At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we’ve created this “Happy Tails” page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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Harley and his new home
Florida Harley

UPDATE 07/05/2013: From Harley's new family:

Harley continues to be a joy. We are so grateful to United Yorkie Rescue and the efforts made on their part to ensure that the best possible match is found. Harley is exactly the dog we were looking for and we look forward to a long and happy life together.

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Jackpot hits the jackpot

Jackpot was adopted yesterday by a wonderful couple, Donna and Joe. The lucky little boy will be moving with them in a couple of months to a ranch that they are having renovated as their new home. They have given us permission to post this picture. As you can see, Jackpot was totally focused on his new chewbone!

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Angus is awesome! He is right at home, he loves everybody and we all love him! He has not whined or cried one time! He slept well last night, I decided that until he is totally housebroken he should sleep in his kennel and he settled right in like he was accustomed to sleeping in it. We have 2 kennels the traditional one and then the green, so I put him in the green with his bed so that he would have more space. Also, no one could agree as to who he should sleep with. Right now he is on my bed napping next to Jamian! Kalen had to work today and so didn't want to, because he didn't want to leave Sir Angus, he usually does all of the driving but this morning I had to drive him to work because he wanted to be in the back seat with Angus. It is like he has been here forever!!

Last night we took him to meet Natalie and his cousin Samson, they finally started playing after about 45 minutes. I can't remember what Jamian did but Samson barked at her, Angus jumped up in front of Jamian between she and Samson because he didn't appreciate Samson barking at her....too funny! I think Jamian may be his favorite, when we walked him last night, Jamian had to run back for a bag....he stopped and sat in the middle of the street waiting for her! You would never think that she was ever afraid, total transformation within less than 6 hours!

He hasn't had much of an appetite, I think the excitement is too much for him. I am sure he will settle in soon!

Colleen thank you so much, God used you to ensure that we got the most perfect match possible. Feel free to call anytime! We will send pictures as well. He is absolutely adorable, and has everyone completely smitten!

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Frankie and new family

Frankie gets a Welcome Home cake

Frankie is 10 years old and weighs 4.37 lbs. He was recently adopted into a wonderful home with two moms and a grand mom, too! Oh, and they had a keylime pie made for him that said "WELCOME HOME FRANKIE", so sweet, and a little card welcoming him to his new family. There were comfy doggie beds in every room, with toys everywhere for him to cuddle and play with. He was very curious about his new home, and surveyed everything, including the huge back yard. Your foster parents miss you Frankie!

Below what his new moms said about him during his first day in his new forever home:

Frankie is doing real well. We had a large storm when you left, and lost power for about an hour. We were concerned about Frankie, but he wasn't scared at all. Sent you pictures of the cake, him eating out of a flat plate, and he gobbled it down, and cleaned it all up.

WE held him a lot today, and he napped in our arms. He sat by the back door about 5 times, and he did do a little pee outside each time. Everytime he came in we gave him a little treat. That's probably why he goes and sits by the door. LOL He already has our number.

Right now he is beside me while I am on the computer. He is sleeping on a blanket on top of a pillow curled up. We have been here probably about 45 minutes so far. The 2 gates arrived today, and we just finished installing them. Oh, we ordered a stroller and that came today also. Will send you a picture when we stroll around. Mount Dora is very friendly to animals.

He is such a precious little boy. We have fallen in love with this little guy. We can't thank you enough for all you did. We will keep in touch.

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Dillon with new mom and dad

Dillon has a new family

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Lucas and beaming new family

Lucas has a new family

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Suzy-Q found a great new home

Hello everyone, Suzy-Q is with her new family. Travis and Katie have

been without a Yorkie for the last 5 months. Suzy-Q has made them

both so very happy. They came up to Iowa from Kansas this morning.

Suzy-Q will have a human brother and a fur- brother to play with. Not

only do I get to spend time with wonderful Yorkie fosters, I get to meet

so many wonderful people like Travis and Katie...

Sincerely, Susy-Q and Susan Page Benson

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Honey and new family

Honey and new dad

Hello, Honey has her new "Forever Family". She is "Moms" girl, but has become

very fond of her new daddy. She has 3 kids to spoil her, and 2 fur brothers to look out for her.

Thanks to United Yorkie Rescue we have another "Happy Tails"!

Sincerely, Susan and Honey

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From Rummy's (formerly known as Yogi) new parents:

Yogi knew his new family loves the Virgin Islands....St John.....so he asked for a new Island name. He is now officially Rumchada.....a yummy island fruity drink. We call him RUMMY, for short. We absolutely adore our new little precious ball of energy. He laughs, plays ,eats and sleeps with us. He has nestled deeply into our hearts and is here to stay. FUREVER. Our Rummy. Our love.

UYR......thank you is not sufficient for your dedication ,love and tireless work to bring happiness and love to these dearest little loves. We thank you from our entire hearts. Mahalo.

John, Peggy and Rummy

Here's a video of Rummy / Yogi.

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Teddy has a new home

Below is Teddy's Happy Tails bio, as submitted by his family:

A leaf rustles in the rocks, a shadow sways in the breeze and he is there, protecting his new family from the dangerous things that dwell in the space just outside the screen enclosure. Teddy is home. His new family loves him more and more each day.

He is learning the rules... no pee pee inside, no scratching the screen. Although he cannot eat whatever he wants due to his liver disease, he loves eggs, cheese, green beans, carrots, and fish. He gets special gel for his teeth to protect them from his medicine. He loves to run through the house after a bath and roll all over towels. You would never guess that he has a liver disorder. He plays chase and hide and seek with his boys who love him.

His little human boy, Carson, spends time with him every morning before school. He pets him and talks to him gently. His big human boy, Patrick, cuddles and pets him as well as takes him for walks. Patrick also makes sure Teddy has what he needs before he goes off to school. Teddy gets lots of cookies made from baking his special dog food. He will do anything for a cookie.

Teddy does not like rain or darkness. In fact, he can be trusted to go outside without a leash, because he won't run away under these conditions. He also doesn't like tall wet grass and will walk on the brick border rather than get wet. When he does have to walk through tall grass, he runs and hops like a rabbit. He plays in the backyard while Mommy works in the garden and scares off lizards at the front door. Some times Daddy takes him for walks while everyone else is sleeping.

Teddy's family has many nicknames for him including Teddy Bear, Theodore, Mr. T, Little Man, Teddy Binetti, and Mommy's Baby. Teddy lets Mommy hold him like a baby. She is the only one that can do that. Probably because she makes him feel safe.

Teddy sleeps a lot while his family is away. In fact, they keep him up and bother him on the weekends, because he seems to sleep all day on Mondays even when one of them is home with him.

Teddy loves closets & dark places like under beds. He still has his Snoopy bed from his previous owner but he also has a cube and a very plush doggy bed and can sleep whereever he wants when his family is home. At night he retreats to his crate under Patrick's new loft bed. It is like Teddy has his own den.

Teddy's family did not think they could have a dog due to allergies, but Teddy has saved the day and made two boys very happy. Mommy and Daddy love him too.

Note from UYR: Ahhhhhhhhh, we just love Happy Tails and the perfect family was chosen for this perfect little boy!

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Kelly gets a new home
FL Kelly

Kelly and new mom

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Loki and new family

Hello everyone, meet my new family.... Charlie (Dad) Toni (Mom) and

Demi (my girlfriend) or sister depending on what she decides.

I am a happy little guy. Thank you United Yorkie Rescue for helping my

find a new forever family!

Love, Loki

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Bree on adoption day

Hi everyone Bree here. Thanks to my FM, I am now going to my fur-ever home. I have learned to go in a crate without getting upset and that men can be nice to me. When I cannot go outside to potty, I use these special papers my FM puts on the floor for me to use. I will even take things from my FM’s hand without being afraid. I’ve learned that there are people who will love me and let me be their special friend not like what I experienced in the past. Thanks to everyone who helps critters like me find love.


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Lila and mom

Lila and new mom

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Kipton and new mom

Update 05/06/13: I have always had a love for animals. The unconditional love and devotion they give absolutely amazes me. Nothing is better than walking in the door and having the joy of my fur babies greeting me with wet kisses and hugs.

I was fortunate four years ago and was given two male Yorkies by a dear friend who needed a home for them. They were litter mates. My love for this breed has grown over the years as I just can’t get enough.

I just happened to be following the puppy mill rescue stories and landed on the United Yorkie Rescue site. As I scrolled down through the pictures of the adorable pups, I came upon a little senior boy whose bio just broke my heart. I read the bio over and over again and got choked up each time I read it. When I woke up the next morning, I knew what I had to do…go get Kipton!!!

This little boy is so special that loving him is not very hard to do. I can see the love in his big eyes when he looks at me. It only took a couple of days for my little guy to know that he was mine. His kindred spirit and strong determination is such a welcome addition to my family. I so look forward to spoiling him and giving him the love that he so truly deserves! I am again blessed that I was given another little angel who has melted my heart. Love you little Kipton!!


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Tillie has a new family

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Nugget and new mom

Here he is with new mom BJ Carvalho. Licking his face!

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Pippen and new mom

I've got a Forever Mommy! Her name is Julie, and I am going to be spoiled!

Thank you UYR, Cheri and Grandma Susan for helping me get a new and better life!

Sincerely, Pippen

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Frodo has a new home

Frodo is now with his new mommy. He will have 2 sisters, a grandma and grandpa. He is one lucky guy! Elizabeth had a bag full of gifts for Frodo. He will be getting a new name, can't wait to find out what he picks out...

Sincerely, a very Happy Foster Mom, Susan Page Benson

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Mack and happy new family

Mack's Happy Tail !! Mack has been adopted by the Pederson's of Hennepin,IL. Mack will have a furbrother Romeo. He will also have a Human Brother & Sister. Mack met them & was ready to go home. It was the family he has been waiting for. Have a good life buddy!!

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