At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we’ve created this “Happy Tails” page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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Hi everyone. I have been adopted

10-11-18 Sophie was adopted today. Sophie was one of 25 dogs pulled by a rescue group from a horrendous hoarding/backyard breeding situation. All of these dogs were terribly neglected and medically needy and were all living in an unsafe, unsanitary, and over-crowded home with very little human interaction. Sophie and nine other dogs became United Yorkie Rescue pups. When Sophie was taken, for the first time in her life, to the vet the news was not good. It was discovered that Sophie had heartworms. She also had a urinary tract infection, and her teeth were in terrible condition causing her mouth to hurt her. Finally, with a lot of love and care and after more than 4 long months Sophie was heartworm free, her teeth were taken care of, and her UTI was cleared up. Sophie was ready for her forever home. Today it finally happened. Sophie found her forever home. She has a fur sister and a stay at home mom. She has a lot of doggie beds and doggie toys. From a life with nothing but neglect and emptiness to one filled with love and care, Sophie is home forever.

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Peaches found her forever home

10-11-18 Peaches is adopted. Pretty Peaches went to her forever home today. This sweet 8-year-old girl wasn't sure she would ever find her forever home. She doesn't see very well, maybe she doesn't really even see at all. She is also hearing impaired with limited hearing. Poor Peaches. She wondered everyday was who would want a blind, almost deaf little doggie to make their own, and to love forever? Well, someone did. A wonderful person who felt that Peaches and dogs like Peaches deserved a forever home. A forever home filled with love and happiness. A home filled with love and care. A home that will be hers forever. Peaches found her forever home and her forever mommy today, She has an older fur brother to hang with and will show her the ropes. Peaches no longer has to worry about who will love her forever. Her new, wonderful mommy will.

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Hi Everyone. I found my forever home

10-6-18 Little Lily was adopted today. Sweet Lily came to into United Yorkie Rescue almost 6 months ago. She was one of the group of breeder dogs taken from a backyard breeder/hoarder home. Lily and three others were found to be heartworm positive. Her road to recovery and being heartworm free took a long time. Along the way she developed a cough most likely due to the heartworms. Her vet treated her aggressively, but still being cautious that the heartworms didn't get into her lungs. No matter what she endured Lily loved going outside, playing, and barking with the other dogs. Although she had to be kept calm during the whole treatment, she learned that people are okay, that she can trust them, and that life is good. Finally Lily was heartworm free and ready to go to her forever home. She went to that wonderful home today. She has a fur sister to play with and follow around. Her new mom and dad will be staying at home with Lily and her sister and if they go out and can take the pups, they sure will. Lily has a nice new backyard with a fence so she can practice running and playing to her heart's content. We are so happy for Lily. Home at last.

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Pappito found his forever home

10-5-18 Pappito was adopted today. This 7-year-old little guy found his forever home today. He had somehow found himself in the shelter again without a home to call his own. His owner who had him for over 5 years was no longer able to care for him and there was no family member or friend to take him so he was brought over to the Humane Society hoping to get a new family. A few weeks later Peppito was adopted by a very nice lady who had several other dogs including a special needs little pup. Pappito was doing fine in his new home until he and the other pup didn't seem to like each other for some reason. Sadly Pappito's new mom had to return him to the Humane Society where he again waited for someone to come adopt him or rescue him. When no one came for him United Yorkie Rescue got a message that there was a little Yorkie who needed to be rescued. Pappito became a United Rescue boy. Pappito had already lost one eye due to lack of care and neglect, and it looked like his other eye was also at risk. But luck was on Pappito's side. After becoming a United Yorkie Rescue pup and a few appointments with the vet and eye drops, antibiotics, and eye serum Pappito got to keep his one good eye. The same day his foster mom was told he would get to keep his eye he was adopted by his wonderful mommy. Pappito is now an only dog in his mom's life and his mom is the only person in Pappito's life. It will be the two of them forever. Pappito found his forever home and for Pappito the best is yet to be. Happy Tails, little guy.

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Jill loves her new mommy

10/2/18 Sweet Jill was adopted today. Jill came to her foster home with flea dermatitis, sores on her skin, and bad teeth. She had infections in her eyes and ears, and was anemic. It took over a month, but finally Jill was all healed. She had her spay and dental and finally her blood count showed she was no longer anemic. Jill was ready to find her forever home. She needed a home where she would get lots of love and attention. She loves to give kisses and be cuddled. She only wanted to be somebody's baby more than anything else in the world. This perfect girl, who never barks, loved walks and care rides, and loves people found her very special mom today. She gave her new mom kisses as soon as she met her and it was just love, love, love. Jill will be the only pup in her mom’s world. She has toys all her own, and a soft, warm comfortable doggie bed. Jill will get all the care, love, and attention she always wanted. Jill found her forever home and she couldn't be happier.

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I have new home

I love my new family

9/29/30 Biscuit was adopted today. Biscuit has had quite an interesting life – prior being adopted by his surrendering owner, he was living in a car for many months with someone who was unable to care for him. When he was rescued from the car the wonderful lady had been told he was a small dog. Due to her health issues she couldn't pick up or carry a dog more than 8 pounds. She met 6 year old Biscuit and saw he was not a small dog, in fact he was close to 20 pounds and very overweight, but she knew he couldn't live in a car, so she took him in hopes she could find him a great home. That was when United Yorkie Rescue came to her aide. This sweet dog, who is fun loving, loves to swim and even came with his own life jacket, needed the perfect active family where he could lose some weight and live the good life. He did so well in his foster home. His foster mom even realized he is house trained and will bark to go out. He loves people so much, loves to be with them, give them kisses, and be their lap baby. It didn't take long for the right family to come along. His new home has the perfect pool for him to do his laps, he has a fur brother to play with and run around in the fenced backyard to get his much needed exercise, and best of all a stay at home mom to give him love and kisses whenever he needs those kisses and hugs. He will get to sleep on her bed with his new fur brother. They are going to take lots of trips together and just have so much fun. Biscuit will have the time of his life, and we are so happy for him.

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Georgie and Sport
Sport (and Georgie)

9/27/18 Georgie and Sport were adopted by this lovely couple, and foster Mom could not be happier for them. Such a young age, they have already lived in 4 different homes. This is their wonderful forever home. They have a huge yard to play in, and a new Mommy and Daddy. Mommy does not work, and the dogs are her babies. Daddy works from home. The boys will never be alone. If these 2 people go anywhere, the dogs go with them.

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Georgie and Sport
Georgie (and Sport)

09/27/18. Georgie and Sport were adopted by this lovely couple, and foster Mom could not be happier for them. Such a young age, they have already lived in 4 different homes. This is their wonderful forever home. They have a huge yard to play in, and a new Mommy and Daddy. Mommy does not work, and the dogs are her babies. Daddy works from home. The boys will never be alone. If these 2 people go anywhere, the dogs go with them.

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Little Mika and her forever mommy and daddy

9/26/18 Mika was adopted today. This sweet little 6 1/2 year old little 5.6-pound baby was adopted today. Mika was being advertised on Craig's list to anyone who would come and get her. A group that pulls dogs at risk rescued her. They called rescue groups in the hope one would take this little dog into their rescue. When United Yorkie Rescue got the emergency call about this sweet, tiny baby we couldn't say no. We were told she would need surgery as quickly as possible, but we didn't think it would be this quick and such an emergency. The vet said if we had waited one more day she would have died from the pyrometra. Mika was hemorrhaging. It is very likely that this poor little girl who was once used as a breeder dog has pyrometra. Pyrometra is an infection in the uterus and is considered a serious and life threatening condition that must be treated quickly and aggressively. So before Mika could even meet her foster family she was spending the day and night at the vet getting ready for her much needed surgery. At last she was well and on her way to her foster home. While at her foster home she recovered from her surgery and even put on a little weight she definitely needed. She became a happy, healthy, sweet girl. Mika was ready for her forever family. Today she went to her forever home. Her new mom and dad took one look at Mika and knew she had to be theirs, it was just meant to be. And sure enough it was meant to be. She has a stay at home mom and a dad who is ready to love her forever. She will get lots of walks and have fun meeting the other pups in the neighborhood. Mika will get so much love and attention and care. Mika has found her forever home and her forever and ever mom and dad. Happy Tails, little Mika.

Here's a wonderful update from Mika's adoptive mom & dad:

Our girl Mika is doing great ! She is such a joy, special. She loves to sleep on a pillow on floor by the bed. Loves, loves, loves her walks ! Very curious to sights and smells.So friendly ! Met some neighbors and their dogs. Eating and pottying good. She loves to eat. Her nose starts twitching when there is food around. Lays in a bed by my feet when I am working. Lets me know if I am not paying enough attention to her by soft barking and bringing me a toy. Not afraid of thunder. Watches tv on the couch with us. Went on a golf cart ride and loved it. She has a new hairstyle. We just love her to pieces!

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Gina has a wonderful new family

9/22/18 Gina was adopted today. This gorgeous girl came to us with several other dogs who were rescued from a hoarder/breeder. In all her 8 years Gina never knew love, kindness, or care. She was only there to make beautiful puppies. Gina needed so much. She was full of fleas, her hair was all matted, and she was heartworm positive. After a few weeks Gina became even sicker. It was discovered she had a very horrible infection in her uterus and needed emergency surgery. This was even riskier than usual since she also had heartworms. But surgery had to be done or she would have died. Thank goodness Gina came through it all the surgery and the heartworm treatment with flying colors. It took over 5 months, but finally she was ready to go to her forever family. Today Gina was adopted into the loving arms of her foster mom, dad, and fur sister. They will provide Gina with a wonderful forever home. She will be loved, cherished, and cared for for the rest of her life. Her new mom has her lap and loving arms ready and waiting for Gina. Gina will never want for anything again. Welcome home, Gina.


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I found my forever mommy.

9-20-18 Saki was adopted today. Today the sweetest girl you will ever meet found her forever home. She loves everyone; she is so well behaved and smart. Saki is house trained and about the most perfect dog you could ever want. Then her vet discovered she had hypothyroidism and Cushing's Disease. Besides all that Saki only has one eye because of the terrible neglect to her eye by her former owner. Saki knew that it would cost a little more to take care of her and to keep her feeling good for the rest of her life, but Saki was so worth it.

And then a very special person came along who looked past her medical needs and her one eye and saw a beautiful Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix who was so full of love and kisses. She only saw a perfect, sweet, loving little girl who deserved the best that life could give her. Saki went to her forever home today. She will have fur brothers and sisters to play with, even some cats. Saki doesn't care because she likes cats. In fact she loves everyone no matter if they have four feet or two. There isn't a better dog in the world than sweet Saki and we are so happy that she has found her forever home and her forever family.

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Gizzy has a family of his own again

9-20-18 Sweet Gizzy was adopted today. Gizzy was so sad when he given up by his first family. He was worried he wouldn't even again find a family of his own. How happy Gizzy was today when he went to his forever home. This is a great home for Gizzy. He will be the center of their world. He will be the pup getting all the love, and all the attention, and all the affection from his new mom and dad and human sister. He has a nice little yard to go out into to catch a nap in the sun. He will have fun walks, play time with the other dogs in the community at the dog park, lots of car trips, and he will even get to go on vacation with his new family. Gizzy found his forever home and a new, wonderful forever family. Happy Tails to little Gizzy. He has a home and a family of his own again.

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Belle and her new family and fur brother

9-9-18 Beautiful Belle was adopted today. When you think you have seen it all, a precious and very needy little dog like Belle comes along and breaks your heart all over again. Belle was one day away from euthanasia in the high-kill shelter. No other rescue group stepped up to rescue her, and no one from the public would even consider adopting this precious little girl. Why? Because there were horrendous growths on her ear that had grown so large due to chronic infections that were never cared for. There was severely thickened scar tissue on her outer ear canal. This scar tissue has grown so much that there is oozing pus and dripping blood coming from both ears. The smell from the festering infection was horrific. The pain she must be in has to be excruciating. She was scratching and pawing at her ears all the time to try to make the pain stop. But United Yorkie Rescue knew they had to save this girl and give her the life she deserved. Belle was taken to the vet right away. Her vet said that Belle had the worse case of aural hematoma she had ever seen and surgery must be done right away. Well, Belle had her surgery and after over a month of recovery, this sweet girl was well and ready for her forever home. While in her foster home and finally pain free, 4 year old Belle learned how to play, she learned that people are her friends, and she learned trust. She was an almost perfect little dog. Today Belle went to her forever home. She has a mommy and daddy and one of them will always be home with her. She has a fur brother, and best go all Belle will get to go on walks, lots and lots of walks. Besides food, walks are the most favorite things in the world to Belle. It took time and love and lots of care, but Belle made it and she found her forever home. Her foster mom and dad will miss this sweetheart, but they know that she has truly found her happily ever after and will continue to get the love and care she deserves.

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I found my forever home. I am so happy

UPDATE 09/08/2018: Wesley was adopted today. Who would have thought this adorable senior boy at almost 12 years old would find a forever mom to give him the best of his life for the rest of his life? Wesley had a previous owner who was no longer able to care from him in the way she knew he needed and wanted him to have a better life. He came to his foster home a little scared and confused. He just wanted to be loved and give love, and that is what he found today. He has a new mom who will love Wesley forever. He will be the only pup in her life and she promised Wesley she will love and care for him, and keep him forever and ever. There is a wonderful back yard with a fence for those times he just wants to lay out in the sun, but there will also be walks and car rides and lots of play time. Wesley found a home of his own forever and he couldn't be a happier boy.

Here's what his forever mom said after they arrived home and settled in:

Wesley is the sweetest little soul and a very good boy. He was exhausted from the adventures of his adoption day and 3 hour car ride home. Much to my surprise, he settled in last night like he has been in my home forever. Now he will be here forever because this little man has stolen my heart.

SWEET! Have a Happy Life Wesley! There were lots of UYR volunteers involved in finding your Forever Mom for you and we all wish you the very best of life forever and ever!

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Hooray! I finally found my forever home

9/7/18 Babloo was adopted today. It took a long time, but finally it happened. After over a year in his foster home, twelve year old Baloo is home for real. He has finally found his true forever home. Baloo will have the best home ever with his mommy and daddy. He has a wonderful fenced yard, a house full of toys and doggie beds, and forever parents who promised will love him for the rest of his life. We are so happy for Baloo. It took a long time, but he is home forever.

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Rocky found his Happy Ever After!

8/31/18 Rocky came to us literally at deaths door. We didn’t know if he would last the night. Rocky came from a breeder who sold him for $2000 at 6 weeks of age. Six weeks is WAY TOO YOUNG for a Yorkie puppy to leave his mother and litter mates. The breeder instructed his new owner to just feed kibble from the grocery store. When Rocky got sick with regular bouts of severe diarrhea and dehydration the breeder said, just bring him back and take another but Rocky’s owners did not trust them and took him to the emergency Vet where he went multiple times spending thousands of dollars reviving him only to have him relapse each time. They loved him a lot but wanted more for his life so they asked UYR for help. Rocky went straight to ICU the day he came into UYR and we were told there was a very good chance he would not survive. However, with fantastic medical care and under the watchful eye of his foster mom who is a registered nurse, Rocky underwent all the expensive tests and care needed for a proper diagnosis and care. Rocky was found to have a chronic intestinal condition called Lymphocytic Plasmacutic Gastroenteritis. This was most likely caused by early maternal separation and could have been avoided but now Rocky will have this the rest of his life and will always be a special needs Yorkie requiring medication, prescription food, close monitoring and access to specialty care. Lucky for Rocky a former UYR adopter saw Rocky’s story and decided she loved him inspire of all his medical maladies and chose to adopt this precious, tiny boy anyway. As you can see from his photo it is most definitely a LOVE CONNECTION!

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I have a new mommy who loves me

8-29-18 Timmy was adopted today. Timid little Timmy was adopted by a wonderful lady. Timmy has come a long way in his foster home and he was ready to go to his forever home. Timmy had spent most of his life in a puppy mill where he was used to help make little puppies. He was finally rescued in January and was learning about love and trust. Then his new mom got hurt and was unable to care for Timmy. She couldn’t take him out or hold him or do anything for him. She knew that Timmy needed more than what she could give him so he could continue to learn how to be a real dog and get the love and care he will continue to need to have the life he was meant to have. He learned so much in his foster home. His new mommy has promised to continue with his lesson and to give him the time he still needs to learn to love and trust her. Timmy will have two big brothers and a stay at home mommy. She promised Timmy he would never be crated again and his life would forever be filled with love and care and sweetness. We are so happy for Timmy.

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Chikki in her “Chikki” shirt on Adoption Day!


Today is special to Chikki for TWO reasons! First...it is Chikki’s FIRST BIRTHDAY! And SECOND (and MOST IMPORTANTLY it is Chikki’s ADOPTION DAY! Yes, this tiny Chi baby dumped at a shelter with a broken leg THAT WE ALMOST HAD TO AMPUTATE got ALL of her wishes to come true! Her foster Mom fell happy victim to Chikki’s Chihuahua Charms and decided after 5 months of nursing her back to health that this beautiful soul was ALREADY HOME! They bought new shirts to commemorate this very special occasion and notice Chikki’s shirt has a CHICKIE on it! Happy Tails sweet girl!

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Wrigley and new mom

8/11/18 Wrigley has a new home

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Miss Zoey has a forever mom and dad
Miss Zoey

8/11/18 Sweet Miss Zoey is a precious little senior princess. Her former owners sadly had to surrender her due to a change in their life situation. So at 12 years old little Miss Zoey needed a place to spend the rest of her days. Her foster mom said she is the sweetest little girl. She loves to be held and cuddled and sit on her foster mom or dad's lap. Miss Zoey has never met a stranger she didn’t like, even though she may greet new people with a little bark just so they know she is in the house, then her tail starts wagging. She loves everyone. All little Miss Zoey needed was her forever family. Today she got that. Her forever mom and dad met her and loved her from the second they picked her up and knew this tiny 3.5 pound baby was for them. She will be their only pup and get so much love. Zoey knows she has found the home and the mom and dad who will love her for as long as she lives.

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