At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we’ve created this “Happy Tails” page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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Ruthie and her new family. Happy Tails!

7-17-19 Ruthie was adopted today. Little Ruthie was found wandering the streets as a stray, a fate that no sweet senior girl should have to endure. Thankfully, Ruthie has found her a perfect forever homes in the arms of another loving senior lady. Together these two will have a perfect life. Happy tails sweet Ruthie!

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My new mom loves me and I love her

7-15-19 Monroe the adorable puppy was adopted today. Monroe's first mommy had to sadly surrender this one and half year old puppy when her life circumstances changed and the hours at her job became long. Monroe ended up having to be crated and alone for more hours than a young dog should have to be. This playful fellow needed a home where he would be the only pup in someone's life. He just didn't like sharing the attention, or the toys, or the love. Today Monroe found his perfect forever family. His new mommy works from home so Monroe will never be crated and alone for hours and hours. He will get to go to the dog park, go for car rides, which he loves, and his new mommy and daddy are ready to play fetch, walk him even in the rain so he can splash in the puddles, and spend hours and hours with only him. We are so happy for sweet Monroe. Happy Tails sweet boy, your best life has just begun.

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Lily TX

07/14/19 Lily has been adopted!! She has found the perfect forever home with retired school teacher Marilyn Morgan and her live in boyfriend, attorney David Grant. Lily's new home is in the beautiful Kingwood neighborhood outside of Houston. She will be joining an already spoiled 7 pound, 15 yr old Yorkie boy named Rocky. The two hit it off from the first second they met. and new foster mom couldn't be more in love with both. She will have a life full of love and attention that she so deserves. Foster mom and dad couldn't be happier for their little bundle of love, Lily.

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Happily Ever After never looked so Good!

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Benji loves his forever mommy

7-10-19 Sweet Benji was adopted today. Poor Benji spent 2 weeks in the county shelter. He was picked up wandering the streets full of fleas and exhausted from the heat. As soon as he reached the shelter they immediately began working to cool him down and get him stabilized. He was lethargic and his breathing was shallow. Benji needed a lot of attention. He spent his 2 weeks in recovery in the office area of the shelter where he got a lot of attention, good food, and medical care. Finally Benji was able to go to a rescue to get continued care. He did so well in his foster home. He was treated for anemia and dry eye as well as for infected ears. After 5 weeks in his foster home he was ready to go to his forever home. Today Benji got adopted by a wonderful stay at home mommy. There is a beautiful backyard that is all fenced and ready for him. He has a fur brother who is about his size. Benji will get lots of walks, which he loves, and lots and lots of attention, which he loves even more. This was such a great day for Benji. From the street to a great forever home. Benji, you have a wonderful life ahead of you. Happy Tails.

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Happily ever after

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Remmington Storm

Remmington found his forever home

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6/30/19 Toby found his perfect forever home today!

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I have the best forever home in the world. I am so happy.

Chilling out in my new home.

617/19 Rosie was adopted today. Sweet, precious Rosie found the most wonderful forever home. Although she has enjoyed a very good life in many ways, Rosie's original Mommy got sick and was unable to take care of her after 5 years together. She was then bounced around to four additional homes for the next 1 1/2 years and it probably caused her some anxiety as well as tummy issues. Poor Rosie was suffering with a bad case of incurable irritable bowel disease. When Rosie was turned in to United Yorkie Rescue her former family had spent a lot of money on vet care trying to get her stable. Since she has been with her foster mom her diet has been consistent and she has done so well. This adorable, cuddly, little sweetheart who loves everyone found the most perfect home and the most perfect forever mommy. She will make sure that her diet consists strictly of what she should eat and nothing more. Rosie is now happily settled in a loving home and is an "only dog" with an "only Mommy" who is retired. She will receive all the attention she loves and will be able to enjoy outdoor events, boating, sunsets, the beach, long walks and traveling as a loving companion to her new Mom. Rosie says "Woof"! She knows she will get the best care forever. We are so happy for Rosie. She is home forever.

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Diamond has hit the jackpot and found her forever home!

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Lady and her new family.

Lady and her forever mom and fur brother.

6-15-19 Lovely Lady was adopted today. Lady was once a well-cared-for little dog. When her first dad got sick and died she was cared for by her mom. Then her mom got sick too and could no longer care for Lady. Lady went to live with a family member, and they loved her, but due to circumstances beyond their control, they couldn't care for Lady. They knew the best thing to do for her was to find her a home where she will once againl be cared for and loved. That is what United Yorkie Rescue did for her. And after taking care of her she was ready for her forever home and that wonderful thing happened today.

Lady went to the most wonderful forever home. She has a new mom and dad and a fur brother all her own. When she met her new brother everyone knew these two were meant to be together. They started playing and loving each other from the second they met. Lady now has a forever mom and dad who will be home with her a lot, a fenced yard for running and sunning, she will get to go on lots of fun walks and car rides. Best of all Lady will now have love and care for the rest of her life.

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6/11/19: Hooray, Penny found her forever home today!

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I have the best forever home.

Mickey ended up on the streets and no one claimed him for a month. Mickey is a very active little 4-year old and has found the perfect forever home. His mommy and daddy already love him and have plenty of toys and beds waiting for him on his arrival home. Him mommy and daddy will take him for lots of walks and let him sleep in bed with them. Mickey had a new toy waiting in the car for his ride to his new home. Mickey will supply them with lots of kisses. I know Mickey will be spoiled rotten by his mommy and daddy and grandparents. Enjoy your new life Mickey.

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Rosabelle and new fur family

6-9-19: Rosabelle has found her Forever Home! This sassy girl will join her new sisters Minnie and Maisy, and a human sister as well. She'll spend the rest of her days exploring in the family's garden, taking walks, playing with toys and cuddling with her human sister. Happy Tails for "Rosy Posy Pudding Pie"!

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Maggie has found her "pawfect" furever home

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Jack is loving his retirement home

06/01/2019: Sweet Jack came into UYR six months ago from a local shelter where he was picked up as a stray - he was very malnourished and full of fleas. He had bilateral eye infections and his coat was very thin and flaky, in addition to a growth on the top of his head which needed to be removed. He also badly needed a dental. Jack had not been cared for in the recent past and this was obvious. This little boy needed more care than the shelter was able to give to him, and they reached out to UYR to see if we would bring him into our foster Care Program. We said YES!

Jack is totally deaf and severely vision-impaired, but such a sweet and calm little boy who is house-trained and loves to go for walks and especially loves meal-time. Jack is otherwise healthy and got along with the other dogs in his foster home, all the humans, and even the kitty cats. But months went by and no one was interested in adopting this precious little senior fella due to his special needs. A perfect placement became available in a Senior Retirement Home and Sanctuary where Jack would be loved by all the volunteers who visit daily and he would be surrounded with other little senior dogs who could understand his special needs since they all had special needs, too. Jack went to his forever Retirement Home today and has a lifetime sponsor to help with any future medical expenses. Lucky Jack! He can lounge in the many beds and chairs that are all so comfy and never have another worry in his retirement! Jack couldn't be happier with his new digs and roommates. Have a Happy Life Little Man!

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I love my new mommy and she loves me.

5-31-19 Rusty came to us in February undernourished and sick. You could see and feel his backbone. It was so sad. After his vet visit and blood work we found that his kidney levels were high and he has a Grade III/VI heart murmur. There was no medications indicated for his heart, but he was started on antibiotics and a special kidney diet. He foster mom started him on Azodyl to help support healthy kidney functions. Rusty also needed a dental badly. We knew his mouth had to be hurting him. After being in his United Yorkie Rescue foster home for 3.5 months and feeling so much better we knew this great, sweet, and loving dog was ready for his forever home.

Today was that day. Rusty was adopted to the best mom ever. It was love, love, love the minute they saw each other. It will be Rusty and his mom together, forever. Rusty is even going to go to school to learn to be a therapy dog. He will have a wonderful home with a fenced yard and a dog park right in the neighborhood. We are so happy for Rusty. His forever home the best home in the world for a dog as wonderful as Rusty.

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I love my new mommy and brother.

5/30/19 Tucker was adopted today. When little Tucker was surrendered to United Yorkie Rescue by his owner early in December of 2018 we were given a brief history on a right forelimb break that happened approximately two years before. It was only when the vet notes were sent to us that it was revealed that Tucker had fractures in both forelimbs. Tucker’s general practice vet bandaged and splinted the fractures but continued to strongly recommend that Tucker be seen by a veterinarian orthopedist. Sadly, that didn’t happen. In spite of these injuries Tucker is an amazingly strong and courageous little boy who tried to enjoy his young doggie life in spite of the serious injuries to both of his forelimbs.

Tucker had a consultation with an orthopedic veterinarian and new radiographs were taken. These radiographs showed the great extent not only of his initial injuries, but because he continued to walk on his broken legs, more bone damage occurred and was revealed in the new radiographs. This was devastating news to our UYR family, and we were so saddened that Tucker has had to suffer with these untreated injuries for two years. After seeing several orthopedic specialists, Tucker was ready for his big surgery. This surgical correction would involve cutting the bone and realignment and stabilizing both legs with bone plates, bone grafts, and screws. His healing could take up to 16 weeks.

Finally after 16 weeks the orthopedic surgeon pronounced that Tucker was healed. The cast was removed and his could slowly begin to put weight on it and use his leg as it should be. Tucker will finally be ready for his forever home and today we are so happy to say that Tucker has been adopted.

What a bittersweet day for his Foster Mommy. Foster Mommy has been caring for this little munchkin for 16 weeks and has loved every minute of it. She is so going to miss Tuck so very much but the GREAT news is that his new forever ANGEL MOM lives right in the same neighborhood as Foster Mommy. Foster Mommy, now Auntie Pat, will be able to visit so often and stay in Tuck’s life. Tucker has sure found his best forever home with his new Mommy and FUR Brother Rico. Tucker and Rico fell in love and bonded at first sight. Tucker, all of us have followed your progress, we have all hoped and prayed for you and have patiently waited for this day. We all love you and congratulations on your new forever home and life. Happy Tails little Tucker. You deserve to have the best life ever.

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Duke has found his pawfect home

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Pinky loves her mom and dad

5-29-19 Pretty Pinky was adopted today. Pinky was rescued from a high kill shelter in Alabama where her owner turned in Pinky and her brother. They were both underweight and sick. Pinky’s brother had heartworms and was very sick. He didn't make it. He died two days after being turned in to the shelter. Pinky was also underweight and sick. She couldn't make the first transport to Florida because of her weakened state. Pinky spent the 2 weeks in an Alabama temporary foster home where she was cared for and received vet care until she was healthy enough to travel to Florida. Finally early in April Pinky was well enough to come to Florida and continue to receive care and get healthier and healthier. After being in her foster home for almost two months she was ready for her foster home and today that happened. This happy little girl who loves to snuggle and play found the perfect mom and dad. She will be the center of their world and get all the attention and so much love and kissing and cuddling. Pinky will be so happy and so loved. Happy Tails to Princess Pinky.

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