The Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

Author unknown...

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04/02/2022: It's been such a hard week for United Yorkie Rescue... maybe even since this new year. Rescue has such amazing rescue stories to tell about these precious babies. We begin from when they come to us in dire need of so much medical to their handoff to the arms of their crying new adoptive moms and dads. What we rarely speak about is the loss we endure.

We've had two losses back to back. One of those babies was Precious Jazzie, sister of Jennie both of whom were adopted out early in March. Both both girls had erlichia (tick-borne disease). Even after completing her month long protocol of antibiotics and being a happy happy bouncing baby girl, she died from this disease. She just woke up one morning not feeling well and on the way to the ER died in her mommy's arms.

Sadly, we also lost Precious Daphnee whose mammary mass caused major bleeding and once stopped, her heart just stopped as the vets worked vigorously to bring her back. This sweet angel was just rescued off the highway in a deplorable state with mammary tumors, intact (not spayed), hair loss that was severely matted with skin infections and what was thought to be tumors in her mouth ended up being hair that was stuck and wrapped around her teeth. Needless to say her teeth were probably the worst the vet had ever seen. Due to decay of her upper teeth and she had many open fistulas into the sinus cavities. Daphnee only knew the kindness of human touch and food and blankets for such a short time. Poor Daphnee was too debilitated to survive all that had happened to her but she did go in peace.

These sweet angels passed shortly after the loss of Jonah who was flown to Texas from California. He needed immediate medical care, but we could not help as cancer would not allow him to maintain fluid in his system. And finally, after a heroic struggle, Forever Ours Bunny who had lived with cancer since her rescue sadly, forever ours Bunny who lived with cancer for 3 years finally succumbed to her disease.

Rescue is so hard on our hearts when we see, hold, touch and plan the forever Cinderella story's for these angels and that dream is not meant for here on earth but in the heavens above. Please...remember those who give their hearts and souls to save lives. We have been blessed with an amazing family of fosters, donors, vets, the list goes on and on. Donate to help us continue to make these lives matter at www.uyr.us. These babies thank you and I thank you!

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Ernie FO

My sweet, scared, unsure boy Mr. Ernie crossed the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. He has been apart of United Yorkie Rescue’s “Forever Ours” Program. Which means he was able to stay with me as his Foster Mom but the Rescue paid for his medical needs. He was my Very First Forever Ours Foster along with Bert. He was not able to be adopted out due to his PTSD from being in a horrible puppy mill. He came into the Foster Home with Bert who died 1 year after rescue due to congestive Heart Failure ( He was only 7 years old) they were super Bonded. This was Ernie’s initial bio with the Rescue just know that he was loved in his Foster Home. Initial Bio 5/24/17 Look at this handsome guy! Are you "Feeling the Ern?????" We sure are! You would never suspect by looking at him but this sweetheart has had a really rough life prior to landing in rescue. Up until 2 weeks ago, Ernie (and his side kick Bert) lived his life in squalor and neglect. A concerned citizen called law enforcement to report suspected case of large scale animal neglect. Soon law enforcement arrived and was stunned to find over 350 animals living in terrible conditions. A large-scale rescue operation involving the Humane Society of the United States, several animal welfare agencies, local rescues and shelters was launched. Ernie and hundreds of other animals were seized and transported to various shelters and agencies for emergency care. Covered in urine and fecal matter, infested with fleas, ticks and intestinal parasites, plagued with severe skin, eye and ear infections, and deprived of adequate food and clean water Ernie and the others began to receive the care they so desperately needed. Fortunately, many of the younger and healthier dogs were able to receive basic care and be adopted out directly. However, Ernie is a senior fella has special needs (anemia from severe intestinal parasites, skin and mouth infections) and could not be placed up for general adoption. When UYR was contacted about accepting Ernie we could not resist his adorable face and his sad story so today Ernie landed in his foster home. Ernie has never been socialized and is understandably scared and mistrustful of humans at present. However, after only a few hours in his foster home he is already allowing limited touching and we feel that with adequate time, love, care and patience he will be a great furry companion for some lucky human out there. Ernie has no clue what housetraining is and has never walked on a leash or even had a collar or harness on until today. UYR will give Ernie all the time he needs to heal physically and emotionally before he is considered for adoption. When that day comes, Bert will need to go to a home where they have the time, patience and dedication to work with him and commit to his ongoing recovery and socialization. Right now Ernie can use all the love and support all of us can muster.

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Stormy Rain

3/16/22 Sadly today we lost precious Stormy Rain. After her evaluation by a neurologist at the University of Tennessee, it was determined that her spinal injury was too extensive. She had no feeling in her tail and no bowel or bladder control. The damage was beyond our ability to fix. We had to help her to the Rainbow Bridge to ease her pain. Run free little Stormy! Many thanks to those who donated toward her care.

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Bunny FO

3/8/22: Sadly tonight Bunny had to be helped to the bridge. Her cancer could no longer be managed with chemo and medications. She developed a mast cell tumor in her mouth that ruptured and began to bleed. Her loving foster mom took her to the ER but it was time to let this poor sweetheart go. She was the most precious girl who was dearly loved and will be missed.

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FO Paris

Paris is a 12year old (estimated) Yorkie who weighs 4.8lbs and is being fostered near Ashland City, TN.

2/24/22 Paris fought a tough fight with her multiple health issues. She went into Kidney failure and foster mom knew it was time to let her rest at the rainbow bridge. We will miss you sweet girl.

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Jasper Riley FO

02/07/22: Sadly today Jasper Riley passed away in his sleep. This poor boy was in such poor condition when he was found. He was estimated to be 15 at the time of his rescue 2 years ago and found a forever home with his loving foster mom. He had been declining and is now at peace. Run free sweet boy; you will be missed.

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Bama Buddy

1/26/22 Bama Buddy joined United Yorkie Rescue Friday afternoon, after the frantic plea from the shelter. He was extremely malnourished and almost lifeless. He was immediately rushed to the ER vet and given a blood transfusion. It was quickly very clear that he needed much more extensive care. His foster mom leaped into action and drove him to Mississippi State University Animal Hospital where he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

Buddy spent the next few days getting lots of tests and supportive care. This precious little fella had major issues. His blood sugar was so low he was on a constant glucose drip. He was wrapped in a Bair Hugger to get his body temperature stable. A Bair Hugger is a temperature warming system hospitals use. It was wrapped around his tiny little body to keep him warm. He was severely malnourished and had little interest in food. He was syringe fed every 2-4 hours round the clock.

On Tuesday afternoon Buddy was able to have a CT scan. There was a concern he may need to be sedated for the scan, but Buddy was so sick they were able to do the whole scan, without sedation for 20 minutes and he never moved even a tiny bit while they scanned his sad little body. The scan determined he not only had a liver shunt, but an enlarged heart, a swollen pancreas, and damaged lungs from an infection that was present in his lungs. Buddy had a multitude of things going on that all together were keeping him from recovering. His glucose never was normal except with the continuous glucose drip, he could not maintain his body temperature without the Bair Hugger, this very sick little fella was unable to even stand up.

Even with all this constant supportive care, the drip, the warmer, the food being syringed fed to him, he continued to decline more and more each day. He needed surgery, but the internal medicine specialist knew he would never survive the anesthesia for any type of life-saving surgery. The specialist didn't know if this was genetic, or if the fact that he had a liver shunt that went untreated for months, which could have led to many of those issues.

There were many unknown questions with no answers: why didn't previous vets discover the shunt, why did his weight loss go unnoticed-he was a growing puppy who should have been gaining weight, why was so much ignored until it was too late? We will never know the answers to any of this. All we knew was Buddy’s tiny body was failing.

Seven-month-old Little Bama Buddy, now weighing a skeletal 3 pounds, fought the best fight he could, but unfortunately, he just wasn't strong enough to survive. With hearts broken United Yorkie Rescue made the very difficult but humane decision to let him go to the Rainbow Bridge. His doctors and medical staff were amazing and tried as hard as they could, but United Yorkie Rescue was just too late in getting this little fella. He fought the hardest he could, he was too weak and had too many medical issues that were not able to be fixed.

RIP Bama Buddy, so many people connected with your resilience and your will to live! You will never ever be forgotten by your foster mom who only had you in her arms and heart for 4 hours, and by the many people who cared for you and donated to your vetting expenses. It is with all the amazing donors’ help that we were able to give Buddy the best care possible. With broken hearts and tears in our eyes we said our goodbyes to this little fellow. Run Free Little Puppy—you don’t hurt anymore.

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Sweet Jonah


John Chang, Darla Jan Michel, Jeannie Worthington, Enythe Green, Mary Morgan, Sandy Pagnotta, John and Mary Havens, Melissa McCoy, Allison Triplett, Holly Huckabone, Angie Cagle, Angela Pattison, Cynthia Rose


Boris York, Nhung T Le, Judy Hufford, Kay Williams Graves, Sarah Renae, Sandy Abbott, Gail Wiggins, Marciano Sanchez, Nancy Ann Pinkston Furr, Jane St. John, Leslie Corbell, Karry Rogers, Josh Lytton, Betty Valdes, Wayne Hopper, Annette Weeks

1/23/22 Sadly we had to say goodbye to sweet Jonah early this morning

Jonah came to us yesterday as a rescue plea from one of our shelters. He was truly a hot mess but the initial vet was very optimistic, that his x-rays seemed good although he had some free fluid, and his bloodwork was overall good which showed anemia and a high white count but liver and kidney send good. Today he ended up at the ER due to his dehydration and white tongue. Sadly, the ultrasound showed cancer in his intestines, fluids building in his tiny tummy and the cryptorchid testicle was not really a testicle but another cancerous mass. He had about 6 other co-morbidities. I spent all day holding this little 6lb snuggling baby thinking fluids, maybe a transfusion and we'll be on our way to setting up a schedule to heal all his issues. It just literally crushed me knowing nothing was going to help. He couldn't get fluids because his body, although dehydrated, was spilling fluids into his tiny tummy, his horrific mouth that was drooling from abscesses could not undergo surgery so he could eat, his ears, his eyes, his bowels that weren't moving due to the mass and his leg that kept failing him...I couldn't give him all I hoped for. I let him go to God and the bridge because I could at least love him enough for that! It was 1:30 in the morning and I wanted you all to know about this precious baby's short journey with us. Bless this little one and Run free baby... and thank you for helping with his vetting.

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Evo FO

1/13/2022 Sadly today sweet Evo, who was 17 years old, went to the Rainbow Bridge. He had taken ill at the end of December with an eye ulcer but had some significant GI issues as well including GI bleeding. He was being hospitalized to keep a close eye on him and medicate him as needed, but he ended up passing away in the night. Evo was his foster mom's baby boy. She took him everywhere and said he had so much spunk right up to the end. He was a fighter and she will miss him greatly.

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TN Gizmo FO

1/8/22: Gizmo crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. Foster mom took him to the Dogtor because he quickly developed a tumor in his mouth. The Dogtor said it is most likely an aggressive form of cancer as it came up so suddenly. We decided to let him go due to have already been through so much and surgery was not an option due to his severe collapsing Trachea. He was the sweetest little guy ever! Gizmo was a fighter and he never once gave up. He was always in the best mood and got along great with other dogs. Gizmo loved balls and was constantly holding a toy in his mouth. He was diagnosed with a tumor in his spine 3 years ago and he was going to be euthanized by his owners because he didnt have the use of his back legs. The vet reached out and he came into rescue. He was treated with Steriods for the tumor this whole time as the Doctor suspected it was lymphoma Cancer. Gizmo also ended up with collapsing trachea. Still he Put his entire strength in his front arms and propped himself up on his back legs and walked (he refused to use a wheelchair) struggling all the way. He never gave up and he lived life to the fullest, he was happy and he gave so much love. Foster mom will miss him so much and Gizmo will always hold a special place in her heart. Run with all 4 legs at the rainbow bridge Gizmo. We will always love you!

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12/16/21 Today sadly we lost little Merry. She had enjoyed 3 years of life with her Forever Ours foster mom, but last night had to be rushed to the emergency room to be euthanized. Rest in Peace little Merry!

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Teddy (Bubba) FO

12/13/21: Today Teddy's foster mom had to help him to the Rainbow Bridge. He needed surgery for his gallbladder but the vet doesn't think he would survive it. Teddy was most likely 14 or 15 years old and his gallbladder was about 3 times its size. Letting the condition go would likely mean the gallbladder would rupture, so it was determined to help this sweet boy to the Bridge. Rest in Peace Teddy!

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Little Dot
Little Dot

12/2/21 On 11/19 our sweet pup Duchess gave birth to 4 puppies...3 big boys and tiny Little Dot, a mostly white girl. Sadly at the first vet visit it was discovered that Dot had been born with a brown spot of her foot that caused sepsis. There was nothing we could have done to prevent that, but she was so very loved and was very much missed by her foster mom and Momma Duchess. RIP Little Dot!

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Leo R.I.P.

11/7/21 - Rest in Peace Sweet & Courageous Leo We'll be Looking for you in the Stars.

It was early October when we met Leo, the perfect name for one of the sweetest, most loving dogs I've ever met. A deep stare into his beautiful sparkling brown eyes touched my very soul and told the story of a dog that had been terribly neglected and in need. Found on the streets of LA, it was clear that Leo was in need of Love, compassion and medical care. We were overjoyed to bring Leo into UYR and couldn't wait to take him to the vet to receive treatment for his inner ear infection, have the mass removed from his ear canal as well, and have a much needed dental. For the first few days, things seemed fine, with Leo resting and recovering from being in the shelter.

It didn't take long to figure out that something just wasn't right. Leo wasn't feeling well, had difficulty walking and wasn't eating. His initial vet visit just couldn't come soon enough and revealed irregular blood chemistry values indicating Leo had liver disease and was severely dehydrated. Leo was admitted to the hospital for three days of fluids, antibiotics, pain medications and nutrition. Leo appeared to be feeling better after this boost and returned to his foster family with liver supplements, antibiotics, pain medications and a prescription diet. We were hopeful that if we followed his treatment plan carefully, Leos liver disease might be treatable, perhaps even reversible.

Leo returned for his two week follow-up visit and blood chemistry re-evaluation, but the news wasn't good and an ultra-sound was scheduled. The following week Leos condition quickly began to decline. Leo was nauseated and had no appetite. He was lethargic and it was clear that Leos condition was worsening by the day. By the weekend, he was rushed to emergency where he was admitted, given fluids, nutrition and pain medications again. During his hospitalization an ultrasound brought the grave situation to light. Leo had cancerous masses in his stomach, on his liver, pancreas and in his spine the news was incredibly sad but undeniable as our thoughts focused on the hospice care Leo would require.

For the next few days sweet Leo was showered with love, kindness and compassion. The decision was made to make Leo a Forever Ours dog that would remain with UYR for the rest of his life...and he did, but the end came too soon. Sunday, Leo woke lethargic and had lost the use of one of his rear legs. Once again, he was nauseated, lethargic and not interested in food. Leo was fading again...the sparkle in his eyes that stole all of our hearts was like a star fading into the night.

Leo had given it his all twice, fighting for a new life and dreaming he'd finally find the family that would love him forever and he did. UYR is now your Forever Family, Leo. The entire UYR team will love you and honor you always. Those of us that that were blessed to know you, care for you and love you will hold a very special place for you in our hearts. We will forever honor you always, and hold our memories of you close as we remember that beautiful sparkle in your eyes and whenever we look up into the night sky and see a special twinkle, well smile and know that you are waiting for us on the Rainbow Bridge

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Maggie May
Maggie May FO

10/20/21 It is with a heavy, and a very sad heart to say that our Forever Ours foster, Maggie May, passed this morning. I still cant believe it. She loved to be outside, and she loved to be in the sun. She always had a special place on the lanai she liked to lay down and enjoy that sunshine. She didnt wake up. She was the sweetest, most loving little girl that I have ever known. Maggie May came to UYR as an owner surrender in 2017. She was just under 5 years old and 4.5 lbs. She was surrendered because the owner didnt think she could care for her anymore, due to the owner's health. Unfortunately, we learned that Maggie May had pretty severe brain lesions from being dropped on a tile floor, esophagus issues, luxating patella and rotted teeth. UYR didnt get her until a year after her accident . UYR provided wonderful testing and medications for her. It was determined early on that she probably wasnt going to be adoptable. She had lost all of her dog training skills, and only walked in tight small circles. She became a Forever Ours girl in March, 2019. She sure loved to be the boss of her younger brother and sister. She ate like a horse for her 4.5 lbs. Over the last couple of months, she had become more frail, unbalanced, confused and appeared lost sometimes. She got lost in corners. She never lost the desire to be held, kiss us, sleep with us and to follow us

everywhere we went in her loopy little walk. While her appetite never changed, her desire to drink water was diminished. We were supplementing her meals with extra water to soup consistency. Her kidneys were working. We saw the vet at the end of September and had blood work and urine and fecal tests done. Nothing appeared to be much different.

We are heartbroken beyond belief. We miss her every second of every day. She will never be forgotten. I'd never have gotten to meet this little angel, if it weren't for UYR. Now, she is now up playing with all who came before her and will be there to welcome all those who come after her. She will always know how much she was loved. She was so much a part of our family. Rest in peace my darling Maggie May.

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9/22/21 Allie was set free today. Foster mom and dad rushed her to the vet because she started having seizures and was vomiting. Poor Allie was on the streets too long. She was found too late. Emaciated, nausea, and failing kidneys from being alone so long took their toll on her fragile body.

Foster mom and foster dad are heartbroken. They tried so hard to save this sweet girl. They loved her despite the short time she was with them.

It was a hard day for UYR today. Several of our babies are now playing at the rainbow bridge.

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9/22/21 A shelter reached out to us because Ozzie has been neglected for a very long time. He arrived at the shelter so matted that you couldnt even tell he was a super cute boy underneath all that hair. He was flea infested and had super long nails. His skin is very itchy and flaky and irritated. He was blind but seems to find his way around ok. This sweetheart deserved so much better. He was checked out by the vet and he was heartworm negative and bloodwork was pretty good. After only being in his foster home for about 7 days he started running a high fever. Foster mom took him to the ER and more bloodwork was drawn and his white cell count was high. He needed to spend the night to get on fluids so they could monitor his fever and see what the cause was. Dr thought it may be a tick born disease but wanted to do an abdominal unltrasound to make sure nothing else was going on. The ultrasound showed a huge mass that is aggressive and cancerous. So since no treatment would help and surgery isnt an option from where it was located we felt it best to let him Cross the Bridge. At least for 7 days he had good warm baths, fresh water to drink and good quality food to eat. He was able to experience walking around outside and sleep in a comfy bed and knew love his last days.

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The last day I got to check out the lizards and maybe catch one

I loved being outside. Life in my foster home was great.
Emmy Lou

9/22/21 All we wanted for Emmy Lou was the miracle that would give her the life she deserved. Sadly and with tears that was not meant to be. Emmy Lou went from having hope of getting that life she deserved to crossing over the Rainbow Bridge in a matter of just a few days.

On Friday she saw the vet and was scheduled for the next surgery to remove the small remaining mammary masses the following week. We watched this wonderful pup run around the backyard chasing lizards and squirrels one day and physically crashing two days later. Monday night at 6:15pm we took a great picture of Emmy Lou with her tail up, looking at us to let us know there were lizards we needed to see. She ate a great dinner at 6:30 and then by 10:00pm her world fell apart. That night she had a terrible seizure. In the morning we noticed the small mammary tumors we saw on Friday were now huge, encompassing her whole upper mammary area. Emmy Lou, who loved her food, wouldn't eat anything all day Tuesday. That night she couldn't keep herself upright on her legs and at times her breathing was labored. Wednesday morning (today) she was at the vet for what we thought would have been her life saving surgery, but instead it was time for us to let her go peacefully while we petted her and told her how sorry we were that we couldn't save her, and how much we love her. 

Emmy Lou's vet believes the cancer from the mammary tumors quickly invaded her brain. Emmy had something called Inflammatory Carcinoma. A very rare, very aggressive breast cancer affecting people and dogs. When we saw her mammaries today you could see how huge, red, and inflamed they were. We knew letting her go was the right thing to do, but it was so hard. This wonderful, loving, sweet, good, adorable little girl was so special. Everyone who met her, couldn't help but love her. She loved to be outside, she loved to sit on the porch in the sun and watch the world go by. She loved her life now. It was full of love, happiness, good food, and comfy beds to lie in. 

Emmy Lou, your foster mom and dad are so sorry we got you too late, but just know how much we loved you, so very much. We will miss you every day. You will always be in our hearts. You will be our special angel in heaven. 


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Forever in our memory.

08/18/2021 Rest In Peace Sweet & Tiny UYR Martini. We hope this flicker of light will let you know that you hold a place in our hearts as you make your way across the Rainbow Bridge, free of all the pain and suffering you have had to endure. May you run free in the company all of the Special UYR Dogs that have gone before you.....

Martini came to UYR three weeks ago on a Wednesday afternoon. Surrendered at the age of 16, it was immediately obvious that she was not well and that it had been a very long time since she'd been to a vet. Martini was covered in pus-filled welts, her teeth falling out from decay. Worried, for the next two nights Lihn and her daughter took shifts watching over tiny Martini night and day until her vet appointment on Friday.... But dental disease and the welts that covered Martini's skin would be the least of Martini's challenges. Martini saw the vet on Friday. Bloodwork was done and Martini returned to Linh's loving home and was showered with love and affection by her entire family through the weekend. A call from the vet on Monday revealed that Martini had several elevated values indicating kidney disease. Martini returned to the hospital for a few days of fluids to see if her blood values would stabilize and to determine if her kidney disease was acute or chronic. After four full days of hospitalization and fluids, Martini's blood values would only drop slightly. The diagnosis - End-Of-Life Stage Chronic Kidney Disease. Devastating news to Lihn, her family and all of us......

Despite the devastating diagnosis, Lihn and her husband Warren lovingly returned to pick Martini up from the hospital knowing Martini's return to their home and family would immediately transition from Foster to Hospice Care. Martini spent the final week of her life like a Princess, wrapped in her blanket and the incredible love and compassion of LIhn and her family. Finally free to roam the house and yard, Martini felt the sun in her face and the grass under her feet. Arms of love surrounded her with love, compassion and cared for her every need 24/7.

With each passing day, Martini would feel the strength and love in Lihn's heart and it would bring her comfort, resolve and peace. Together, they would move a bit farther down a Beautiful Path reflecting on their personal story of strength, perseverance and love for one another. Finally, on Wednesday afternoon they reached the Gates to Rainbow Bridge and they each gave the other a piece of their heart as a tribute to one another before Martini ascended to join the others in paradise, turning slowly to stare into the eyes of the one who saved her one last time....

Lihn, you are an incredibly Special Person. Hospice is a serious challenge - especially when it's completely unexpected. Your path crossed with Martini for a reason. She was in desperate need and you lovingly gave her more than she could ever have expected.....freedom, dignity, love, compassion, kindness and care. We Honor you and the Heart of Gold you so willingly share with Furbabies Chewy, Perry and Martini, as well as all of us Humans that love you ... we're so grateful that you're a part of the UYR Team.

This, one of Martini's final photos showing a glow like a Halo surrounding her........

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8/14/21 Sadly today we had to help Juni to the Rainbow Bridge. Since her coming into rescue, her health was worsening. We had difficulties getting her seen by vets, both regular and emergency facilities and no one was ready to tackle the removal of her massive tumors which sadly were continuing to grow. We were finally able to get her taken to a 24 hour emergency facility where bloodwork showed a worsening of her numbers. She was refusing to eat, had been put on fluids and antibiotics just to get her stable, but the result was congestive heart failure and crackling in her lungs. We had to let this beautiful little girl go and only wish we had gotten her months earlier to get her back to health. She was the sweetest little Yorkie with the most precious face and eyes. She was very much loved by her foster mom and dad and will be sorely missed by us all. Run Free little Juni...we miss you and loved you.

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