At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we’ve created this “Happy Tails” page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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I have a forever home and a perfect forever family
Sam Spade

2-9-19 Sam Spade was adopted today and went to his perfect forever home. Sam was surrendered to United Yorkie Rescue because his former owner, who had him since he was a puppy, had a serious medical issue and could no longer care for him. Sam is a very sweet and playful boy who loves being near his person or people all the time, and his foster mommy knew he needed a home where he would not be alone very much. Today was a very special day for Sam because his was adopted by his perfect family. He has a stay at home mom and three human kids who are ready to be Sam Spade's best friends. There is a fenced backyard not only for Sam to run around in, but also a great place for Sam and his new friends to spend time in, a place to have lots and lots of fun. Sam Spade now has a whole family to love him and to call his own.

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I love my new mommy and daddy

2-8-19 Tiger was adopted today and went to his wonderful forever home. Tiger was sadly surrendered by his owner who had him since he was only 7 weeks old. His first mommy was no longer able to care for him due to her own medical issues and wanted Tiger to have a family who could love him forever and ever. Tiger loved to be the only dog in his first home. He liked to have his family all to himself. He needed that in his forever family to be happy. He loves walks and fun and playing and just having a great time. Today Tiger got all that and more. He is the only dog in his new home and all the love and attention he needed and wanted he will get, and it will be his and his alone. He has a fenced yard and can run and play and have all the fun he wants. The best part of all this is that his new mommy and daddy will be home all day long to be with Tiger to play with him and to love him forever.

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Lacey and her new mom and dad. It is love all around

2/7/19 Lacey the adorable puppy was adopted today. Lacey found her perfect home today. She will be the only puppy in the house and will finally get all the love and attention she wants. And not only that she will have doggie friends everything she looks. There are pups next door and in the house behind her and everywhere she goes in her new neighborhood. Soon her new yard will be all fenced for her to run around in, and her new mommy and daddy are even screening in their patio area so she can lie out in the sun. This baby will have the best life ever. A mommy and daddy all to herself, friends everywhere to play with, and a fenced yard for fun and games.

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Hi, I found my forever home and I am so happy

I love my new mommy
Lolli Pop

2-7-19 Lolli Pop was adopted today. Lolli Pop went to her forever home today, and it is the perfect one for this little 4.5 month old puppy. Lolli Pop was sadly surrendered because her mommy was not able to care for her. Not only that, but Lolli Pop being a puppy tried so hard to play with the house cat and that didn't go well for her at all. Like all puppies Lolli was energetic and always getting into puppy trouble. However, her new family is ready for her and she is ready for them. She has a stay at home mommy and daddy which is just want she wants and needs to work on her puppy manners. She loves that there are no other dog in the home to get the attention that Lolli wants all for herself. She will have friends around her, but not in her house because Lolli Pop isn't a very good sharer of her people. Lolli Pop has a big fenced yard, just perfect for a puppy to run around in to use up her puppy energy. Lolli is so happy with her new family and her new life. We know that this is a happy tails forever for little Lolli Pop.

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Lily CA

1/27/19: Lily found her perfect forever home today with a mom and dad and a fur sibling snuggle buddy.

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1/26/19 Today Annabel and Gracie went to their happy forever home together where they'll live like the little princesses they are!

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1/26/19 Today Gracie and Annabel went to their happy forever home together where they'll be treated like the princesses they are!

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I will never be alone again.

1/23/19 Hooray Brody was adopted today. This sweet, handsome 13 year old, 7 pound Yorkie boy found his forever and ever home. He came to United Yorkie Rescue in December all matted and needing vet care. His foster mom gave him the best holiday ever with all the love and care he deserved. Today Brody became a New Year's gift to the perfect mommy. He will live with her for the rest of his life and never know neglect again. This snuggle bunny will give her as much love as she gives him every day. We are so happy for Brody. He is in the arms of love forever.

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1/21/19 Today Hank, after much love, rehabilitation and care went to his perfect Forever Family. They adore him and he has settled in beautifully with his new fur siblings and his new mom and dad.

Hi everyone! Those of you asking and wondering about my sweet UYR Hank, let me tell you, Hank is doing sooo good, sooo sooo good. He's happy and so very much loved that "I" am finally falling into place now. I wanted so bad to fail, but I knew God has his plan for me and this blessed little one. When I talked to Kelli and Barry my heart just knew God sent them to me. I get pictures all the time and a good night kiss from him...I couldn't have asked for more! What I have learned through this year plus with Hank is that we are OK, and actually, we are better apart. You see when Hank was put into my arms after such a horrible evil person abused him and broke him, I was his safe haven. I was his rescue angel and protector. Although it took over a year for his bones to heal, his emotional fear was heartbreaking to see and hear. He feared being alone for fear he maybe hurt again, and he feared me taking him anywhere and leaving him out of fear someone in that home might harm him. I became his only safety net. Like a mother with their child you wan't to protect and kiss the bobo or fix whatever is hurting your child, so my life became one that surrounded around his security. I decided to try an experiment with Marene and had her meet me in a parking lot and I handed Hank over to her. She took him home and there we finally saw Hank become the baby he was intended to be. Now if I had walked into her home and then left, he would have stayed at that door and waited until the cows came home for his protector to return. We witnessed that when I came for a visit a month later! What I did learn is that he can feel secure with the love of another and without fear. I get amazing pictures and tales about his day...my heart is so happy!! Look at this sweet angel. All we add is love ❤

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Bailey loves his new mommy

11-21-19 Little Bailey was adopted today. This sweet little 4.5 pound, 8.5 year old adorable girl was adopted today. She was sadly surrendered when her first family could no longer give her the attention and time she needed. They knew she deserved a life where she was the center of someone's world and would be showered with attention. Today Bailey found that someone. She is now the only dog in her new mommy's life. She will be the only one getting all the love and cuddling, she doesn't have to share anymore, and life couldn't be finer for sweet Bailey. Happy Tails to Bailey, the happiest pup in town.

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I got adopted. I am so happy.

1-13-19 Rocky was adopted today. Our sweet little fighter, Rocky, was rescued by United Yorkie Rescue 3 days after his scheduled date of euthanasia. He could not be adopted due to his collapsing trachea not being under control, and no other rescue would take him. After many weeks, and numerous trips to the vet, we were able to get his collapsing trachea managed with medication. After being with his foster family for three months, losing some much needed weigh, and having his collapsing trachea under control, Rocky was ready to be adopted and hooray, today he was.

Rocky will be spending the rest of his days surrounded by two fur brothers – a very sweet Maltese and his other sweet fur brother, a German Shepherd, along with his human adopters – There will always be someone home with Rocky. He will never be along again. He even has a fenced yard to hang out in and have some more fun with his new family. Rocky will have a wonderful happy life forever.

Happy tails to our little man....

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Randy loves his new mom and dad

1-9-19 Randy was adopted today. Randy hit the jackpot today. He was adopted by a very loving couple. Randy was an owner surrender. There were four other dogs in the home and poor Randy had to vie for attention. Now, he'll have all the attention he deserves. Way to go, Randy.

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Kiya and her new mommy. It is love
Kiya (Ki-ya)

1-9-19 Kiya was adopted today. Sweet Kiya was adopted by a wonderful mommy today. All she wants to do is be near her human. She now lives with her new mom in and will have all the human time she desires. It will be just Kiya and her mommy forever So happy for Kiya. She got her happily ever after.

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Holly has found her perfect furever home she is so happy

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Noel has found her perfect family wishes so come true

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I love my new mom and dad

12-26-18 Hooray and Happy Holiday Sophie was adopted today! Sweet little 4 pound, 8 year old Sophie went to her forever home today. Sophie came to United Yorkie Rescue when her family realized leaving a little dog in a crate all day for sometimes up to 13 hours, was just not fair to her. With lots of tears Sophie became a UYR pup. She did great in her foster home, only she didn't like not being able to get more attention. Sophie's new mom and dad work from home and Sophie will never be alone again. She has only one fur sister just about her age and size who has already given Sophie lots of kisses and love. Sophie felt right at home in her new home and even fell asleep in her new daddy's arms. We are so happy for Sophie. She found her forever home and is home for the holidays.

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Chilling out in my forever home on my blanket

12/23/18 Brinkley was adopted today and he couldn't be happier. Brinkley was with his first family most of his life and at 10 years old he found that he needed a new family. One of the children in his first family became severely allergic to him. Rare as it is, the doctor said it does sometimes happen. The family tried everything, but their little boy wasn't getting better and so Brinkley became a United Yorkie Rescue dog. Besides for have a heart murmur which doesn't effect him at all, he is about as perfect a dog as you could want. And his new family who adopted him today knew it. It was love at first sight for them and for Brinkley. Brinkley will be their only dog and the light of their life. He has a fenced yard which he will love because he likes to run around. Brinkley found his perfect forever home and his new mom and dad found their perfect forever pup. Happy Tails to everyone. Brinkley is home for the holidays forever.

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I love my new daddy.

12/15/2018: Hi, It's me, Star. I am here to give you my happy news. I got adopted today and will be moving to South Carolina. In the beginning I did not like my insulin injection. It was one of the reasons my first family had to surrender me. They couldn't help me with my diabetes since I didn't let them give me my insulin injections. At first I fought Foster Mom every time I needed my shot. My Foster Mom has helped me to learn that the shots don’t hurt and she was right. My diabetes is getting better, but I will need a few more of those tests with the vet. Foster Mom has also taught me manners so I can be a good girl with my new family. I now walk on a leash like a good girl without pulling. I also learned about being free in a fenced yard. I am excited to go to a family that has experience with doggie diabetes and has other dogs for me to play with. Thank you UYR for helping me prepare for my fur-ever home and family.

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Sally Mae

Sally Mae loves her new home and all the attention she is getting

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Momma & Garfunkel

It was love at first site for momma and Garfunkel

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