How You Can Help

You may think that you don't have the time to help rescue dogs (or cats or pot-bellied pigs or anyone else who needs rescuing), but here is a list of things that rescue groups need help with. Find one or two that you're comfortable with, or contact us at and we can help you figure out what YOU can do to help.
Thank you for visiting our site and supporting our efforts. Rescue work is very hard, both emotionally and physically, and we'll never turn down a helping paw.

    Helping United Yorkie Rescue:
  • We rely on monetary donations to help pay veterinary bills. Use our PayPal button on our home page to send a general or designated donation, or send a check made payable to United Yorkie Rescue to our Treasurer at: P.O. Box 23, Wales, WI 53183.
  • Join United Yorkie Rescue as a volunteer to foster, help transport, craft, and support our fund raising efforts. Serve as a regional coordinator, state director or board member to help manage our organization.
  • Take advantage of some of our fund raising links on our web site. Make purchases through the links on our website, use Good Search for your Internet browsing, iGive for Internet shopping, and donate your used and obsolete cell phones through Wireless Fundraiser.Com. All these result in financial contributions to our organization that help us continue to rescue.
  • Help us with fund-raising by having a yard sale, organizing and running a local fund raising event, or soliciting donations from local businesses for UYR.
  • Make a bequest in your will to your UYR.

  • Supporting rescue work in your Community:
  • Be a volunteer in your area at your local humane society or animal welfare society.
  • Consider volunteering with a regional transport group. Often dogs must be transported from their original location to available foster homes many states away. Most regions have organized transport groups to help keep trips manageable for volunteers.
  • Donate items to your local humane society such as food, towels, bowls, toys, flea and tick control medication and collars to your local humane society. Check with them to see what items they take.
  • Donate your professional services as an accountant or lawyer or groomer to your local humane organization.
  • Make financial and placement arrangements in your will to ensure your best friend will be properly cared for after you are gone.
  • Talk to all your friends about adopting and fostering rescue dogs.
  • Talk with vets to encourage them to offer discounts to rescue dogs.