At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we’ve created this “Happy Tails” page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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Maddie has a new home

6/14/11: Maddie and her new family!

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Muppet and new mom


Muppet came into United Yorkie Rescue as a stray. She was not considered adoptable by the shelter and a very caring vet tech contacted us to get her into rescue. Muppet, despite her health issues, was a very loving and sweet little girl. After her spay and post-operative care, she was adopted by a wonderful family and now has two fur-brothers, Opie, a wide-eyed dachshund and Cotton, a maltese. Both boys are rescues like Muppet and all three have settled into a great life together. Here is what Muppet's new forever mom shared with her foster mom the first night of her adoption:

"Just thought that I would let you know that Muppett is doing just fine! She was very upset for about 15 minutes after you left, but then she settled down and now she is attached to me (which I love of course). I did have to put her little bed (it has a grippy, non slip bottom) on the sofa table temporarily while I made myself lunch because she didn't want me out of her sight.

When we introduced Cotton he was being too bossy so Tim put him in a submissive position on the floor. Since then Cotton has been an angel and is just ignoring Muppett. I've attached some pictures for you. As you can see, they are both on the couch which I thought would take Cotton a couple of days since he likes to lay up there. Several days later, Muppet's new mom said her adjustment has gone well. Her personality is coming out and she is just a goofy cutie. She and Opie were playing tug-of-war together, it was so cute!

Thanks again for driving her all the way to us! How lucky the rescue dogs are to have people like you!


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Rascal and new family

6/9/11: New Mom and Dad, Jim and Lucy, and his new sissy, Talulah

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I officially adopted Dorothy in June after fostering her since March, I truly fell in love with this feisty little girl!

Dorothy made herself comfortable from the moment she entered my home. She became fast friends with my dog Gus, a 25 lb. Terrier Mix, who instantly feel in love with her. These two play non-stop and when they aren’t playing Dorothy is bossing him around.

This little 6 lb. pistol has changed my life in more ways that I can express through words, however, it’s simple to say that she is the funniest, bossiest, cutest, craziest, lovable, charming, little dog I’ve ever met. I don’t remember my home without she and Gus in it and I intend on enjoying them both for a very long time.

In my care she has thrived! After one more evaluation she will be an official Therapy Dog working in hospitals. Dorothy accompanies me to work often, I own a pet care company, and she joins me at the park with all the big kids. She has been fitted for her own set of wheels, when from the second she was placed on them, she hasn’t looked back. Believe it or not, she is a swimmer and a GREAT one too! Of course she only swims when Mom is in the pool with her; and last but not least, D will accompany me in September (in Seattle, Washington) for a 10 day Certification I will be completing in Canine Water Therapy, she’s being worked into my program!

As you can see, Dorothy has an amazing new life and is having a ball. I will forward you some updated pictures of her which will include her working with me, playing with her brother and on her new wheels.

All the best to you Pam, thank you for asking about her. I love that others out there love her as much as me.

Barks from Dorothy!

Nicole Brown, proud Mom to Dorothy!

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Romeo, home at last

Romeo's new look
Romeo Boy

Romeo Boy's, First Three Days ...

thought I would let you know how Romeo did his 1st day in his new home. When you first left he went to the back gate looking for you. then later when we went out he saw all the squirrels out in the yard and was chasing them along the fence. he is such a quiet little dog he will fit in real nice with our quiet senior lifestyle. he and tedd are doing well together. he never barked at all until I left for work this morning , Joel said when I left he barked a little and scratched at the door. Romeo, Tedd, and I went to the park before work this morning and took a little walk, he seemed to enjoy it ,more squirrels in the park.well that's all for now I will keep you posted on how he is doing ,Diane

Hi! Wendy, Day 2 went well. Took a walk in the park,visited with the girls at the vets and with the girls at work. He met my grandkids Rylee 11 and Ethan 9. Everyone loves him as much as we do. Joel said he wouldn't get attached to another dog, too late. Romeo has adopted him!! He has a lot of the quiet qualities that Muff had. Joel said he thinks there might be a little white poodle in there. Maybe Muff sent him to us!!! talk to you soon

Hi! Wendy, Just another update on Romeo. He's starting to really make himself at home. I even got to hear him bark a little the other day. I came home from work and he met me at the door with a little bark!! He was happy to see me . He and Joel are becoming good friends since they are home all day together. He' also doing very well with going outside to potty. We couldn't ask for a better dog. Well more updates later,Diane

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Nicki nee Tiny

Too funny . .my mom and dad are over and we were all just talking about the big difference already . .

The first day she just ran around in circles over and over and over again and would not even go by Craig. Now she has cozied up to Craig on moments and is definately trusting him. She really loves laying between our other two dogs. She is very afraid of loud noices or any fast movement so she are cautious on that. She is now going by the door anxious to go for a walk or just run around the backyard. Eating like a total champ!! Follows me everywhere I go and so much loves my mom and my son.

We did decide to rename her since she did not seem to know her name so her new name is "Mia Bella" - we call her "Bella".

We were actuallly considering trying to reach out to foster Lucy if she could transfer to Illinois. We decided we want to wait just a little before reaching out more to just make sure it does not add to much additional stress on the "doggie pac". Although I have to tell you my mom has her rescue Schnauzer over right now so we have four dogs running around and they are having a blast :)

Thank you again for helping us add a special addition to our family !!!

Looking forward to helping these little ones more and more more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Whisper and new mom

Whisper has found her new home.

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Ruby and new family

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Mila has a new home and family.

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Champ, new mom & fur bro'

Champ's anxiety is improving every day. He is very attached to Oscar! Follows him everywhere. We walk a few miles a day which seems to help with his restlessness. I think he's starting to know the neighborhood, its smells of furry and human friends. He loves his sweaters and believe it or not, he loves the bath! As long as his body is touching Oscar's, he is calm. He actually looked like he was smiling during his last bath!

We've been going to the beach once a day or so. I think it's his favorite place. He basically just glues himself to Oscar no matter what. Champ is lucky to have found the perfect furver home . His new Mum makes sweaters and coats for Champ and his fur brother Oscar. She grooms her dogs her self and she works out of her home !! How Lucky is Champ to have found someone that is able to offer him such devotion.

Thank you again, he is awesome.


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Stella and new family

"It's been about two months now since Stella's trip from Key West to her new home in Tampa Bay. Things have been quite busy since Stella's arrival: it wasn't long before Teddybear got used to sharing his food bowl, beds, and fleece blankets -- "Baby Stella" wouldn't have it any other way. Turns out that Stella loves fetching her tennis ball and enjoys long evening walks around the neighborhood. Its a good thing she likes exercising, because Stella's appetite is quite voracious. Her doctor has given her a clean bill of health and she has become known as a regular at the local salon. Stella learned from Teddybear that it is necessary to endure holiday visits with Aunt Shannon's Irish Wolfhound (a.k.a Dr. Kisselburg) -- but they usually end pretty quickly. Everyone is very excited to be moving into their new home this summer. It seems that both mom and dad are going to be much closer to where they work, so everyone will be together more each day. In addition, both Stella and Teddybear are going to have their very own fenced in back yard -- but expect to continue their evening walks together. Everyday isn't exactly a vacation -- but so far, life is pretty good here in Tampa Bay."

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Sydney & Charlie

Hey April!

Sydney is doing wonderful at home! She has adjusted well and plays literally ALL DAY LONG with Charlie, inside and outside. She takes his toys and runs with them to get him to chase her, she chews on bones, and will even come up to Ryan and I and poke us with her nose to get us to play with her. She is comfortable jumping up on the couches and bed with us and is almost completely potty trained; we haven't had an accident in almost 4 days! She had a bath and did so great letting me clean the crusties from her eyes and being brushed afterwards... the only challenge we have yet to overcome is walking on a leash- we'll get there. I've attached a picture of the two of them and I'm trying to get a good video of the two of them playing that I can send you. They're so funny, they get kind of rough sometimes but they both enjoy it and they both poke at each other; she has so much energy!



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Cooper found his new home

We have loved having Cooper in our home.We are looking forward to a wonderful lifetime with him. He came on a Friday and Friday night he was sleeping in the bed with us(Brad, Becky and Beckham). Beckham and Cooper are best friends. They chase, play tug-of -war, share bones,and take walks together. We had a little trouble with food, Cooper would push Beckham out of the way and eat his food when he was done with his. We just stood in front of Beckhams bowl for a couple of meals and now Cooper sits on the side and waits to see if Beck leaves any for him. Still working on barking at everyone, but that has gotton less. Thank you for giving him to us. Love Becky, Brad, and Beckham Martin.

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Elliott and his new family

I have a new home!

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Henley & new mom

I have a new home and a new mom. Lucky me!

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Annie in loving embrace

Annie, a 12 year old (?) female I adopted from United Yorkie Rescue is adjusting very well into our household of four other dogs and three cats. She loves going on car rides to see her new "cousins" as we call my daughter's four dogs. When meeting my daughter for the first time, ,Annie ran over to her wagging her tail. Up to that point I never observed a tail wag from Annie. We also take walks to meet the neighbors--her walk partner is Chica, my Chihuahua. In spite of Annie's hearing loss her "furry" family is very respectful of her position and she has found a spot amongst them on the futon when we watch TV. Annie is very loving and a wonderful companion. I have always felt that when I became a senior it would be beneficial to adopt a senior dog to love; and for them to have an environment where they would be loved with no expectations. Also, I have checked out the new Dog Park near us and feel Annie would enjoy a social outing there very soon.

Woofs and wags to United Yorkie Rescue for all the time and effort they put into finding happy homes for the dogs they rescue.

Renate Traylor, retired dog trainer

former officer/director National Assoc. of Dog Obed. Instructors

Charter Member, Assoc. of Pet Dog Trainers

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Lola & new mom & dad

Lola and her new parents!

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Lulu and proud new mom

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Dylan sends his love. HE has settled in so well it is amzing, This morning he walked a good amount. Then the golf cart ride around the park . Not to mention all the treats and good meals. He knows this is where he has always belonged. Oh yes a new amazement... He tried to walk up the stairs. He did 3 steps and one more to go. So we are A+ and doing better every moment.Thanks for the chance to give him all he has and all he deserves... Photos will be sent soon. Yorkie Huggies and Kisses.... and Mom too.. xxoo

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Lilo & new pal


Hey everyone. It's been a long wait, but my adoption is finally final and I am sooooo happy!!! My foster family fell in love with me while I was at their house and couldn't let me go, so I get to stay! They have another yorkie, so I have a brother (yippee I've got someone to play with) and there are a mom and dad and 2 teenage boys that love me so much and I love them right back even more. They are so nice to me and I'm very spoiled. Even though we live in Minnesota, I've go for lots of walks and get to play outside a lot -- I loooooove to be outside! Before I say goodbye and get taken off the website I want to thank my first mom for having the compassion and courage to surrender me to United Yorkie Rescue, so I could get my legs fixed after my accident. I will always love her and will never forget what she has done for me -- THANK YOU SO MUCH mom! I've included a couple of pictures, one of just me and the other has me with my brother -- aren't we handsome :-) Thank you to everyone who donated $ for my surgery -- I will never forget what the people from UYR have done for me so that can live a long and healthy life. XOXOXOXO

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