays for a whole month. I don't mind going to the dogtor.....they are so nice to me and I love them for making me well! In fact, I love just about EVERYPAWDY and I will drown you in kisses if you let me.

Both my foster Moms say I am the best boy EVER in the house trained department. I NEVER have a mistake in the house if I am let outside regularly and I also let you know when I need to GO. I am also very TALKATIVE and have a cute little "baby-speak" that I will use to get your attention. I am very good eater too. I am probably a little too skinny and would be healthier at about 5 lbs but the way I am eating I will be there in NO TIME! I have to have thyroid medicine twice a day but let me tell you it is NO BIG DEAL to me. I like it because it is helping me grow my hair back in and it is coming in fast.

It will likely be June before I can be adopted but time is flying by and I am in great hands until then BUT if you love my smile and think you could be that special person to love me FOREVER and EVER then PLEASE go ahead and apply to adopt me.

Updated BIO 4/12/2015:Just look at this HAPPY BOY! Why is Kingsley smiling? For SOOOOOOO MANY REASONS! Let's let Kingsley tell you why.........

1. I am NOT HURTING! That is the MOSTEST PAWSOME THING EVER!!!! My leg doesn’t hurt anymore at all since my RESCUE ANGELS helped me get my leg surgery.

2. I can runny-hop around and keep up with my fur brothers and sisters! That means I am PLAYING lots and lots and I LOVE THAT!

3. MY HAIR IS COMING BACK! Don’t get me wrong…..I think I ROCKED the bald look but I like me with hair best and I’m pretty sure the girl Yorkies do too! I’m still kind of bald but I have FULL FUZZ coming in behind. That thyroid medicine is REALLY doing the trick for me.

4. I have FANS! I have people in lots of places who seem to LOVE ME and email my foster Mom to check on me. Foster Mom tells me that they EVEN SENT MONEY so that I can continue to get well.

5. I LOVE MY FOSTER HOME. My foster humans love me SO MUCH and give me lots of attention. I LIKE THAT a LOT.

I could go ON and ON…….I am such a LUCKY BOY and have SO MUCH to be THANKFUL for.

My Foster Parents discovered something NEW about me this week. I don’t like thunderstorms! It is Spring in Tennessee and we have had a couple of bad ones this week. I was all tucked in my Pack and Play for the night and my foster mom and dad were sleeping soundly until the storm hit around 3:00 a.m. I have been pretty quiet up until now but I decided I was scared and I needed to wake them up to comfort me. So I started to BARK. And Bark some more. Foster Mom came and scooped me up and put me in bed with her and then it was okay. But now that I have found my voice (and I have seen it gets me what I want) I have continued to use it. I LIKE TO TALK! If I think you aren’t paying enough attention to me I will “ASK” for more and make my presence known!

This week I will go back to the DOGTOR for a post-op check-up and x-rays.

To date my supporters have contributed an AMAZING $1030 toward the $1500 in vet bills that I have to get me to the place where I can be adopted. That is SO CLOSE! I am SO GRATEFUL to everyone for helping me. I will continue to need additional Vet visits and care before I have my external fixator removed in late Spring or early Summer. Can you PLEASE continue to help me recover? Every dollar helps. Thank You so much for the support you have shown me and all the other UYR dogs. If you can help please go to

Kingsley's You Caring Site

Puppy Kisses and HUGE THANKS to everyone!

Updated BIO 4/1/2015

Kingsley is a 5 year old 4.5 lbs Yorkie being fostered in Beechgrove TN. Kingsley had a VERY big day today. He had is surgery! He will be in a device called an external fixator to keep his bones aligned while he heals over the next 3-4 months. He will need ongoing post op visits, xrays and medications but this little guy is tough! He is already so much more comfortable. We are hopeful he will regain full use of his leg and go to his perfect new forever home this summer. We were not sure we would be able to save his leg but THANKS TO all of his AMAZING SUPPORTERS little Kingsley will be whole again. As Kingsley's foster mom, I cannot BEGIN to say THANK YOU enough! Stay tuned as Kingley's journey of recovery continues. And watch his videos here

Check out this video of Kinsley after Surgery

And Kingsley's first day in his foster home Kinsley

Initial BIO 3/29/2015 Hello every Puppy and Puppy Lover!

My name is Kingsley! Where to start. I came from a home where I was loved and have lived with my human Mom since I was 8 weeks old. And even though I am a tiny guy she gave me a BIG NAME of KINGSLEY! I was King of our home together.

I have been healthy my whole life until 2-3 months ago when my hair started falling out and I started having an upset tummy. My human Mom took me to the vet multiple times. They couldn’t really find out any reason why so they put me on special “gentle tummy” dog food and that seemed to take care of my tummy issues. But my hair keeps getting thinner and now the top of my head is almost completely bald. It doesn’t bother me…….lots of cute guys shave their heads these days right????

The other and BIGGER problem I have now is that a few weeks ago I started limping and once again my human Mom took me to the vet. They diagnosed me with luxating patellas; which is a fancy way to say my knee caps slide out of place sometimes. This is a very common but manageable condition in Yorkies. The Dogtor put me on some medicine to help with pain and told my Mom I might need to have surgery someday but not needed now. I got better for a little while ……but soon my Mom noticed my right leg was swelling and I couldn’t put any weight on it. Back to the vet we went and they couldn’t figure it out so they sent me to a specialist. Some xrays were done and showed that I have TWO BROKEN BONES in my leg. We don’t know how it happened but in a tiny boy like me anything such as a tumble off the sofa or down the steps could break a bone. The breaks are pretty bad and I have some bone chips floating around inside that really hurt me when I move my leg. The specialist said he could try to fix my leg with surgery; but since I am such a tiny boy with tiny bones there is no guarantee of success and that the surgery would cost almost $5000. My human Mom had already spent thousands on me just to get me diagnosed and she just didn’t have any money left for surgery. She knew I couldn’t stay in pain so she reached out to United Yorkie Rescue to help me get the treatment I need to live a happy and pain free life. As it stands right now I can’t do much at all with my leg except drag it and that REALLY hurts.

And we also need to figure out why my hair is falling out but that is a lower priority right now. Do they make wigs for puppies? If not, I’m totally COOL with the Bald look. AND DID YOU NOTICE I HAVE AN ADORABLE UNDERBITE?

So that is my story in a nutshell. I just got to my foster home and my new humans have other dogs and cats. None of them seem to bother me at all so far but I am kind of in a daze right now. My new humans are helping me stay comfortable by giving me pain medication and some sedatives until I see my new Dogtor tomorrow and hopefully some decisions can be made so that I can start to get better.

Oh…..one more thing. My care is going to cost A LOT OF MONEY. I will FOR SURE need some kind of surgery; I don’t know what kind yet but it will cost a bundle. And I will need to see a skin specialist to figure out why my hair is falling out. I FEEL REALLY BAD ASKING FOR HELP and I know there are lots of puppies out there that need your support but if you could spare ANYTHING, even a little bit to help me I would be EVER so grateful!

One day, hopefully soon I will be ready to go to a PAWSOME new FOREVER HOME. I SO LONG for the day that someone will want to TAKE ME and all my PERFECT IMPERFECTIONS and LOVE ME TO FOREVER PIECES. Could that possibly be you? My perfect home would be someone without small children due to my tiny size and who is home a lot because I LOVE COMPANY and want to become someone’s Velcro Boy! I’m not ready to be adopted just yet but DON’T LET THAT STOP YOU from applying for me.

To date we've spent $1237.50 on Kingsley's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $1560.00 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at:

To fill out the adoption application for Kingsley click here.
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Initial Bio 05/16/15: Buffy is a sweet, beautiful little girl who is 4 years old and weighs 6 pounds. She came into rescue with Toto. Their owner was elderly and had to be moved to an assisted living facility, and no one in their family could take care of them. She appears to be healthy and is current on her vaccines. She will see the vet on Monday to check her out thoroughly. So far she is very timid, and wants to be right beside you. She seems to be housetrained. Stay tuned as we get to know her better.

To date we've spent $288.98 on Buffy's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $0 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: tdwilkie@verizon.net.

To fill out the adoption application for Buffy click here.
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Initial Bio 05/21/15: Frank is a cute 13 pound, 5-year-old guy whose owner can no longer care for him. He is up to date on shots, takes Trifexis for heartworm, and is neutered. Frank is a really smart little guy, and he would be happiest being the only dog in the home.

He sees himself as the alpha-dog, and tries to dominate other dogs - big or small. He has been introduced to other dogs in a controlled environment, with several visits, did just fine, and is now ok with those dogs. He hasn't tried to harm other dogs, but he does appear aggressive without the gradual introduction.

Frank has been for a home visit with a potential adopter, arranged by his owner, but the adopter worked long hours, and didn't feel she had the time to devote to Frank. The moving around and uncertainty has been rough on Frank, and we'd love to find him a forever home. On that trial visit, it was discovered that Frank doesn't care for cats either.

Frank is fully house-trained and has a playful spirit. He is great with humans! He just loves sitting on laps or resting his head on pillows. His absolutely favorite thing is getting petted by people and being showered with attention.

For more information, contact my foster parents at: chbthomas@gmail.com.

To fill out the adoption application for Frank click here.
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Sandy Pagnotta, Tina Dorenbecker, Holly Stavis, Holly Stavis, Lori Stewart, Irene and Peter Havas

Update 04/19/14: Lexie is about to go back into training for her next steps. She's a sweet dog - loves adults and teenagers, but isn't good around young children with high energy. She seems to be very nervous around them and isn't on her best behavior. Lexie must be adopted into a home with only adults, and she needs to be the only dog. In this setting, she will thrive. Lexie's foster mom takes her to dog parks, but keeps her on a leash as she continues to work on her socialization skills.

Update 4/3/14: Lexie is being fostered in Austin TX. She is 8 years old, 12 pounds and needs to be an only dog in a household with no children.

Lexie's foster mom continues to work on her socialization skills with a trainer who reports that Lexie is one of the most clever terriers she has seen. Lexie loves to play, is housetrained (but you need to watch for her signal), is leash trained and loves to sit on your lap. Lexie is an active and loving little girl who needs a bit more work to make her a perfect companion. Please watch for progress updates on Lexie.

INITIAL BIO 09/09/13: Roll out the red carpet, ladies & gents, because we definitely have a super special gem here... Introducing Lexie!

Lexi is 8 yrs young and is being fostered in Texas. This sweetness of a girl is quite the entertainer! She has personality to the moon & back! I've only had her for 7 days, so I'm certain there remains much more to learn about lil' Miss. As she settles into her new surroundings & begins to express more, I will update my thoughts on her needs and what I think her best forever home would look like, but for now, here are a few things I've noticed:

She LOVES to play!! Can't stress this enough! She seems to prefer the ball, but she'll fetch, (and retrieve very nicely, dropping at your feet), any toy.

She definitely needs to be monitored (when outside in the hot weather) because she'll fetch endlessly, exhausting herself, & heat exhaustion can happen quick with terrible consequences. I always have water on hand when we go to the park & make her rest every 3 to 4 throws. She LOVES people, (she's an owner surrender, by the way, who reported Lexie exhibiting anxious behavior around young children, but I have yet to observe this).

She walks well on a leash, is housebroken (she always goes to the door, but you must be observant of this bc it's her only que), she barks when someone is on the porch, but not otherwise. Her favor spot is on your lap and she likes to be touching you when it's time for sleeping.

She is my permanent shadow at the moment. This may change as she feels more relaxed & comfortable with the changes. Her recall at the dog park is pretty good after only a week. I always have training treats to reward when she responds. Usually, however, she's either chasing her ball or begging you to chunk it, so recalling her isn't necessary. At this point, there is only one issue that I see & that is that she will probably need to be an only dog. She has exhibited dog aggression over her toy/ball, whomever's lap she's in, & on occasion, even the couch. I've seen her advance towards a dog to defend whatever territory she believed to be threatened. She seems pretty adamant with this behavior, so I'm not sure, at 8 yrs old, it'd be likely to change.

Other than that, Lexie is an outstanding girl. She's a true joy & gives so much... Whoever is lucky enough to adopt her will fall completely in love! I have no doubt because I'm skipping down that road after 1 short week. Stay tuned for more to come...

For questions about Lexie or to apply for her adoption, please contact Heather: frankdheather@gmail.com

To date we've spent $2840.73 on Lexie's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $296.50 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: frankdheather@gmail.com.

To fill out the adoption application for Lexie click here.
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Mason is a 7 pound, 10 year old Yorkie who is being fostered in Lancaster, TX.


LeNora Armbruster, DeAnn Deutsch, Christine Dwyer, James and Julie Hufford, John Sauser, Nina Tow, Connie Pfeiffer, Kathy Benson, Craig Seal, Gale Young, Tara Hildreth, Sean Cox, Kelli Rose, Traci Vanover, Jan Clasen, Sarah Davies, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Sharon Arreguin, Irene and Peter Havas, Malena Cueva, K Dionne, James Hufford, Nancy Stanley, Sandy Pagnotta, Sharon LaMasney, Irene and Peter Havas

UPdate 05/16/15: This morning FM and I went to the dogtor to get an x-ray on my leg. I should have had these pins out by now but my bone has been healing so slowly and we were getting concerned (the dogtors say the "amputation" word but FM always tells me "no way"). Well thank fully FM was right and today the we couldn't believe our eyes........100% healed......not even a hairline crack left....!!!!!! We did the happy dance all the way home!!!

My pins will come out next Saturday and I can't wait. Today is such an awesome day but please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I go through the surgery to remove the pins, don't forget I still have those heartworms. My treatment will begin about 2 weeks after my surgery but until then.....happy dance!!!!!!

A huge thank you to Mason's rescue angels for helping UYR make his journey possible. We appreciate your continued support as we work to give this sweet boy the life he deserves.

Update 05/04/15: Hello everyone, Mason here. This is my first time to update you myself but I am feeling so good I thought I would give it a try. I have been with my foster family for 2 months now and I have learned so much. I have learned to give kisses and get kisses. I have also learned that sleeping in the bed with my humans and siblings is just about the coolest thing ever. When I first arrived I did not really understand the love and affection thing, FM thinks maybe I had never experienced it before. I now roll over for a belly rub at the drop of a hat and give the sweetest kisses too. I still have these pins in my leg but FM tells me that although it is healing slowly we are making good progress. I am going to be groomed (whatever that is) this Friday and FM says although I can't get any cuter she can't wait to see me afterwards. I am eating good and I have put on about a pound which is really good because I have something called heartworms. I have to take 3 monthly treatments after my pins come out and FM says it will not be much fun but she and my UYR Angels will see me through it. My FM says I am a perfect little boy, I love to play outside, will walk on a leash (if I must) and I get along with other dogs. I really like kids too but FM feels I might be a bit small for little ones. I do all of my business outside and don't get into anything. I will not be ready for adoption until late October however my FM is taking applications now. If you are interested in a sweet, cute, loveable little gentleman please drop my FM a note. I'm off to get my belly rubbed!!

Update 03-30-15: Well I had my dental and neuter today and I'm pretty excited because I got to keep so many more teeth than originally expected!! I also had some blood work done and the doctor says my platelets are much higher than when I first visited and this is good news!! My leg appears to be healing very well and I have an appointment to have these pins removed on May 2nd. If all goes well my HW treatment will begin soon after. I have been told that I need to stay strong as this treatment can be difficult. If cleaning my bowl and playing with my fur siblings will keep me strong I should be good to go. I am a very happy little boy and my FM says I'm very sweet too (I do not cause a minute of trouble unless you don't want to rub my belly). Guess what....It has been over 2 weeks since FM put my belly band on because .....no accidents!!! My FM says I'm a joy and she can't wait to see me 100% healthy. I am working hard to get well and your support and prayers are so appreciated!

Update 03/09/15: Mason had surgery on Wednesday to repair the fracture in his leg. The doctors are very hopeful that it will heal properly and that he can avoid amputation. He is starting to put some weight on the leg which is a good sign. Mason still has a very long road in front of him as his dental needs have been neglected and he is heart worm positive, neither of which can not be dealt with until his leg heals. Due to the heart worms and overall neglect his little body needs to be in better health before going through more surgery or enduring the treatment for the heart worms. He will need your prayers and support as we work to get him ready. He is really a very sweet little guy and is startling to show us his personality. We can tell that he is beginning to feel loved and safe (maybe for the first time) as he is beginning to trust. He is eating well, loves his treats and has already stopped marking inside. He gets so excited when he sees us and seems to enjoy being part of "the fur pack". Thank you so much for the love and generosity shown to Mason, he is so deserving of a better life and with your help he will have it.

Initial Bio 03/03/15: Mason is a very sweet little boy who arrived at UYR late last night. He has had a very rough time and we are hoping to provide him the love, safety and healing he so desperately needs. Mason was picked up by Animal Control on 2/21 and because he has a broken leg he was left to sit in a cage for a week and was then scheduled to be euthanized. Thankfully, a group saw how sweet he is, pulled him aside and contacted UYR with only hours to go. When he arrived at his foster home he would not eat or drink but was so grateful for a soft couch and a warm blanket that he feel asleep quickly. This morning he ate a little (thankfully because he is thin) and then had his first vet visit. It has been determined that his front left leg is fractured (most likely from a larger dog attack) and needs immediate surgery if there is any chance of saving it. Mason is also HW positive so following his surgery he will undergo treatment for this condition. Mason has a very long road ahead of him but we intend to see him through all of it as he is so deserving. With all that he has been through he still trusts both dogs and humans, that's the unconditional love that makes us want to see him happy! We keep telling him that the best part of his life is in front of him!!

To date we've spent $1492.85 on Mason's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $770.00 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: Lturner0409@yahoo.com.

To fill out the adoption application for Mason click here.
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Initial Bio 05/16/15: Toto is a female yorkie that weighs 6 pounds and is 6 years old. She is being fostered in Grapevine, TX. Her owner had a stroke and had to be placed in an assisted living facility. And no family members could take her and Buffy. She is so sweet and loves to cuddle. She is the more outgoing of the two girls. She appears to be housetrained, and loves to be outside. She is current on her vaccinations. She will have a checkup with the vet on Monday. Stay tuned as we get to know her better.

To date we've spent $200.00 on Toto's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $0 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: tdwilkie@verizon.net.

To fill out the adoption application for Toto click here.
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Archie (and Mr. Jiggs)

Archie is a 3 pound, 9 year old Yorkie male who was surrendered with his companion Mr. Jiggs. Both are being fostered in North Central Iowa and need to be adopted out together.


Elaine Thome, Katrina Hampton, Holly Stavis

Update 05/26/15: Surprise! It's Archie, again! Archie was adopted a bit ago along with another fur-brother. He was returned to rescue because the adopter was worried that he would get hurt in her house. Archie is a very small, 3 lb, 9 year old little man who does have neurological issues. In order for him to thrive, he will need a very special home. What does this mean? Archie is a bit unstable in his mobility. He is a bit unstable when he walks and he will not do stairs. Archie gets around just fine, but can quickly be underfoot and get hurt if he is unnoticed. Right now, he is wearing a little bell so we can hear where he is at all times as he explores the room. Right now, he prefers not to snuggle although he will lay next to you or sit by you on his own. He can get really wiggly when you hold him or give him a bath. His new home will need to understand this issue and be able to prevent potentially dropping him. He is a bit underweight and is a very picky eater. Right now he is eating blended Royal Canin mini bites and in a separate dish, a few veggies. I do believe that in time, he could decide that snuggling is the best thing ever. However, there have been a few major changes in his life in such a short time that he needs to learn trust first. Archie is a very quiet dog and is non-aggressive in every way imaginable! Because of his size, please no homes with children. The best home for him would be with a retired person or couple who are home most of the time. If you are interested in this little man who has had such a rough life up to now, please fill out an application. Below are the updates from when Archie first came to rescue:

Update 02/26/15: Well, we finally got our dentals and neutering taken care of. Boy are we glad to have that done. Our appetites have increased, and our energy level. We both had to have about 7 teeth pulled. All of our lab work was normal. All of our shots are now up to date. We got our ears cleaned, and our nails all trimmed up. We rested most of the day, our foster Mom told us she would let us walk around late this afternoon, she wanted to wait at least 24 hours after surgery. So about 4:00 we were up and ready to wander around. In a few days we will be all healed up and ready to go to our forever home when the time comes. Until then, we will keep updating you on how well we are doing. We really wish the weather would get warm so we can spend a few minutes outside. Until then we will cuddle with our foster Mom.

Update 02/12/15: We are getting along pretty good. We really like our foster home. Our foster mom is really trying to get us to eat better. She even adds pumpkin in with our food so it is easier to eat since our mouthes are pretty sore. We can't wait until we have our dental done. She is really good at giving us our medicine, and our ear drops. We get little ear massages after the drops, we LOVE that. We are house trained, but we need to be helped out the door because our legs don't work quite like they should. We can do it but when it comes to going to go potty the quicker the better getting outside. We are hoping after our neuter and dental that we will feel much better, so we can eat better, and hopefully our true personalities will shine through. We would really like a forever home with no children, and older dogs our age and size, but we would really like to be the only fur babies. We don't like a lot of excitement. So a quiet relaxed home would be great.

Initial Bio 02/02/15: Archie and his companion Mr. Jiggs were recently turned into a shelter in Sioux City. Their owners stated they traveled too much and no longer had time for the boys. Archie and Mr. Jiggs are both malnourished, weighing in at 3 lbs. and they are both too weak to be neutered or have a much needed dental. Foster mom is working hard to get the boys back on track and we will keep you posted on their progress. They are estimated to be 9 years of age and need to be adopted together.

To date we've spent $705.54 on Archie (and Mr. Jiggs)'s vet bills, but with your support we've collected $58.50 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: shellylampe@hotmail.com.

To fill out the adoption application for Archie (and Mr. Jiggs) click here.
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Peanut is a 15 pound, 3 year old girl who is being fostered in Oak Creek, WI. Peanut has some anxiety issues which we are working to correct. She needs a stay at home owner who is able to keep her active.


Theresa Cardona

Updated 6/27/2014 Hi, Peanut is my name and I'm looking to adopt a new owner. Don't let the name Peanut fool you as I'm a healthy 14.9 lb. 3 year old smart and self -assured Yorkie mix girl looking for a new owner. I have a hardy appetite and love to go for long walks. You can rough it up with me when we play. I like nothing better than to have my foster mom throw my toys so I can run and fetch them. And there's nothing like a good tug of war with my pull toy. Although soft toys are out of the question as I like to shred them up. I can't help myself when it comes to plastic bags or paper left laying around or in my reach I just have to shred them up to bits too. I guess I'm into recycling but I am learning and trying to curb my enthusiasm. I don't like to be penned up or put in a crate either I'm just too outgoing for that. Another habit that I'm working on is to stop licking the bottom half of doors I think it might be like nail biting in humans. Don't ask why I do that it's just a habit I picked up along the way. I am working on trying to stop though. I try and be a good girl and go outside when it potty time but sometimes I have accidents. My foster mom said I'm getting better at it though. I'm good around other dogs and children and I love to sleep in bed at night with my foster mom. I also like to nap on any available human lap or snuggle up next to a human body but please don't move your feet to fast and startle me if I'm sleeping cause I've been known to nip. So if your a human looking for exercise and some mental stimulation then I'm the gal for you.

To date we've spent $0 on Peanut's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $50.00 in donations.
Please donate!

For more information, contact my foster parents at: debra.ross@usbank.com.

To fill out the adoption application for Peanut click here.
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