At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we've created this "Happy Tails" page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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Billy Bob

11/122/22 Billy Bob found his perfect forever home today. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Theo and new mom

11/18/22 Today Theo found his Happy Forever After Home. Congrats little guy :-)

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Minnie and new mom
Minnie Mouse

11/18/22 Today Minnie Mouse found her perfect Forever Home!

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Tucker and new family

11/9/22 Today Tucker found his perfect forever family! Congratulations to this happy mom and dad on their adoption of the Sweetest, Most Loving Little Guy, Tucker (now Chevy). This lucky little one will spend his days lounging on laps, going for long mountain walks, and being showered with love, hugs, and kisses by this beautiful, Yorkie Loving Couple and his new Sister Cami Forever! Happy Tails

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Piper and new mom
Piper CA

11/9/22 Piper found her perfect forever home today...with her Foster Mom! Since Piper arrived in September, these two developed a beautiful and loving bond just could never be broken. Happy Tails Beautiful & Sweet Piper!

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Minnie and new family
Minnie (aka Itty Bitty)

11/08/22 - Minnie has found her forever home! She will be joining former UYR foster, Leonardo, at the most wonderful home you can imagine. Not only will she have a playmate, she will never be alone as someone is always home to give her the attention she desires and deserves. Upon first meeting her new human and pup brother, she immediately settled in. She didn't waste any time running over to them and jumping on their legs to be picked up and cradled like she enjoys. She also showed off her toy playing skills with Leo and he joined in. Leo and Minnie are already following each other around the house when they are not being held or resting together on the couch. Minnie's new humans are overjoyed to have her as part of their family and looking forward to giving her all the love and attention she could possibly want.

Happy Tails, Minnie! Foster mom and dad will miss you!

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I am home!

Romi was adopted today, 11/7/2022!

Sweet little Romi was adopted today. Romi has had two surgeries and countless therapy visits and was finally able to feel right at home where he has been for the last 9 months, my foster home. Romi will continue his recovery and get all the love and attention he deserves. Sometimes your foster home is the perfect home after all.

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George was adopted today 11/5/2022!

George has found his Furever home! This sweet little guy has been through a lot over the past 3 months, with his owner "no longer wanting him" and wanting to euthanize him, to an interim owner who couldn't keep him, and thankfully ending up with UYR where he was treated for life-threatening bladder stones. He has brought smiles and joy to everyone he meets with his warrior spirit! He now has a new Mom and Dad, as well as 3 Yorkie brothers and sisters with whom he bonded right away. Congratulations to George for getting the life this sweet boy so deserves!

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10/23/22 Today Blue found his perfect forever, happy home. Congrats Blue!

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Jackey Boy went to his forever home.

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Hey everybody! Oscar here, and boy do I have even more great news!! I found my perfect home and I have been adopted – yay! And the best part about it – I didn’t have to leave my foster home. Turns out that my foster mommy and daddy (don’t tell daddy but I’m a momma’s boy) fell in love with me and decided to add me to their family. So now, not only do I have my own mommy and daddy, but I also have fur siblings that I like to hang out with, and I couldn’t be happier. I do want to say thank you to everyone who donated and followed my story. It sure does make a guy feel special knowing that I had people who cared and worried about me.

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Piper Grace

10/20/22 Today Piper Grace found her perfect forever home with her pal, Lillabeth. Congrats to both girls!

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So Happy I finally have a Furever home!

Cocoa was adopted today 10/16/22:

Cocoa came to UYR after her owner passed away. She was a shy girl at first but quickly opened up in her foster home. She is an absolute joy to be around. Cocoa's foster mom found a wonderful forever home for her where she can be treated like the princess she is.

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Lillabeth and new family

10/15/22 Lillabeth, now lovingly called Allie, has hit the jackpot with her adopters! She will be living happily with her canine yorkie brother, Sonny, and a doting mom and dad. She loved her mom at first sight and would not leave her lap. She made herself comfortable in her own limo, i.e. RV, on the ride home to La Grange, TX and has settled into her home like she has always lived there. I don't think her feet have hit the floor since she was adopted on Saturday. I am sure she will have a long and happy life full of love, cookies, and lots of belly rubs!

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I love my new mom!

Corky was adopted today 10/14/22:

Sweet Corky came to UYR as an owner surrender and he needed a new forever home. It didn't take too long and he found just the right home. Corky is now in the best home ever. He will get all the love and walks he wants. Happy Tails Corky!

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Grizzy says he is ready for his best life ever


Sweet, adorable Grizzy was adopted today. Grizzy went to his most perfect home today. He got everything he wanted in forever home and more. He has stay at home people and even a grandma to love him. He will get so many belly rubs and best of all he will be the only dog in the home to get all this love and attention and belly rubs. He won't have to share his people with another dog ever again. He has a big beautiful fully fenced yard with trees and squirrels and birds and lizards to chase all round,

Grizzy ended up in the shelter when his owner died, and the officers who came to the home called animal control to come get the dogs in the home, there were four of them. When no one in the owner's family could take any of the dogs the shelter asked us if we could help. Of course we would. Grizzy loved being out of the shelter, but it didn't take long for his foster parents to know that he needed to be an only dog. He loved people so much and wasn't interested in the other dogs in the home at all. He loved being outside trying to catch a squirrel or bird or even a lizard in the fenced yard. Today that is exactly what he got.

Grizzy will be missed by his foster parents, but they are so happy to know that he has the best forever life he could have ever possibly wanted and dreamed of. Without a doubt Grizzy found his forever home and his happy forever life.

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So Happy I finally have a Furever home!

10/12/22: Chewie is Adopted!

When Chewie's former owner suddenly passed away he was taken to Osceola Animal Control Shelter. They soon called us and we took him into his new foster home. Chewie was there for four weeks, while we looked for the perfect home for him, and perfect it is. Chewie is a great little dog with a crooked smile and his new family thinks he is beautiful! Chewie has two new brothers to play with, and two great new parents to dote on him. His new Daddy is also a hay farmer so Chewie will get to spend a little time on the farm, and we know he is going to love it!! Happy Tails little one.

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10/3/22: Congratulations to Finn who found his perfect forever home! Wishing you a long and happy life Finn :-).

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9/25/22 Today Sweet Loui found his perfect forever home! Congratulations Loui

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Hope has found her forever home.

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