At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we’ve created this “Happy Tails” page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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Karma and new mom and dad

Karma was adopted by a wonderful mom & dad who loved him just as he is. Karma arrived in UYR with a broken front wrist, which was surgically corrected; however, the corrective surgery failed because the bones were non-union, meaning that the bone ends were dead. It was decided that, in Karma's best interest, an amputation be done - the surgery was done on 09/06/2012 and Karma is now in his forever home ~ yeah! He will have an older dog to teach him the ropes and a younger dog to play with - Karma loves to run and play! Have a Happy Life Little Man - you will be missed by your Foster Mom & Dad very much, but you are going into your forever home with the love and blessings of many, many folks around the country who have followed your progress. Have a Happy Life Sweet Karma - we will all miss you!

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Rudy and Butler

Update 08-27-13: This is Butler! It's been about a year since United Yorkie Rescue placed me in my Fur-Ever home in Destin, Florida.

I just want everyone to know that I am Happy & Healthy and hardly ever notice my liver shunt condition anymore. Mom's taking me for my check up soon and says the dogtor will think I'm Just Perfect. I've been getting small pieces of apple, carrot, cucumber & spinach as treats and mom says my eye's really sparkle now. I feel more energetic too! I can run Soooo Fast!!! Me and my two new brothers have become Best Buddy's! I'm especially attached to the tailless cat Romeo, but I like Rudy lots too. Well enough for now, I think I hear the leashes rattling!

Old Post: Butler is doing So Great! He settled in quickly getting to know Rudy & Romeo. They all sleep with me at night, Butler right by my side.

Rudy showed some jealousy for a few days by looking at me sideways or refusing to look at me at all, but he's fine now.

Last week when he got his stitches out at the vet Butler weighed 5lbs.13oz! I've been feeding him several small meals a day and discovered he likes eating from a fork or spoon. He eats more that way, I guess because of his missing teeth. I'm sure he's at least 6 lbs. by now. It's amazing the amount of energy he has sometimes. He can bound across the back yard in about 5 leaps, just like a little deer! When I come home he is so Happy to see me, he's actually jumped up into my arms a couple of times! Just know that I'm am Delighted with this little guy. He is such a Love!

I've attached a photo of Rudy & Butler. I've been trying to get one of all three, but so far Romeo won't sit still long enough.

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Adopting Milo from has been such a positive enhancement for our family (we have two young girls, ages 4 and 6, a Miniature Schnauzer, and another Yorkie). Initially, we had to get to know him and his spunky personality, and he had to learn our ways as well. Within a couple weeks of adjustments, on both ends, we have blended beautifully into a three dog family. Since we have adopted him, Milo loves going camping with us, nature walks, going to visit Grandma and Grandpa's house, and spending time at our cottage. We can't imagine it any other way. Wendy Klinke gave our family this opportunity, and we greatly appreciate what she did for us. Thank you!

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Mojo and new family

Update 09/05/12: Hello everyone Mojo here. Just wanted to let everyone know that

after moving from Kansas City Mo, to Urbandale Iowa the first of

August, I am finally with my "Forever Family". Thank you to everyone

who asked about me in the last few weeks, I am no longer available.

Love, Mojo Miller

Hello I am Mojo, a very cute large Yorkie mix with an even larger

attitude. Finally I have a forever family that will be patient with me

and love me! I have a little girl to protect and play with, even when

she pulls my tail. I have a large yard to run in, and a cute female Husky

next door to flirt with. Thank you so much United Yorkie Rescue for

helping me find a family that will be mine FOREVER!

Love always, Mojo Miller

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Millie and new family

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Grayce in a twin hug

Grayce gets the hug treatment from her new family's twin sisters.

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Paris has a new family

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Abby in arms of new dad

Abby and new dad

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Angel Flower
Angel Flower

Angel Flower's Happy Tail. The new & improved Angel very much loved by her new Family. Joel & Diane Carter. She has a brother Romeo & sister Suzie both UYR Rescues & Shelby & Walter foster sister & brother.

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Dewi and new family

Dewi and new mom

We met halfway between Orlando and Clearwater on the 4th of July and they were both so excited to finally meet their new baby. They have promised to send me pictures of Dewi with his 2 new brothers once he settles in and they have already sent me a picture of him laying right on top of the couch safely away from his new siblings :)

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Stevie is doing well

Stevie looking great

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Abbie and new family

Hi Diane

Just thought I'd give you an update on Abbie. First of all, she has stolen our hearts and we already can't imagine life without her. As of her first day home, we had her following us in the back yard (of course this was late when it wasn't so hot - after 9 PM). When we finally went to bed it was around 10:30 PM and we could tell she was ready (and probably thinking, "do these people ever go to bed!"). We have named her crate "Castle", so when it's bedtime we say, "Is Abbie ready to go night-night, let's get in your castle". We keep her castle in our bedroom at night and it is placed so that I can look at her from in bed and she can look up and see me. She really loves her castle which is all cushiony and plush.

Also, after two full days here, she has either pottied outside or inside on a poo-pee pad. I am very proud of her for learning this so quickly. But we don't mind accidents. We have a spot-bot, carpet shampooer, and mop that are good at cleaning up any accidents!

We've spent some morning and evening time outside with her everyday. She likes to follow us in the yard and has done some exploring on her own while checking to see if we are still close by. I thought all this activity must have sparked her foot swelling again, so as of Sunday night she was limping and carrying her right front paw. We began soaking it and holding a warm compress on it. By Monday evening it seemed much worse and swelled up very large. We soaked it three times throughout the evening and then with her licking it, it finally opened up and drained some. It was very upsetting for us to see her like this and wanted to get her feeling better quickly so I made an appointment with Dr. Williams at Clyde's Animal Clinic yesterday afternoon.

They opened it up and suctioned out blood and lots of pus, then viewed it under a slide. It is infected again so we have her on an antibiotic and some pain & inflamation medicine with instructions to continue soaking it in Epson salts & water (which is what we were doing). She (Dr. Williams) said there may be something in there that may work it's way out or it may just be infection. I will go back with her next Wednesday for a follow-up. If it doesn't clear up, I'm sure they will recommend an x-ray and if something shows up that needs surgically removed, then we will go that route.

She seemed interested in Loyd's banana Sunday morning and he gave her a few pieces that she enjoyed. She likes her soft food best so I've been giving her the Blue soft food and some other brands for variety. She also likes chicken breast - the real deal!.

As you know she had a welcome home sign waiting for her Saturday. Plus she had two gifts waiting for her that had a blanket and lots of toys and treats from Judy and Jerry Miller. Then when I went to work on Monday, one of my co-workers (who has a grand-doggy that is a dachshund rescue) had a toy present for Abby.

We probably needed her more than she needed us. We enjoy her company and plan for her to live the "good life" from now on.

With warm regards,

Ann (and Loyd)

Abbie's furever parents

P.S. As for during the day when we are at work, she has free roam of the family room, kitchen and laundry room. So far that has only been yesterday since Loyd was off on Monday (and we are both off today). She uses the poo-pee pad when she's needed to potty. We move her castle to this area during the day, plus she has another plush bed that she really likes. Of course, she likes to be on the couch, loveseat too when we lift her up there and/or when she's on there with us.

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Maggie Mae and new family
Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae has been re-named Maya (means Spring). She was a puppymill breeder for the first five years of her life, and had been out less than a year when she was surrendered to UYR. She has been adopted to a wonderful, patient and loving mom. Maya has a kitty-cat fursister, Meiling. It appears that Maya may never have seen a cat before but they are getting along wonderfully! Oh, I just love happy endings!

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Mr Beasley
Mr. Foster

Mr. Beasley (formerly Mr. Foster)

Update 10/06/12: Foster is now with his "Forever" Mommy! Evan really likes Fosters new mom. Foster and his mom will have all day with each other, and tomorrow he will be back for his first day of doggie day care.

Thanks to everyone who asked about him while he was with me. Please keep looking on UYR website for other Yorkie rescues who will be in need of loving homes.

Sincerely, Susan Page Benson ~ Foster mom for UYR in Iowa

Mr. Beasley, is a delightful presence in my home. He has blossomed into a companion I love to come home to at the end of the day. He has learned to walk on a leash and eagerly anticipates his walk morning and night. Mr B likes to visit the pond near the house and sniff to his heart’s content in the area where the geese congregate daily. He likes to visit, but the ganders do not exactly like him but he is secure in his place when I walk between him and them on our way by the area.

Mr B came to me at a very difficult time in my life and has been a calming influence even on the hardest days. I thank God he is mine and I am his because I need him as much as he needs me. We are still working on being calm during thunderstorms but he is content to sleep near me during those times. No more puppy mill for Mr. B. Thank-you, United Yorkie Rescue for my best friend!

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Lucy Liu and new family
Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu had a very sad beginning in life. But a wonderful rescuer found her in the middle of nowhere, dehydrated and barely able to walk, and picked her up and took her immediately to the vet. Lucy and her fursister Mandy are already bonded sisters, playing hide and seek under the bed and walking together on a leash coupler and pottying at the same times! New Mom is dressing them in the same dresses and they look adorable. Have a happy life,Lucy - your rescuer and your foster parents will never ever forget you.

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Princess and new mom, Theresa

Princess and new mom

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Shay and new mom

Update 05/31/12: Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just wanted to let you know that my mommy took me to the vet today. They took my temp, which I didn't like but it was fine. I weigh 6 lbs and 9 oz. The vet said that was perfect. I am in good shape except i have hook worms again. That is what is messing up my tummy. They gave me a pill and now I will take one every month to keep all of those bad worms away.

I had my toe nails cut which I did not like. but I made it through. I just had to yap and cry a little. but now I don't make noise on the floor when I walk. My lungs sound good. I only cough once or twice a day. The girls in the vet office just loved me and my pretty face and of course my cute ears.

My mommy and I are very happy. sometimes I even sleep with her. I miss you all but I'm happy with my new home. I fit right in like I've been here for ever. Thank you for all the help you gave me. Love, Shay

Initial Post: Good morning, Shazie is doing great. We had a wonderful ride home. She laid on her pillow between the seats and we didn't even know she was there. When we stopped she took her potty break and was ready to get back in the car.

She has adjusted to her new home here. She lets me know when she need to go out. and she loves to lay in the grass in the sun. She sleeps by my bed on her pillow or in the bed with me.

Her stools are perfect now. we just had that one day and I think she was just upset. She eats good and is ready when it's meal time.

She has become quite vocal. Right now she is barking at the birds outside the screen door.

I want to thank you for all you did for her. She is such a blessing to me and our family. I took her to visit my mother yesterday. She is 88 and still lives alone but has no pets and she really enjoyed her.

I will keep you informed about her. We are going to the vet next week and I will let you know her report.

Have a great weekend and God bless you. Ruthann

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Jazzy and new family

Jazzy went to her new home today. She loved the couple from the first second she met them.

They spent some time here and she left with her tail a waggin and never looked back.

I think she will have a very happy life.

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Mojito and new family

Yo, it's me, Mojito! I thought you would enjoy a picture of me with my new Daddy and Mommy. We're learning all about each other and they tell me that I'm the most beautiful boy they've ever seen! I think it must be true because they give me lots of hugs and kisses every day. I've had alot of new adventures already with my new family. Daddy takes me for car rides every day, and I got a new bed and toys too!!! I think I'm a super lucky kid because my Foster Mom, Jen, found such a great family for me, but Mommy told me that the truth is, I really rescued them. That makes me feel real special. Well, I've got to go now, Daddy said dinner is ready and I'm a hungry kid! Bye everyone,

Love Mojito!!!!!!!

A little note from Daddy & Mommy: This special little boy has brought so much joy and laughter to our home in just a few days, it's hard to imagine that we ever lived without him. He is perhaps the sweetest and most gentle dog we have ever known. To say that we are over the moon about him, would be an understatement. We will do everything to show him our love, commitment and loyalty, every day of his life as Mojito is truly a blessing. Thank you for choosing us to be his full time parents. We are and will be eternally grateful. With warm regards, Pete & Valerie

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Quigley and his new family

Please meet Quigley's new Mommy and Grandmother! Dad had to work but Mom and Grandmother took me by there so Dad could see me. Everybody loves me. Then we all headed to my new forever home and a wonderful surprise.....two more yorkies....I have siblings! There are toys to play with too. I've already jumped on Grandmothers bed twice. Mom bought me my favorite chewies. And she even gave my foster mom some wonderfully smelling lotions and soap, wasn't that nice? I am a happy boy!

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