At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we've created this "Happy Tails" page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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9/25/22 Today Sweet Loui found his perfect forever home! Congratulations Loui

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Hope has found her forever home.

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8/30/22: Today precious Sophie has found her perfect forever home and is now referred to as Lady Sophie :-). Congratulations sweet girl.

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8/24/22: Today Piper found her happy forever home with two wonderful parents and a Yorkie buddy! Congrats Piper.

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Cassey and his new family.
Cassey Boy

8/21/22. Sweet Cassey was adopted today. This adorable little 3 year old fellow came into his foster home about 3 months ago. He came from a home where he was loved. But his owner knew needed a home where he would not be around female dogs who were sometimes in heat. He needed some socialization. He barked at anyone coming into the house, people just were not something he was familiar with besides people in his home. He also needed some vetting including a neuter. Because he was a little underweight he needed to gain a poundor two before the vet would neuter him. When he finally was able to get his neuter and dental, Cassey was ready for his forever home. Today that happened. He has a wonderful fenced yard, a nice house, a mom and dad and human sister. He also has two fur brothers. It will take Cassey a while to settle into his new home. He adjusts to new situations slowly and on his own time. His new family knows they will have to be patient and understanding while Cassey learns to trust and love them. His new family are ready to love him and give him all the time he needs. Cassey found his forever home and it will be filled with love, care, and understanding.

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8/15/22 Today Krissi found her perfect Happy Forever Home! Congratulations to the new family.

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I am a happy little girl!
Bella FL

Update 89/13/2022: Bella has been adopted!!

Sweet little Bella has found her forever home. She is so excited to find a home where she will be loved and live out all the rest of her years with her mom and dad. She has a fenced-in yard to play around in and gets to go on walks. Happy Tails Bella!

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Bear, Griz and new family
Bear (aka Baby Boy 2)

8/9/22 Today Bear and Grizz found their happy forever homes together!

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Griz, Bear and new family
Grizz (aka Baby Boy 3)

8/9/22 Today Bear and Grizz found their happy forever homes together!

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Roxy and her new forever mom!

7/30/33: Today Roxy found her forever home and has officially been adopted.

Roxy has found her forever home and is so excited that mom will be giving her all the love and attention that she deserves. She will get her massages, and petting and will be rocked to sleep whenever she needs. This sweet little girl deserves this amazing home. Happy Tails Roxy!

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7/24/22: Today London found her perfect forever home with a lovely family in California. She will be living her very best life, enjoying outdoor activities and being doted upon by her new mom and dad and Dolly. Congratulations sweet little London!

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Our very sweet & beautiful Archie found his Furever home & is as happy as a clam!

Archie came to United Yorkie Rescue from a rural shelter covered in fleas with severe flea dermatitis and missing most of his fur, which put him next in line for euthanasia since he was deemed unadoptable. After 6 weeks, he left a much healthier Archie, as well as his beautiful, full coat!

Archie will be living out his days with his new mom and little Maltese brother, Toby. He will be missed <3

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Sasha has a new home

7/14/22 Today Sasha found her happy Forever Home where she'll enjoy home-cooked food and lots of yard time barking at the neighbors.

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Timmy and his new forever family!

Timmy was adopted on 7/9/2022:

This handsome fellow found his perfect home today. Congrats Timmy.

Timmy will be living his best life in his new home where he will be surrounded by his favorite things: his new family, toys (puzzle and lick mat), belly rubs, and walks.

Timmy came into the UYR family when a new baby was allergic to him. Because of this, Timmy was separated from his family either behind a gate or out in the garage. His former family knew that he deserved a richer life and made the painful decision to place him for adoption.

Full of life, Timmy has handled his life transition well. He is such a sweet, loving dog and we are super excited that he has found his new family.

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I am finally HOME!

Oscar was adopted today 6/25/2022!

Little Oscar came to United Yorkie Rescue from a loving home where a new baby entered the scene and little Oscar wasn't as safe as he needed to be at his little size. He was such a loving little guy and loved to spend time with his foster mom and his foster dog siblings. His foster mom looked for him a perfect forever home and she found just that. Oscar has a family with older children and yorkie siblings. Oscar is in yorkie heaven and could not be happier. HAPPY TAILS OSCAR!!!

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6/18/2022: Luna has been adopted!

Princess Luna has found her forever home. We are thrilled that Luna has found a home where she can be the center of attention, receive hugs and cuddles, and go on daily walks.

Luna was found by animal control before coming into the UYR family. While we don't know what she endured before coming to us, we are really excited about her future. She loves being close to her people and we are excited that her new family is retired so they have the time and energy to spend with Luna.

Luna is a lucky lady and so is her adopted family. Congrats Luna!!

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6/22/22 Randy found his perfect forever home today! Enjoy your happy life Randy!

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So Happy I finally have a Furever home!

On 6/17 Rusty (aka Buddy) was adopted! Not only does he have a wonderful furever mom and dad, but he also has a fur sister named Betty the Beagle! They are all so happy! Buddys dad says that he is a little ray of sunshine! Have a great life, little guy!

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Louis Rafael

Louis Rafael was adopted today 6/15/2022!

This is certainly a happy ending for this happy, handsome fella. Louis will now get lots of belly rubs, snuggles, and walks by his forever mom.

Luckily, Louis had no health problems and had no history of being mistreated upon coming to UYR. However, he needed a new home because he struggled to get along with another dog in his previous household.

Now, as the only dog in the house, Louis will get all the attention he wants. He looks forward to his morning walks and exploring his surroundings.

Congrats Louis Rafael!!

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Paris and new mom

6/14/22 Today Paris found her happy forever home! Congratulations sweet Paris.

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